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11 Scary Haunted Houses in Illinois

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Haunted houses in Illinois are a huge part of the Halloween tradition. Halloween is a festival full of spooky costumes, scary stories, binge-watching horror films, and trick or treating. To make it even a better holiday to spend with your friends, you can visit a haunted house. Today I will be telling you about all the best-haunted houses in Illinois.

Haunted houses are Halloween attractions in which a building or series of rooms or a lot of open space is decorated with spooks and characters to scare the people who visit it.

So let’s see what are the scariest haunted houses the state of Illinois has to offer.

haunted houses in Illinois

1. Statesville Haunted Prison

Statesville Haunted Prison is situated in Lockport, Illinois. One of the most acclaimed and spookiest haunted houses in Illinois. Statesville has been running for a long time and has been one of the best haunted houses in Illinois for the last 20 years.

Every Fall, they prepare the haunted house by changing 30% of the attractions every year, which includes changes in different rooms and characters or a creation of a brand new space.

Statesville has impressive yet horrifying effects and talented actors who never fail to make you run for your life, giving an absolute bone-chilling and scary experience for the audience. Beware, this horror house is not for the weak-hearted.

It is also not for children as it is an aggressive interaction exclusive to adults only, with more than a hundred and more prisoners attacking you. At the same time, you try to find your way through forty prison cells and haunted trails along with visiting rooms like the Clown room, Warden’s room, and The Sewers and endless corn mazes to explore.

haunted houses in Illinois

2. 13th Floor Haunted House

One of the newest haunted houses in Illinois with a twist with the horror, 13th Floor Haunted House is located in Melrose Park, Illinois.

13th Floor follows the superstition that, in many American buildings, the 13th floor is often not mentioned as it is either called unluckily or inhabited by ghosts and other paranormal elements. Hence 13th floors are often disguised as a basement.

The haunted house is a manor with the 13th floor as a basement. The haunted attraction is filled with odd characters who might be dead or alive. Even creatures like vermin and reptiles might be fake or not, have also found a home there.

You will get to see the strange and weird happenings, which will make you believe in the legend of the 13th floor, and might get to meet Bloody Mary as their new attraction.

haunted houses in Illinois

3. Dungeon of Doom Haunted House

You can find Dungeon of doom Haunted house in Zion, Illinois. The haunted house is organized in an old briquette factory, and through its 24 years of existence, it has been scaring and intriguing spectators.

It is the 9th longest single walk-through haunted attractions in America and the longest between Chicago to Milwaukee. It is one of the most loved haunted houses in Illinois.

The 45,000 square feet of the single haunted walkthrough takes a full hour of your time. The haunted house takes pride in their minute details on the horror and blood-curdling experience they have prepared.

You can see other attractions there like, Mercy General Hospital and Quimby’s Slaughter House, and many others which will send a shiver down your spine.
They have also organized a Scare Vision Drive-in Theater where you can watch horror films and occasionally interrupted by actors scaring you. 
haunted houses in Illinois

4. The Massacre Haunted House

Montgomery, Illinois, has its horror attraction, and it is The Massacre Haunted House. It is one of the biggest haunted houses in Illinois, 20,000+ sq. feet in size, and has over 60 rooms and 100 actors ready to scare the living soul out of you.

The Massacre is custom renovated every year for the Halloween season. The haunted house is exclusive to adults only, who can come in groups of 6 to 7.

They need to travel the big horror attraction and go through all the rooms to get out while facing all the nightmare characters and horror effects.

5. Midnight Terror Haunted House.

Situated in Oak Lawn across a cemetery in Illinois, Midnight Terror Haunted House is one of the haunted houses that use old-school spooky effects along with animatronics, which provides scary results and attractions.

The haunted house has a legend that a demon Malum has trapped a man named Sledge. Sledge used a book to make a deal with Malum to become incredibly rich to run a factory. Sledge became rich and successfully ran a factory.

Soon Sledge became a bully as he bullied the townsfolk and especially his daughter Willow. Soon Willow finds the book from which Slede made the deal. She uses the book to bring Malum to earth, and he used Willow’s hate as a power to rule the factory, trapping Sledge and releasing his demons.

So good luck finding you way out of the haunted house as you might meet demons, Selge, Willow in her bedroom, and maybe Malus himself.

haunted houses in Illinois

6. Terror in Timber

Terror in Timber is located in Elgin, Illinois. It is one of the best drive-through haunted attractions. All the spectators are sent on a drive of 20 minutes through the woods of Camp Big Timber.
The woods are haunted by the ghost of Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, a notorious serial killer. He used to lure women and children and killed them in his evil methods. He would bury those bodies in the same forest as you will drive through.
Ass you drive through the forest you will get to meet the spirits of the victims of this serial killer and the serial killer who will be out for your blood. But will your car will be enough to keep you safe from him.
haunted houses in Illinois

7. Pekin Haunt

A twist in the haunted attraction, Pekin Haunt has a corn maze to make you scream and a battle of paintballs to shoot zombies. Pekin haunts in Pekin, Illinois, is one of the best multi haunted houses in Illinois.

You will get to ride in a battlewagon with paintball guns and get to shoot zombies in the open air. Soon your adrenaline will get high very quickly as you drive around and shoot zombies. The haunted attraction is available for ages above 5.

The corn mazes is a spooky addition to their haunting attractions. As you find your way out of the maze, you meet some bizarre characters and dreadful people. So, will we be able to get out alive?

haunted houses in Illinois

8. HellsGate Haunted House

One of the scariest haunted houses in Illinois, this haunted house is a multilevel mansion located in Lockport, Illinois.

The mansion is filled with scary effects while you go through the hallways as horrible characters chase you around. It also has secret passages and caretakers. This whole thing is like an adventure right out of a horror movie.

But as you try to find your way out of this nightmarish house, try to find a giant slide. The slide is a way out of the haunted house and a way out of your ticket price.

haunted houses in Illinois

9. Basement of the Dead Haunted House

One of the scariest haunted houses the state of Illinois has to offer is the Basement of the dead. You can find it in Aurora, Illinois. The haunted houses are declared to be the best and scariest in the USA as well as in the world.

You have to walk through a building which is 100 years old. As you walk through, you will get to meet ghostly DJs and creepy clowns, and many other creatures of the dead.

There are hanging corpses and low roof small rooms, which will bring out your inner claustrophobic self. Still, the various places you get to explore like Sewer, Hospital room, and others will leave you reeling.

But if you are not comfortable walking in a haunted house full of actor, you can go for a Night of Isolation on Wednesday, where you can appreciate the details of the horrifying scenes they have painted on the walls of the attraction as you make your way with the help of only a glowstick.

haunted houses in Illinois

10. Disturbia Haunted House

You can find this haunted house in Downers Grove, Illinois. Disturbia Haunted House is presented but Basement of the Dead.

It is one of the haunted houses in Illinois, which is appreciated for its grotesque beauty and sheer real horror to present. The characters with the makeup look natural when they are ready to give a jump scare.

Unlike the basement of the dead, Disturbia haunted house has high ceilings and big rooms, which has more means to scare you.

haunted houses in Illinois

11. Realm of Terror

One of the longest-running haunted house in Illinois. It is located near Lake County, Illinois. This haunted house has everything to make you visit a horror movie.

The haunted house is not for children and the weak hearted as the scare meter and horror load can get high. The realm of terror starts the moment you park your car in the parking lot.

The realistic makeup of actors and sound effects that keep you on edge until the end. Professional makers create the sets which will succumb you to scream and yell.

Realm of Terror also has a bar for adults to have a drink before going for the haunted experience. The bar has all types of drinks, according to the Halloween season.

haunted houses in Illinois

Haunted Houses in Illinois

So if you are in the area or traveling to the state during Halloween, try to visit the haunted houses in Illinois to experience the raw horror and jump scares. So, which haunted houses in Illinois are you seeing?

That was our article on the haunted houses in Illinois. If you liked this piece, click here to check out more articles like this one.

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