11 Ways How Schooling Changes you.


They say next to a family; school is the second home for any student. Here are 11 reasons how this ‘home’ has contributed in one way or the other in making me the person I am today:

1) I was a timid and reserved child. It took me a lot of time to mingle with people. Thus, I earned the title of an ‘introvert.’ But thanks to my school, all this changed. My school could be easily made the brand ambassador of ‘Indian Diversity’ as it had students from different walks of life, backgrounds, language, cultures, etc. At first, I was apprehensive, but slowly as each day passed, I started getting along with my classmates who were different from me. I got to learn a lot of them. I was able to shed away my inhibitions, and today, I am a confident girl, ready to take on the world.

That's meee!
That’s me!

2)Everyone can make friends, but everybody cannot make the “right” kind of friends. It is not that easy, but thanks to my school again for providing me with an amazing bunch of friends and teaching me the true value of friendship. My friends were my lifelines during my school days and still are. They accepted me for the way I am, with my weaknesses. Even though we are in different cities, we still keep in touch with each other (credit to social networking).

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3) The teachers of my school were the best. I may sound a bit arrogant, but this is true. They were not like those ‘typical’ teachers but were very understanding. We could almost share anything with them without any hesitation! When I was going through a rough time, I shared my problem with my class teacher and sought her advice. The credit for my excellent marks during my boards goes to them because they were encouraging and supportive. They taught me the value of time and brought out the best in me.


4) The assembly time played a significant role in my life. Now one may wonder what is so special about a school assembly. For a record, the management and the authorities did not restrict my school assembly to morning exercise or prayer, but it served as a platform to encourage fresh talent. It was here where I gave my first extempore, facing a large audience and being appreciated for the same. It was here where I  was introduced to the art of public speaking. It was here where  I was able to overcome my stage fear.


5) The “Seniors” of my school in no way resembled that of 3 Idiots. We were not subjected to any form of ragging or bullying. We could walk up to our seniors with our problems. They would help us out with our studies, activities, sports, and even our relationship problems! I was able to befriend my seniors; some of them turned out to be perfect friends.


6) The recess or the tiffin breaks were mostly what I waited for. They were a great respite from those nearly boring classes. I was able to sneak into my friend’s tiffin. Isn’t it obvious that your pal’s tiffin would taste better than yours :P? I used to share my tiffin with my friends and had our innumerable gossip sessions over “aloo parantha and wai-wai


7) School life is that phase of life when you get introduced to the concept of “love.” We had our first crush in school, made our first boyfriend or girlfriend, had our first heartbreak, and changed our relationship from committed to single and vice versa. I, too, had my first crush here and fell in love for the first time here. I also gained some experience with boys and relationships!

get surprise for your partner such as flowers
get surprised for your partner such as flowers

8) My school had a gamut of extra-curricular activities ranging from fine arts to sports, karate, debating, etc. We even had many clubs like the Interact club, the dramatics club, the literary club, and many more. Since I had a penchant for writing since childhood, I became a part of the literary club, contributing articles and write-ups for my school magazine and participating in various literary events and competitions. I am grateful to my school for taking that extra step to build my passion for writing.download (1)

9) The library of my school was not very big, but it had some of the most amazing books collections. Since I loved reading, I would spend most of my free periods in the library. It was also a good escape route to bunk lectures! The library in my school was responsible for developing my constant craving for knowledge and curiosity.


10) The school fest was the most sought-after event of my school. It used to be held every four years and on a large scale! Students from different schools participated in our fest. We had a large number of onstage and offstage events, all evaluated by distinguished personalities. The highlight of the show was the live performances of famous music bands or a celebrity from Bollywood!. I learned a lot from my school fest. Winning or losing doesn’t count, but participation is what matters the most.recess

11) Finally, my school Farewell! I got the best farewell from my juniors. But it also marked the most important event of my life- that it was time for me to bid adieu to my school as I was about to step into a more cruel, competitive world, but I also thank my school for making me bold and strong enough to face it.

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To conclude, I enjoyed and cherished my school life. And it is advised to all the students out there to make the most of your schooling as it comes only once.


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