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12 Best Paperclip Game Hacks You Should Know

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Interesting paperclip game hack
Colorful paperclips.

Paperclips! What exactly comes to your mind when you hear the word paperclip? All this while you have been using paperclips for your work-related stuff. You would usually use paperclips to clip your papers together or use them to keep your money together in bundles. You could also clean the hair out of your hairbrush or clean your nails. But where’s the fun in all that.

They are just ordinary daily uses that you must already know and are most probably tired off too. But what would you do if you knew some fun paperclip game hacks? A few amusing and entertaining paperclip game hacks would divert your mind from your tiring, busy schedule and give you some jolly, refreshing time with your near and dear ones. So here’s a list of the best creative paperclip game hacks that you will surely enjoy with your family and friends.

Top 12 Creative Paperclip Game Hacks:

1. A Paperclip Train

This is the most famous paperclip game hack. Paperclip trains, also known as chains of paperclips, are most common among children. They love playing this game. And why won’t they? It is so much fun anyone could play this game. For this paperclip game hack, all you need are paperclips only. You can use the same color of paperclips, or you could mix up colors and make the game more vibrant.

Any number of players can take part in this game. The more, the merrier. Each player should be given a certain number of paperclips, and within 60 seconds, whoever attaches the maximum number of paperclips is the winner of the game. After the time is over, you can line up all the paperclip chains, and whichever chain is the longest, the owner of that chain is the ultimate winner. Isn’t this game so simple and easy but also fun and exciting?

2. Floating Paperclips in Your Cup

Doesn’t it sound funny? Floating paperclips is a ridiculous paperclip game hack, but this might just take a bit of concentration. All you need is a few cups, with water in them and paperclips. This game can be beneficial for people who have attention and concentration issues. This way, you will learn to focus in a way that is so interesting and cool.

First, fill the cups with water up to the brim with a little space left. Arrange the cups in a straight line, and within 60 seconds, you have to place the paperclips in such a way that they float and do not sink into the cup. Whoever does it first succeed? You can change the timing if you want to according to your preference.

3. Paperclip Tower

Have you ever heard of the game-‘house of cards?’ This is the same thing, but instead of cards, there are paperclips. Just like in the card game, you align three cards and then take two cards each and make triangles and then keep repeating the same process. In the same way, you need to play this game.

Now, this paperclip game hack might seem a bit tricky and require some focus, so what you can do is this. Each player can play this game one at a time, and the time of each player can be recorded. Whichever player takes the least amount of time wins.

Different colours of paperclips
DIY paperclip ideas

4. Paperclip Hangers

If you have young girls in your house who have dollhouses and love playing with dolls and have like a thousand dresses for their dolls but not enough hangers, then this paperclip game hack will surely make them happy. All you need to do is take a paperclip and try to turn and bend one end of it in a ‘c’ shape, just like how actual hangers are.

Once you do that, your work is done, and your hanger is ready. Now your children can have as many dresses as they want for their dolls because hangers will always be available. If you love DIYs and are really into it, take a look at this DIY compass: https://youtu.be/5pbuN3tTvw8

5. Ace the Paperclip Shade

This paperclip game hack is so simple anyone could ace it. All you need are paperclips of different shade or designs. Mix them all up, and within 30 seconds or 60 seconds, whoever can sort the maximum number of paperclip according to their color wins.

This is also an excellent skill to learn and distinguish between colors. Even if you have a favorite color and would like to know about the psychology of colors, then take a look at this. https://www.icytales.com/color-psychology-life/

6. Let’s Go Fishing

This is yet another funny and exciting paperclip game hack. It is just like real-life fishing. All you will need for this are some paperclips, a string, a ruler, and some paper fish or other treats like candies, small toys with a ring on them that will fit into your paperclip. First, you need to tie your paperclip to a string.

Once you do that, then you tie the string to a ruler, and your fishing rod is ready. Now let’s go fishing. Throw in some candies and sweets, or some paper fish. You can also add in some lightweight toys that will hold onto your paperclip. Now you can try catching these things using your very own self-made fishing rod.

7. Paperclip Calculation

If you are looking for exciting ways to teach your kid calculations, then you should try out this paperclip game hack. You could use paperclips and ask your child to add, subtract, etc. In this way, your child won’t lose interest while learning math. There is so much you can do with paperclips.

Check out this site to know a few of them. https://experthometips.com/25-uses-for-paperclips-hacks

8. Flagship with Your Paperclip

This paperclip game hack is all about using paperclips to make tiny miniature flags. All you will need for this hack are a few basic things. You will need paperclips, crayons, sheets of paper, and some glue. Take a piece of paper and make it the size of your paperclip. Now you can draw or make any symbol, pattern, or design of your choice on your flag.

After that is done, take your paperclip and lift the end part of it that is sticking out. Now take some glue on put it on the other side of the paper, where you have not drawn anything. And directly attach the paper to the paperclip, and there you have your very own flag. You can get together with your friends and make a whole collection.

Creative ways to use paperclips
DIY paperclip flags

9. Affordable Jewellery

Doesn’t this sound cool? With this paperclip game hack, you can create your jewelry. All you need are some paperclips, and if you would like to jazz it up a little, you could insert beads or sequins, etc. You can make bracelets and necklaces and rings unlimitedly. You can create the jewellery of any design or shape. This will also help broaden your imagination and increase your creative skills. You can also use paint and watercolors if you want.

10. Trick with Toothpick

Now, this paperclip game hack is all about teamwork and coordination. For this, you will have to divide yourself into groups. You can have any number of groups of people in your group. All the team members of a group have to stand in a straight line, side to side. The player who is standing at the beginning of the line will be given a toothpick with a paperclip hanging on it.

When the person says go, the player will have to hold one end of the toothpick in his/her mouth and pass it to the next team player without dropping the toothpick. The team that completes the game first wins. And if you drop the paperclip in the middle without completing the chain, you lose.

How to make paperclip people with ribbons and googly eyes.
Paperclips with googly eyes

11. Paperclip Kingdom

This paperclip game hack is as simple as the name itself. With this hack, you can create an entire kingdom of paperclips. All you will need are some beads, ribbons, paperclips, sequins, googly eyes, some glue, and other decorative items that you would like to use. Stick the eyes on the paperclips with the glue and add the additional items according to your liking.

12. Remember and Recreate

This is an enjoyable and sporty paperclip game hack. This will also sharpen your memory and increase your frequency of remembrance. All you need is a sheet of paper and some paperclips. When the game starts, you will be shown a paper with 5-6 drawings on it for about 5 seconds.

The drawings can be of different shapes such as hearts or boxes or rectangles. After that, you will be provided with paperclips, and you have to recreate as many figures as you can recall. This game can be played with children significantly to increase their speed of retention.

Paperclips are fun and helpful.
What all paperclips can do.

Paperclips are such tiny, little objects, but they can do so much. They make our work so easy, and we don’t even realize it. Paperclips can be so fascinating and captivating. These top 12 creative paperclip game hacks will enthrall you for sure. You can also check out this website for fantastic paperclip facts https://www.tenfactsabout.com/0037paperclip.htm

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