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Where to Eat? 14 Best Morro Bay Restaurants

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Wondering what are the best Morro Bay Restaurants to visit? Don’t worry! We have hand-picked some of the top restaurants for you!


14 Best Morro Bay Restaurants You Can’t Miss

1. Pizza Port

If pizza is something you are craving, Pizza Port is one of the best Italian Morro Bay Restaurants that can satisfy you. It’s a good place to visit and to fill yourself up with some of the cheesiest pizzas. With good service and high ranking, this is a place worth visiting.

2. China Dragon

Themed all red and white, it is a place that is truly going to give you a feel of having a meal in an authentic Chinese restaurant. Its Kung Pao Chicken and cashew chicken never fail to leave their taste in your mouth as well as your soul. With a friendly and subtle environment and high cleanliness value, this could be one of the best Morro Bay restaurants for you.

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3. Bayside Cafe

Located at 10 State Park road, this can be one of the Morro Bay restaurants that can entirely capture your heart by its aroma. The Bayside Cafe is a purely vegetarian and vegan restaurant that can be an optimal choice for many vegetarians and vegans who have lesser options available in the food industry.

Bayside cafe’s tacos and pasta are its specialties. Besides, its sauces and toppings are also loved and re-ordered. The Bayside Cafe is functional from afternoons till evenings, so plan your meals according to the opening hours.

4. Galley Seafood and Grill and Bar

This is one of the premium seafood Morro Bay restaurants that offer the freshest seafood of all time. The Galley Seafood Grill and Bar also claims to handpick all of the ingredients they use from their organic farms.

Such a feature is quite rare in a modern-day metropolitan restaurant. Still, Galley Seafood Grill and Bar successfully maintains a legacy that makes it a step closer to becoming one of the best Morro Bay restaurants.

5. House of Ju Ju

This one of the most famous Morro Bay restaurants. The reason for its popularity is its vegetarian and gluten-free range.

With the rising demand for vegetarian and vegan customers, restaurants are also becoming concerned about the same without compromising consumer satisfaction. It’s hard to find a restaurant offering an option for the ones looking for some gluten-free option in the market.

They provide a wide array of salads and burgers to choose from in addition to a wide range of other dishes.

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6. Dorn’s Original Breakers Cafe

Located at 801 Market Avenue, Morro Bay, Dorn’s Original Breakers Cafe is a great choice. Soups, seafood, and American cuisine are the categories listed out for you. Make sure you try oysters, omelets, cocktails, and soups. We assure you that you won’t regret it ever; instead, you would love its taste and would even recommend it to others. Dorn’s Original Breakers Cafe also has a bar facility.

To know more about the Cafe, click here.

7. Taco Temple

When the name itself suggests that it is a place where you can find all the taco varieties, how can you not visit this place? Taco temple truly earns the title of being called a temple for the tacos and taco lovers.

Its exotic and over the top taco range is definitely one of Morro Bay restaurants’ best and extremely different kinds. The Cali Mex fusion taco is often referred to as the best one.

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Click here to visit the official website of the Taco temple.

8. Carla’s Country Kitchen

At 21, Beach st., Morro Bay, this is the best place to have some healthy lunch and breakfast. Carla’s Country Kitchen is where you can get fresh muffins, bread, waffles, slices of bacon, and eggs. The place is warm, with a pleasing atmosphere that is ideal for having meals.

9. Top Dog Coffee Bar

Now, this is your go-to place to have coffee. The Top Dog Coffee Bar is a cozy place to escape whenever to want to taste some hot, freshly brewed instant coffee. Compliment your coffee with some grilled sandwiches that the cafe offers to make it one of the best combos ever.

It is a pet-friendly Cafe, which makes it even more likely to visit. Don’t forget to accompany your lovely pets with yourself!

To know more about the Top Dog Coffee bar, please click here.

10. STAX Wine and Bistro

Stax Wine and Bistro is probably the first of its kind among the Morro Bay restaurants as it is mainly dedicated to wines and other drinks. The place has a whole section specially designed and designated only for the latest alcoholic drinks.

If you are looking out for a place to spend your weekends relaxing with your favorite beverage in hand, nothing among all the Morro Bay restaurants stands anywhere close to this one. Do visit the place and taste all beverages that the bar wants to present as all of them are equally good and unique at the same time.

It’s not possible that such a lovely place allows anyone to return without eating anything, and if you don’t drink or are not in the mood to then try out something from their menu. The crostini’s that are served by them are fantastic in taste and texture.

11. Harbour Hut

With an amazing water view from the inside, this restaurant is one of a kind. Serving everything from fries to garlic bread, this is an awesome place to pay a visit.

If you don’t trust me with this and think that I may be exaggerating things, then go and check this place out on your own. You will realize Harbour Hut is worth the praise.

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12. Thai Bounty

How can I not think of some people who love the exotic and authentic Thai flavors? You will fall in love with the aroma too. Not disappointing you any further, the Thai Bounty is one such Morro Bay restaurant, calling food lovers out. Its pad Thai and Cuban sandwich is something that is considered to be the soul of the Thai bounty.

In my recommendation, do try them out. Most of you might not know that the Cuban dish that I have mentioned earlier belongs to the Cuban food genre, which is not easily available everywhere. Thanks to the Thai bounty for providing it all at the same place. This can be counted as one additional merit of the Thai Bounty.

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13. Mi Casa Restaurant

This yet another one of all the Morro Bay restaurants that will serve you something very different from all the others. The Mi Casa restaurant specializes in Mexican and Latin cuisines such as guac and margaritas.

This is some wow factor that is added to the dishes when served at Mi Casa restaurant. Do check out this place!

14. Carrousel Taffy

This place is no less than the magical chocolate world of Mr. Willy Wonka from the famous movie and novel Charlie and the Chocolate factory. If you have never heard or watched the movie, then don’t worry. After visiting Carrousel Taffy, there would be absolutely no need to because it has everything that Willy Wonka depicted.

All sorts of candies and chocolates in different shapes, sizes, and varieties are present, and not forget the beautifully decorated place that even compliments the candies even more. It will be a sheer injustice with the place if we do not talk about its minutely done decorations.

I won’t be revealing much about the place, as I fear it will be a spoiler for your visit. Visit one of these Morro Bay restaurants and experience it yourself.

This was all about the Morro Bay restaurants that you should be visiting in no time.

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