Falling In Love

Falling In Love 1

How does it feel like when you fall in love with someone? We’ve all grown up on a mental diet of Bollywood love-stories, which make us believe that when we are in love, the world suddenly becomes brighter. The flying dupattas, the sound of violins ringing in our ears, the butterflies in our stomach and what not – we are happier than we have ever been.

loveGuess what, everything that we have heard from Bollywood isn’t that impossible when we are in love. ‘Cause love is all about the union of two souls and making all their seemingly impossible dreams come true. So here’s a poem that captures everything a girl feels, from the time she develops a crush on someone, to when she realizes she is in love, finally ending on the point where she can’t hold it back anymore, and opens up her heart to her beloved.

“Falling in Love”             

I don’t know what he does to me-

All I know is-that it’s heaven.

But why do I feel incomplete without him-

Is that my heart-which he has taken?


Whenever he looks into my eyes-

Whenever he smiles at me that way-

Why does it feel so very different?

Why do I have nothing at all to say?


No one has ever made me feel that way-

I have no clue what has happened to me.

My world now seems to revolve around him-

He has become the air that I breathe.


Why do I crave to hear his voice?

Why do I crave that inadvertent touch?

Why do his words seem like music to me?

Why do I need him so bad, so much?


I am used to the sleepless nights now-

And when I close my eyes-his dreams.

My heart tells me I am in love with him-

I got no clue-but that’s what it seems.


He probably thinks I am just a friend-

But the trouble is-I don’t feel the same.

Every moment of my existence is just about him-

That word engraved on my heart is-his name.


He might be too good to be mine-

But that’s what my heart fails to understand.

Those eyes-render me breathless, speechless.

He is like an angel from an unknown land.


Everything I do now is just for him.

That dreamy stare renders me breathless.

He takes my name, and enslaves my heart-

‘Coz that beautiful smile renders me helpless.


I can’t precisely describe my feelings for him-

Don’t know if its love or maybe worship.

He cast a spell on me, and became my world.

Now all that matters is his love, his friendship.


But now I just can’t take it anymore-

It’s time he knows and understands how I feel.

No matter how unattainable my heart has been-

You unknowingly conquered it-before you, I kneel.


You may or may not know what I feel, my love.

But I’ve loved you like I’ve loved no-one before.

And since your happiness is all I’ll live for-

I’ll love you like no one can, I assure.


So please tell me that you love me the same-

Make my life better than it could ever get.

Through the mightiest storms, the darkest days

I’ll be there beside you-till my very last breath.


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