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14 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues

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Enchanted with nature’s wilderness? Are you thinking of hosting your wedding amidst the trees in the forest? Here is a list of 14 ideal forest wedding venues that will inspire you for your big day.

Why Choose Forest Wedding Venues?

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To host a wedding with a beautiful venue is something that couples mostly look out for. Moreover, modern-day couples are bored with traditional banquets and lawn weddings. The idea of beach weddings is no longer unique. They want their wedding celebration and decorations to be distinct and elegant, so, the idea of having forest wedding venues has set in, and has become a popular concept.

Forest wedding venues provide unique and natural surroundings for weddings. The startling sight, genuine and natural glamour of forest weddings provides a scene that is already built-in. The essence of nature in forest wedding venues has everything that gives a minimalist yet romantic and elegant setting.

There’s something so captivating about the wilderness of forest wedding venues. Tall and giant trees, deep green real carpet, shady groves, and natural décor of the woodlands creates a charming venue and a one-time simple yet beautiful experience.

The forest wedding venues depict the God of nature, which has given various flora and fauna types, thereby being feasted as venues for couples planning adventurous weddings. Forests are the perfect venue to select for a wedding as it’s a retreat from being away from the crowd, among the natural beauty of deep, dense, and eternally lit forests.

14 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues

Here is the list of some of the best locations for a Forest Wedding Venue, along with the hotel names where you could have your wedding.

1) Yosemite National Park, California

14 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues 1

14 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues 2

Yosemite National Park falls in the list of ideal forest wedding venues because of its breathtaking views. The park comprises 748,000 acres of cliffs, trees of massive sequoias, waterfalls, streams, & diverse plant & animal life.

This forest wedding venue is ideal for couples who wish to celebrate their wedding with few guests and keep it a private affair. The ceremony can be held in the iconic Tunnel View, Mariposa Grove, or in between the Crane Flat, which is a stunning forest and meadow area with beautiful flowers all around.

2) Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, USA

Weddings are approved in various locations of Grand Teton National Park. Some of the more outstanding forest wedding venues are Chapel of the sacred heart, Schwabacher Landing, Blacktail Ponds Overlook, Chapel of the Transfiguration, and Signal Mountain Summit.

Amazingly, it is to glimpse alpenglow on the Grand Teton, nothing can accurately depict beholding something as magical and spectacular as the Teton range under the luminous pink glow of daylight than actually striving to live these happenings with your better half.

With remarkable indoor and outdoor space, the outdoor ritual setting follows a gentle air of charm. Picturesque views of the rolling hills, lanky elevated trees, and lovely lake undoubtedly make the park an excellent place for hosting forest wedding venues.

14 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues 314 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues 4

3) Glacier National Park, Montana

14 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues 5

Glacier National Park is famous for hosting massive outdoor forest wedding venues, and also because of its innate beauty. You get to see virgin forests jagged with cliffs, breathtaking lakes, & alpine grasslands –certainly, the Glacier National Park has it all.

The park comprises 185 acres of rolling hills, meadows, and ponds. It is an ideal location for couples who want to celebrate their wedding in an atmosphere of solitude. The Glacier Park forest wedding venue is a classic Montana scene. Either way, the bride and the groom, and the guests will meet with natural and nostalgic sights at every angle.

4) Chalet View Lodge, California

14 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues 6
The couples planning to hold their forest wedding ceremony on a sprawling yard, near the fishing on the poolside deck. The guests can dance the evening away on the eternally moonlit golf course. You will find cozy & epic outdoors under the stars. Create your fantasy wedding under a roof of trees with onsite lodging.

The special and sole use of the entire hotel for hosting a private wedding ceremony with your near and dear ones.

With the exceptional elegance and tangled gorgeous view, a wedding at Chalet View Lodge is otherworldly. With a seating capacity of up to 250 guests, this forest wedding venue is an ideal place to start life as a couple.

5) Gir National Park & the Fern Gir Forest Resort, Gujarat

The Fern Gir Forest Resort is one of the best amenity resorts known for Asiatic lions, and for a great forest wedding venue ensuring the environment remains protected and true to its beautiful view of the green covers of the forest. The resort is carved in an ancient ethnic manner inspired by regional design.

The setting enhances another phase of fascination to this, the spectacular beauty expedition provides an excellent place for organizing a wonderful forest wedding amidst rich species.

Their cheerful welcoming behavior and hospitality make your wedding occasion very unique.

6) Wolf Oak Acres, New York

14 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues 7
You will love this forest wedding venue for its blend of streams, ponds, meadows, waterfalls, woods, gorges, and lawns. Wolf Oak Acres is a beautifully rustic yet, updated venue outlining itself and its elegance set back in nature. The grounds are perfect and precise for an outdoor photoshoot of the wedding.

This forest wedding venue and lodging are excellent, providing a cozy and smooth ceremony. You will truly appreciate the fresh air, and the virgin views from the 206 acres settled on the banks of the Cowasselon Creek in Madison County’s scenic countryside.

7) Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

14 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues 8

This forest wedding venue with two hundred varieties of flora and rich fauna will awe the guests in surprise. The wildlife reserve will be a decent venue for the most accurate start of a beautiful relationship.

The jagged mountain ranges, grassy marshlands, and forested valleys will add to the bold mood.

The Baagh will make an impressive reminiscence for the couple and the guests.

Corbett national park has served as an incredible destination for weddings for those who are passionate about nature, and wish to combine its unique aspects on their special day.

8) The Vineyard at Betty’s Creek Sylva, North Carolina

14 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues 914 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues 10
Marvelous Colonial architecture, with its remarkable views of rolling hills and lawns, gives a boon of the towering trees and mossy woodland floor. There is a shady, grassy area under beautiful old trees where wedding ceremonies are held.

The terrain that passes over the herb lawns and two other verandas with spectacular views will certainly give a jaw-dropping photoshoot. The setting is sure to lay the phenomenon event of your forest wedding photos.

9) Cedar Lakes Estate, New York

14 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues 11
The venue for your wedding ceremony is nothing less of an epitome. It is inspired by centuries of rich history; upholding an outstanding quality of services is the perfect balance between amenity and authenticity. They conduct a few selected number of weddings each year, and provides for both indoor/outdoor wedding ceremonies, and reception.

The wedding venue offers an awe-inspiring view to all the people present in the gorgeous lake, indeed creating magic.

10) Stonehurst Cedar Creek, Australia

14 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues 12
A remarkable wedding venue location, Stonehurst Cedar Creek is barely some miles away from historic Wollombi, the gateway to Hunter Valley Wine Country. Cedar Creek is only two hours from Sydney and lays on a spectacular 550-acre property. Bare trees stand high and fallen leaves drizzle the grassland with gold, which gives a natural carpet look to the venue. This, in turn, adds to the elegance of the wedding.

Experience a stress-free and relaxed wedding celebration in a vineyard cabin stay at Cedar Creek Cottages. Along with it, you get to taste it’s award-winning wine while strolling through the vineyards. Take a walk into the mountains and enjoy the vines and poplar grove.

11) Kanha National Park, Banjaar Tola, Madhya Pradesh

14 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues 13
Banjaar Tola by Taj is the best location to have a forest wedding. Banjaar Tola is an extravagant resort close to the forest. The wilderness of offering up the highlands and groves jointly is one brilliant package.

The venue is sure to provide an unforgettable impression on anyone’s mind. Weddings in Madhya Pradesh in the Kanha National Park are a pictorial scene that one cannot avoid. With its traditions, grand historical Indian architecture & rituals is an addition to see.

12) Island Farm, California

14 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues 14
The Island Farm in Gregorio, California, a unique property; getting at such an extraordinary and mystic wedding venue is a dream come true. The venue is settled in the middle of a redwood forest, away in the hills near Half Moon Bay. The Island Farm has the special significance of standing like an isolated gem.

With the moody vibes & impulsive sights, this Island Farm California is sure to knock over your heart. One can allow the natural beauty of such a beautiful venue to set in with minimal flowery decorations. The venue is already filled with textures of greenery, which enables the real beauty to glow over.

13) Lyons Farmette, Colorado

14 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues 1514 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues 16
This wedding venue is tracked down in the community of Brighton, Colorado, a short 20 minutes north of downtown Denver, of Tuscany, which is withheld away in this gorgeous & exotic venue. The venue is designed more like a farm where the place is surrounded by fruits & vegetables grown.

The venue is a personal leeway with cottonwood trees and the glow of the daylight from the fragile creek with a beautiful Farmette house as a dressing room and the lovely rebuilt vintage style Airstream trailer. With a guest capacity of almost 150-160, the Farmette is the venue for a distinct, genuine, and simple wedding that arises one’s wish to explore. It is such a fascinating and elegant venue.

14) Arrowhead Pine Rose, California

14 Stunning Forest Wedding Venues 17

The venue’s distinct vibe gives a watercolor facelift with pine trees, historic cabin, flowers, and greenery to a wooded area. The picturesque forest scene nourishes a glorious wedding venue that will make your wedding pictures and videos incredible. Performing the wedding ceremony amid the open space by the tall pine trees that develop a magical aura that something so intimate, and exchanging promises carries a grace of its own.

Setting a wedding venues in the forest can be considered as a nature’s gift for your big day amidst nature’s creation. Are you excited to plan  your big day in one of these Forest Wedding Venues?

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