Lake Arrowhead: 16 Exciting Things to See and Do Here

lake arrowhead

Burrowed in the San Bernardino National Forest’s mountain range is the quaint, cozy paradise of Lake Arrowhead. Also known as the Alps of Southern California, Lake Arrowhead is the perfect weekend getaway with various summer and winter activities. Be it a trip with your significant other, an adrenaline-filled trip, or simply for some relaxing moments with nature- Lake Arrowhead is where you need to be.

lake arrowhead

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So, how to get your best experience at Lake Arrowhead? We all know that to get the best out of any trip, it is best to have a well-planned itinerary. For that, we have here a list of the best things to do at Lake Arrowhead!

Before your trip, note that Lake Arrowhead is privately operated, which means you have to stay at Arrowhead Woods to access all the activities. You can always drive to Lake Gregory if you do not stay at the resort and have your share of fun in the water.

Lake Arrowhead: the Summer Experience

1. Ride the Arrowhead Queen

lake arrowhead

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The summer is the best time for a boat tour, and with the Arrowhead Queen, you get to enjoy the scenic view while getting a guided tour of the area. You also get extra insight into the history of the lake and the celebrities residing in the area. For tickets, visit Leroy’s Board Shop. You can also rent the Queen for a private blast of fun!

2. Fun Day at the Beach!

If you haven’t got enough of the warm lake water, then a day at the sandy beaches is what you need! A cold drink in hand or a smoking bonfire at night- definitely a great way to enjoy the day.

3. Strap on your Hiking Boots!

For one of the best hikes in California, visit the San Bernardino Mountains at Lake Arrowhead. Don’t forget to get a map of the Arrowhead Ranger District Trails to identify easy or challenging hikes and choose your pick!

4. Hook, Line, Sinker!

lake arrowhead

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Lake Arrowhead is one of the best places for fishing in Southern California. Apart from being annually stocked with Rainbow Trout, you can also find other fish species such as Catfish, German Trout, Bluegill, and the Large Mouth and Small Mouth Bass. Annual stocking in both Lake Arrowhead and Lake Gregory ensures that visitors almost always get a catch.

Point to be noted: For anyone aged 16 or older, make sure you hold a valid California fishing license.

5. Row Away in your Kayak

If you’re looking for a fun, physical activity where you can also enjoy the majestic sight of Lake Arrowhead, then you should join this guided kayak tour fit for all ages.

6. SkyPark

lake arrowhead

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For activities such as mountain biking, rock climbing, and ax-throwing, purchase the SkyPark Pass from the resort’s front desk. Other activities included are zip lining, skating, archery, and fly fishing- all filled with fun!

7. The Tudor House

Tour the Tudor House and have a scrumptious meal or drink, or book one of the events offered, such as- dinner theater or band showcases.

8. Chairlift Ride

Lake Arrowhead and San Bernardino Mountains offer a majestic view, but from high above, it is breathtaking! To enjoy the beauty of these mountains from a bird’s eye view, you can always get a chairlift ride at Snow Valley Mountain. Carrying 6 passengers, the ride is sure to leave you awestruck at the magnificent scenery.

9. Lollipop Park

Kids all over would always love to visit theme parks, and Lake Arrowhead offers that too! Children can have fun at the Lollipop Park at merry-go-rounds, go-karts, Pirate Ship, or bumper cars. Bring out the kid in you with a cone of ice cream and a round of golf at the miniature golf course!

10. Water Skiing and Wakeboarding

lake arrowhead

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At the McKenzie Water Ski School, you can now learn to water ski and wakeboard at three different levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). With instructors and supplies available, all you need is the passion for learning and racing through the water!

Winter Wonderland at Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa offers winter and summer attractions, but the snow-covered expanse is surely a sight to behold. The Winter season brings a variety of activities for you to enjoy in the chilly weather.

11. Snowshoeing

There are various terrains to explore in the San Bernardino National Forest, especially during the winter. For a fun adventure with family and friends, you can always go snowshoeing or winter trekking, navigating, and exploring the landscape at your own pace.

12. Snow Tubing

lake arrowhead

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Get your snow tube and slide down the snow-covered mountain slopes here at Lake Arrowhead. Snow Valley offers the only lift-served tubing hills in Southern California, so make sure to try this fun group activity!

13. Skiing

lake arrowhead

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Skiing is one of the most relaxing yet adventurous activities. At Lake Arrowhead, you can get an exciting skiing adventure at Snow Valley. A fun activity for all age groups, you can also opt for their cross-country skiing experience if you’re enthusiastic about the sport.

14. Santa’s Village

SkyPark goes on holiday mode with winter’s arrival and changes into Santa’s Village- spreading the holiday cheer with light shows, entertainment. What’s more, you get a chance to take a photo with Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

15. Ice Skating

At Santa’s Village, you can find the only skating rink at Lake Arrowhead, so put on those skating shoes and have fun under the dazzling holiday festivities!

16. Snowboarding

lake arrowhead

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Another fun activity at Lake Arrowhead, carve trails in the icy landscape on your snowboard at Snow Valley. Feel the adrenaline course through your veins as you speed through the slope!

Winter at Lake Arrowhead is truly a magical experience. Receiving over 40 inches of snowfall annually, Lake Arrowhead is the ideal winter getaway. From having fun building snowmen or simply getting into a snowball fight, you’ll surely make tons of memories here. A perfect end to a tiring yet fun-filled day, you can roast s’mores over a fire and watch the starry sky, giving you the happily-ever-after you deserve.

Lake Arrowhead also has attractions open all year round, and these are listed below.

17. Wildhaven Ranch

Wildhaven Ranch is a wildlife conservation organization home to various animals such as foxes, deer, eagles, and bears. A trip to Lake Arrowhead is incomplete without a visit to Wildhaven Ranch, which is open all year round. You will have to make a reservation touring the area, which can be done on their website.

There are numerous tours available- the Wings and Things tour is suitable for bird and reptile enthusiasts. Here, you get to observe eagles, falcons, and snakes up close. If you’re more inclined towards furry black bears and their plays, then you can opt for the Bear Watch Tour.

18. Lake Arrowhead Family Fun Center

For recreational activities with a slice of pizza and some arcade games, visit the Family Fun Center in the Upper Lake Arrowhead Village. On a bright sunny day, you can dine with the beautiful lake in view, making it the perfect place for the family to relax at.

Lake Gregory

lake arrowhead

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Lake Gregory Regional Park is the perfect option if you are not planning to stay at the Lake Arrowhead Resort. A variety of activities available at Lake Gregory are discussed below.

Located in the town of Crestline, just 20 minutes from Lake Arrowhead, Lake Gregory is accessible by just purchasing a ticket. Enjoy the World Waterpark Rim, showcasing a huge inflated structure consisting of slides, diving boards, and swings.

You can always rent rowboats, kayaks, pedal boats, and aqua cycles. For paddleboarding and belly boarding enthusiasts, supplies are available on rent as well.

If you’re into swimming, then be sure to check out the Swim Beachside of Lake Gregory, purely dedicated to swimming!

Lake Gregory is also perfect for fishing as it is regularly stocked with fish such as rainbow trout. Kids aged 4 or younger can fish for free, while people of all ages can fish for free at the fishing clinics.

There are numerous trails available for hikers, such as the Heart Rock or Seeley Creek Trail, which are great for a family hike! For light walking in sync with nature, take the 27-mile long path around the lake, among many other walking paths laid down.

Other than these, Lake Gregory also hosts a Fourth of July Barbecue and Fireworks event every year.

lake arrowhead

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Lake Arrowhead is the perfect spot for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and work. It equally satisfies active vacationers and those on the lookout for some serenity and closeness to nature. You can tour the Arrowhead Queen area or take one of the helicopter rides to get a bird’s eye view of the region. Enjoy the rugged terrain on an ATV, ski down the slopes, and visit Santa at Santa’s Village; Lake Arrowhead offers activities for all age groups alike.

The pristine mountain range, wildlife, and the breath of fresh air as you step foot at Lake Arrowhead- they’re all worth experiencing, so add lake Arrowhead to your list of travel destinations this year!

Let us know down below in the comments your favorite attractions at Lake Arrowhead. For similar experiences and destinations, click here.


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