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15 Best Santa Cruz Restaurants

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Santa Cruz restaurants are your place to go if you’re searching for a place to grab some food or chill out with your friends and family on weekends. Visiting a restaurant almost fits every occasion, whether it be a party, date, or a birthday, your day can’t end without some tasty food.

15 Best Santa Cruz Restaurants

Here is a list of some of the Santa Cruz restaurants to help you choose a place you are next going to visit. The list contains many restaurants that are excellent in the quality of food and are also rated highly.

The list of Santa Cruz restaurants also includes a restaurant from each category of food like, Italian, Mexican, seafood, Indian and others to soothe each taste bud.

1. Opulence Indian Food

If you are an Indian living in Santa Cruz and can’t stop craving your country’s food, then Santa Cruz restaurant would be the best place for you to visit and satisfy your appetite. Indian food is famous all worldwide for its rich and authentic flavors and mouth-watering look and aroma.

Not only Indians but many people out there have become fans of Indian food, which in turn created a demand for Indian food in the International food market. Opulence Indian Food is a pure vegetarian Santa Cruz restaurant for all vegetarians and vegans.

The restaurant serves various Indian food like dishes made from paneer (cottage cheese), chole, dosa, samosa, and many others. So if you want to have a burst of a variety of flavors in your mouth, you should be visiting this Santa Cruz restaurant.

15 Best Santa Cruz Restaurants 1

2. Lillian’s Italian Kitchen

Moving from Indian food, we come straight to Italian food for all the Italian food lovers. This Santa Cruz restaurant located in Soquel Avenue in Santa Cruz serves everything from pizzas to pasta and all the fancy Italian dishes such as Diavola Fettuccine, eggplant parmigiana and a lot more.

Lillian’s Italian Kitchen offers vegetarian and vegan dishes and is very customer friendly as well. The services are highly efficient with a wonderful staffs. Do check out this Italian Santa Cruz restaurant someday.

15 Best Santa Cruz Restaurants 2

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3. Crow’s Nest Restaurant

It is a beach-based Santa Cruz restaurant offering both indoor and outdoor eating facilities if you are going there. The home delivery system is also available for the ones who want to enjoy this restaurant’s tasty food from their home itself. As it is a located on a beach in Santa Cruz, it is obvious the restaurant’s view would also be outstanding with water at the shore and sand all around.

The delicious food of the Crow’s nest restaurant would be cheery on the top. This Santa Cruz restaurant could also be an ideal choice for a beach date. The night atmosphere is quite lively at this restaurant when there is a lot of dancing and live music.

4. Nick the Greek

Quite different from the usual Santa Cruz restaurants like Italian, Mexican and continental, this restaurant in Santa Cruz offers you a wide variety of greek foods such as bifteki burger, chicken souvlaki plate , veggie pitas and much more. Nick the Greek is located  in Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz. This is one of your favorite Santa Cruz restaurants if you are in search for something exotic to eat and enjoy.

5. La Montana

Next on the list of Santa Cruz restaurants is a Mexican food restaurant named La Montana. The Mexican burgers served at La Montana are loved by all. La Montana has a quiet and subtle ambience to suit every person visiting.

The all-time favorite dishes served by La Montana are fajitas, carne asada, shrimp ceviche, chile Rellenos, and shrimp enchiladas. You can take away your orders from this Santa Cruz restaurant but La Montana does not provide home delivery facility.

6. Laila’s Restaurant

This one of the  Santa Cruz restaurants is a premium spot for the Mediterranean and Afghan food. Laila’s restaurant offers a wide range of seafood dishes. The place could be a bit expensive, but the setting of the restaurant is amazingly beautiful. Do include Laila’s restaurant in your Santa Cruz restaurants list.

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7. Hula’s Island Grill

Featuring next on the list of Santa Cruz restaurants is the Hula’s Island Grill. Leave alone the food, the place itself is exquisite and beautiful, giving you sophisticated and mixed feelings. This one is best for parties and dinners.

Hula’s island grill also has a bar facility. Food served, such as shrimp tacos, jerk pork, and crab curry are widely loved. You must definitely check this restaurant out!


Hula’s Island Grill
By Crystal Birns
Hula's Island Grill
By Crystal Birns

8. Cafe Brazil, Santa Cruz

Out of all the Santa Cruz restaurants, Cafe Brazil is a Brazilian cafe with stunning and colorful ambience. If you want to enjoy light appetizers and some Brazilian food, then this place is the optimum choice. After you visit this place once, Cafe Brazil might prove to be your favorites cafe in Santa Cruz and probably one of the best one the list of Santa Cruz restaurants. Do check out their vegetarian-friendly and vegan dishes plus their yummy pancakes.

15 Best Santa Cruz Restaurants 4

9. Oswald Restaurant

This one of the Santa Cruz restaurants is highly modern, and the restaurant’s interior is also designed to keep in mind the modern-day generations and the youth that would be visiting the place. The Oswald restaurant has average pricing that can suit every pocket and, sanitation and hygiene are looked after well here.

The restaurant is loved mostly by all who visit and has an excellent reputation and feedback rightfully deserving a place in the list of best Santa Cruz restaurants. The Oswald restaurant comes out to be the favorite spot when it comes to small gatherings and birthday party celebrations.

10. Tramonti, Santa Cruz

Located in Seabright Avenue, the Tramonti restaurant mainly specializes in Italian food such as pizzas and kinds of pasta. You may also check out their Facebook page and Instagram handle as well before visiting. The place is usually active in the evening and is one of the best Santa Cruz restaurants when it comes to Italian cuisines. You would also love the environment out there at the Tramonti.

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11. Woodstock’s Pizza

If you always crave to have some nice, crispy and cheesy pizza then here we are with Woodstock Pizza’s suggestion for you. Woodstock Pizza might be the only restaurant in the list of Santa Cruz restaurants specializing in pizzas and sandwiches of all kinds.

The Woodstock pizza is opened at many places in Santa Cruz so that you can easily find the nearest location near your place and don’t have to wait too long for this tasty and cheesy treat.

15 Best Santa Cruz Restaurants 5

12. Zachary Restaurant

Next on Santa Cruz restaurants we have the Zachary Restaurant which is probably the first choice of all the foodies for lunch and breakfasts. The Zachary restaurant is an American style restaurant serving majorly American food to its guests.

The restaurant has been working since 1985, hence has gained a trust of the locals and its regular visitors when it comes to food. The best part about Zachary is that it believes to serves everything that is homemade and healthy at the same time. It prepares customized breads with oats that are tasty and yet nutritious at the same time. You can also say that ‘health meets taste’, making the Zachary one of the best on the list of Santa Cruz restaurants.

13. Stagnaro Bros

This one among the Santa Cruz restaurants might turn out to be the favorite spot to hang out for all the seafood lovers. The Stagnaro Bros serve a diverse variety of fresh seafood dishes and is always ready to experiment with the food choice of the customers. In doing so, each time they come up with something new and interesting for their guests.

The Stagnaro Bros also organizes several events from time to time to attract people to this amazing place.

15 Best Santa Cruz Restaurants 6

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14. Mozaic, Santa Cruz

The Mozaic is a middle eastern restaurant in Santa Cruz. The beverages and drinks offered by this restaurant is the talk of the town and everybody’s favorite. Do visit the place to taste their beverages and get ready to include them in the list of your top favorite Santa Cruz restaurants.

15. The Walnut Avenue Cafe

Rightly located in Walnut Avenue, the Walnut Avenue Cafe is yet another mention on our Santa Cruz restaurant list. The cafe deems to provide the best in brunch with great quality indoor and outdoor seating facilities. The scrambles made by them are very delicious and should be tasted at once.

So with this, we come to an end to the short tour of Santa Cruz restaurants. I hope the restaurants which I have mentioned above, have ignited your spirit to visit them. Make these restaurants, a ‘must-visit’ if you are nearby Santa Cruz. Hope you had a great time reading!

If you have been to some of the restaurants in Santa Cruz, and would like to share your experience with us, feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to hear them.

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