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Top 15 Conversations between the Heart and mind

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The heart and the mind are seldom on the same page. If your heart wants ice cream every day, your brain knows it’s not good. If your heart wants to fall for someone, your brain knows you have been down that road before. Ever wondered what are the top conversations between the heard and mind?

Top 15 Conversations between the Heart and mind 1

Among all the beautiful and terrifying complexities of mother nature, the average Human Being has earned its way to the top of the list. We are a representation of every minute cell, chemical reaction, and explosion that happened in infinite space outside of the bounds of time for us to be born.

The heart and mind are complex entities. Sure, we might appear ordinary on the outside, in the stipulated shirt and tie, with a briefcase in hand maybe, orderly and focused walking a straight line, but underneath the facade of conventions, we are a cluster of beliefs, experiences, opinions, perceptions and mumbo jumbo of emotions are passed about like a tennis ball from the heart to the mind.

Your Heart and Your Life: The Tale to Tell

Books of science will describe the heart as a muscular organ that pumps blood to the body, but we know from experience that its functions are much more than just that. This heart of ours, if it were to be described outside of the domain of science would be described as a complex seat of emotions and perceptions, sometimes seeming like its independent of its owner. It acts like a child based on its whims and quirks, a prankster, and an irrational brat, not to mention all while being sensible somehow.

Top 15 Conversations between the Heart and mind 2

Well, the mind too can be many things, the contents up there can be as organised as a library or as messy as our wardrobes, in comparison to the heart, the mind appears to be much more rational, steady and reliable almost like a good parent. But is it really as it appears to be?

Can we blindly trust the mind? Is it really in control of itself as it appears to be? Or, the strings are attached, perhaps, to the heart? Is the mind just the performer and the Heart the Great Showman? Whatever the case the heart and mind are not birds of a feather.

So, in an attempt to decode the ambiguous relationship of the Heart and the Mind, read through the most frequent Conversations the Heart and the Mind dwell on quite often, and come to a satisfying conclusion.

Here are the top 15 conversation between the heart and the mind.

1. I want it. But, do I need it?

Well, do you not have this conversation quite often? be it a grocery store, shopping mall or and ice cream parlor, before you hand in that cash or swipe that card. Humankind is connected by this universal dilemma of want and need.

We have all experienced our decision to weather its worth it or not oscillate from one “I want it” to “Do I really need it?” What does it come down to? Does it lead to the purchase of that ice-cream tub from the store you intended to buy a diet coke from, or, do you find your way around it?

2. The Big Chores

Top 15 Conversations between the Heart and mind 3

You know you ought to do it, doing it will make you life a little easier. You would no doubt do it, the responsible person In you stills lives, good books teach you to do your chores. But would it really matter the if dishes  were done after or before you binge watch the the last season of your favorite series! Yes? No? Go ahead and watch it!!!

Wait, who answered?

3. Waking up Early


The heart and mind are ever quarreling between the decision to wake up early in the mornings. Before you open your eyes completely, that voice in your head that won’t let you abandon the warmth of your bed versus the voice that informs you to set up the alarm at five minute intervals before you went to bed are fighting to overpower each other, in the midst of which you wake up, fifteen minutes later.

4.  To Text or not to Text back

To text back or leave it on seen? These moments require some a high level of decision making skills. What do you do, when your Ex whom you almost got over, texts you back. We all know where the urge is, and it is not too late before your fingers start running over your phone typing soliloquies and paragraphs only to delete them once you’re almost done typing. Then start again. Only to stop again… until you press send and the deal is sealed.

5. I Can save up Later

Mind- We should start saving up, the bills ar..

Heart- Its been so long since I have had a grand meal!

Mind- What? just last Saturd..

Heart- I’m gonna order Cheese fries!

Mind- But you just had dinner!

Heart- Burp. And a Cheeseburger. Just to get me going…

6. Dear GYM…

Dear GYM, I know it has been a while since we have met, but you have to understand that I feel a little overworked today. Rest is needed, do not think this is yet another excuse from the heart, it is I, the mind speaking without the hearts influence. My judgements are unbiased, See you soon.

Sincerely, the heart. Oops, cancel that out! It is the Mind. Nobody is fooling nobody.

7. What you See vs What you Felt

Top 15 Conversations between the Heart and mind 4

A human heart is the seat of gazillions of emotions we feel, it is sensitive and innocent and we cannot always help ourselves from getting hurt from words and gestures of people you come in contact with. Whereas the Mind, seemingly the practical one takes care of the little blows the heart literally ”’takes to heart”

8. Passionately Practical

the heart and mind

Don’t we all have fantasies? We want to get rich, buy a car, go on a trip, eat without ever putting on weight, win a lottery and the list could go on and on and on. We always want to go big but at the same time, we tell ourselves to “BE REALISTIC”. That, my friends is the minds job. The heart is the advocater of “WHAT IF!” which makes everything seems possible for the fleeting moment of consideration. The heart and mind have this conversation quite too often.

9. This or That?

What should I watch? This or that??

Heart: Uhhhhhh, I want to watch Love actually

Mind: You have watched it a million times! Lets watch this informative documentary about the psychology of the Homo Sapiens, bet it will be useful

Heart: But Love actually is an intelligent movie too, you know how it explores the dynamics of a relationship in a Society tha…

Mind: Okay fine.

The heart is a master manipulator. Do you agree?

10. I should have said that!!!

You are talking to your competitor and could not think of a response to a specific mock that burned, you end up muttering something vague that did not produce the desired effect, it was embarrassing. Now you are all ready for your nap when suddenly, an award winning comeback drops in your head, but it is too late. What follows is a conversation between the heart and mind where they think up imaginary future circumstances to invent sharp comebacks, preparation is always good.

11. The Perception Argument

Top 15 Conversations between the Heart and mind 5

The heart insists on an emotional outlook on life, which allows one to be empathetic and kind towards fellow beings. The mind may not perceive the world as the heart does. The heart sees people with the eyes of a child whereas the mind sees ulterior motives. This is one such conversation between the heart and mind that cannot reach a winning conclusion often.

12. A walk in the Park

Heart- It has been so long since I sat on a swing! I want to feel that rush again!

Mind- You are not seven anymore! besides, the people are watching..

Heart- (already on the swing) *Wheeeee* This is so thrilling.

The heart keeps the thrill seeking, careless side of its owner living, sometimes, we must shush the mind and listen to the heart.

13. Watch Guard

Have you been at a point in your lives when you opened up and shared your deepest feelings with a person who then betrayed your trust? Acts of trust and love carried out by the heart when betrayed are a lesson learned fort the mind. The mind makes us put our guards up, but the heart seeks vulnerability and believe in second chances. There is always some conflict that stirs up the heart and mind  before we let ourselves trust or love again.

14. Spontaneity vs Schedules

The heart seeks spontaneous moments in life, it thrives on impulsive actions. The mind calculates and schedules. You plan a backpack trip and decide to carry only the essential, but you end up with two suitcases with an extra pair of everything. You urge yourself to embark on a free flowing unplanned adventure but find yourself making an itinerary. This duality are ever present from the heart and mind.

 15. The Balance Agreement

Top 15 Conversations between the Heart and mind 6

There are moments when between those opposing duels, the heart and mind strike a balance, these are moments of true calm and peace and it is strongly believed it can be achieved when one decides to take a nap.

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