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15 Newsletter Examples for Your Next Newsletter

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Email marketing is perhaps one of the most cost-effective forms of digital marketing owing to low costs and better returns. In a study conducted by Mckinsey in 2014, it was found that emails were 40 times more effective in bringing in new customers as opposed to Facebook and Twitter combined. Thus, your company newsletter is an important part of your digital marketing. The internet is flooded with newsletter examples.

But, if you need inspiration, you should only learn from the best newsletters. So, here are 15 newsletter examples for your next newsletter.

15 Newsletter Examples for Your Next Newsletter

15) Blue Planet II 

Blue Planet II

This newsletter has a beautiful layout that attracts instantly. The reader’s attention is captured at once, and you are curious to know more. The layout is such it will force you to scroll down. Once you are already invested owing to its rich graphics, the newsletter provides value with some mind-blowing facts like the male clownfish can change gender when the female dies. 

One fundamental mistake in digital marketing, mainly email marketing, is that since email marketing is comparatively more straightforward, companies don’t focus much on the newsletter content. Most companies send a newsletter monthly to say that they still exist. The newsletter content is not curated to attract the reader.

When it comes to newsletter examples, this displays the perfect combination of rich graphics and good newsletter content that will make you tune into the show. 

14) The Daily 202

The daily 202

Washington Post’s The Daily 202 gives you an insider’s view of the biggest stories every weekday. 

The newsletter content aligns perfectly with the company’s product i.e., news. The hard work that is put in this newsletter is visible with good, easy to read, email design, and quality newsletter content. The fact that they do it every weekday makes it even more compelling. 

This newsletter wins because of quality content that catches the reader’s attention and catchy headlines combined with an attractive newsletter design. 

13) Bombas 


Bombas has perfected the art of a marketing newsletter, especially referral marketing, with its simple, curt, and casual texts. The newsletter is pretty straightforward, and the graphics are nothing flashy, but it has the desired impact since Bombas provides an offer that its users can’t resist. 

It has also underlined that there is no catch and described the process in simple steps, making it more accessible, more transparent, and hence more effective. 

Their subject line ‘Free Socks Are Not A Myth’ is a compelling one that any reader is bound to click since everyone loves free stuff. Since the first impression is the last, so you have to ensure your subject lines are worth clicking and don’t seem like spam mails. 

12) Litmus 


Call to action is another crucial part of your email marketing. Litmus shows us how to do it best by incorporating CTA buttons in each section. The CTAs will lead to more user engagement. 

The design is crisp and appealing. Each section is highlighted with different colors making it easy to read. 

Newsletter examples like these show you how to curate newsletter content that aligns with your company’s product and provides value to your customers. 

Since it is an email marketing testing company, it will help you refine your marketing strategy with its newsletters, making it the perfect content for its target audience.

11) InVision 


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But, even your most loyal customer doesn’t have the time to go through each of your blogs on social media. Hence, InVision’s newsletter is a round-up of their best blog posts from the week. 

Their newsletter content also includes tips and tricks that can be useful for their readers. The CTA buttons are well placed, and the layout is crisp. What works for them is the minimalistic email design that enhances its marketing newsletter instead of giving it an insipid look. 

10) Moz 


Moz has a unique approach to email marketing, which is the reason they stand out. Their newsletter content features external articles that might catch their reader’s attention instead of pushing their content. 

This unique marketing strategy will help them build a connection with their readers that says they are not here only to market their products but also to provide value to their readers. The simplistic design elements and layout add to its brand image. 

The blog post or newsletter content is informative, and their approach to email marketing is unique; hence they make the list of 15 best newsletter examples.

9) Taylor stitch 

Taylor stitch

The elegant design elements, the minimalist color palette, rich graphics, and product photography are the primary reasons this newsletter features 50 smart, significant newsletter examples

It is perfect for company newsletter examples as it successfully markets its products. This newsletter also helps to inform its customers about the available products. The CTA button stands out and is well-placed. The newsletter achieves its content marketing goals as it will easily entice customers to click and buy with its email design and easy-to-read text. 

8) Vox Sentences 

Vox sentences

Vox Sentences is a nightly newsletter that keeps its readers updated on the best stories of the entire day. 

Vox Sentences makes this list of newsletter examples because of the high-quality articles that feature in its email. The newsletter also features external sources. 

The newsletter content matches the company’s product and provides value to its readers with its engaging stories. 

7) BrainPickings 

newsletter examples-Brain Pickings

BrainPickings has curated a newsletter with a diverse range of topics catering to every reader’s taste. From psychology to creativity to art to philosophy to science and design, BrainPickings has something for everyone. It gives its subscribers the most unique and informative articles from last week. 

This is a solid reason for people to subscribe, and hence it makes the newsletter useful. The design elements, newsletter content, and intriguing titles are enough to catch the reader’s attention.

 This is one of the best newsletter examples, as very few people can scroll down their inbox without giving it a read. In fact, with its high-quality articles, most people would be looking forward to these newsletters. 

6) Charity water 

Charity water

Usually, emails from charity organizations can seem annoying with their fundraisers and donation campaigns. But, Charity water has curated a newsletter that will make you subscribe instantly. 

What makes charity water one of the best newsletter examples is its ability to make the reader feel important. It highlights the reader’s contribution to making any campaign successful. 

The newsletter is also helpful in making announcements about unique campaigns. The newsletter catches the reader’s attention as it makes him feel good and provides information about the money they had donated. 

Charity water does effective email marketing with its newsletters. It successfully motivates its readers to donate to the good cause and makes them realize the worth of their contribution and help. This, in turn, encourages more people to contribute and get updates through the newsletters leading to more subscriptions. 

5) Unsplash 


What better way to engage your bloggers than breathtaking pictures? Unsplash does it exceptionally well with its weekly newsletters that feature a set of carefully curated images. 

The images are enticing enough to catch your attention; hence the design elements are minimal. The CTA button is placed at the bottom and has an excellent call to action. 

Unsplash also has another monthly newsletter that updates its subscribers about new announcements, campaigns, and tie-ups. 

The company has also launched a new messaging feature that allows its users to engage with other members of the community, making it a perfect place for photographers to hang out and discuss their craft. 

This dual system of newsletters is useful as both serve their purposes well. One is for making more customers visit the site while the other is to make people aware of the latest announcements, which help in building a connection with its loyal base. 

4) Airbnb 


Airbnb aces the travel newsletter game with its minimalist newsletter that gives valuable travel information to its readers. 

The newsletter content is flexible; it sometimes focuses on where to stay in exotic places while other times, it informs you about the different popular locales in a country. Airbnb also gives you a sneak peek into the rooms or tells you how to stay above water for an entire trip. 

What makes Airbnb one of the best among travel newsletter examples is its stunning images. The newsletter features breathtaking visuals of exotic places, which makes you want to book a ticket. 

The design elements are minimal, and the text is simple and effective. CTA buttons like ‘explore’ are well-placed, and when coupled with the beautiful images, you are bound to click on it. The newsletter content aligns with the company’s objective of making people book a trip because of its stunning visuals. Airbnb proves how to make email marketing effective with its beautifully curated newsletters.

3) Toms 


Product newsletters can be annoying, but Toms has perfected the art of product newsletters with excellent product photography, well-placed white spaces, eye-catching color palette, and good graphics. 

The newsletters feature the best products and have well-placed and compelling call-to-action buttons that will force you to click to explore their products. The calligraphy and text adopt a casual tone. 

You can see the hard work that has gone into making these newsletters that feature only the best products carefully curated for you. These newsletters from Toms have the perfect product newsletter examples.

Your company newsletter should incorporate white spaces, text, colors, graphics, and photos in an optimum combination to have the maximum impact on your customers. 

2) General Assembly 

General Assembly

Since the General Assembly provides courses and training, it is best suited to send newsletters that inform you about upcoming events and classes offered by the organization. The best newsletters provide newsletter content that complements the company’s products or services correctly. 

The newsletter has a simplistic email design without too many flashy graphics. This is to keep with the brand image of the General Assembly. The text is easy-to-read, which will encourage more people to click on it and read it. 

The newsletter shows you how to make effective newsletters without too many design elements or bright colors. The newsletter content is valuable and informative for the users, which gives the readers a reason to click on their emails.

 Many emails are just promotional campaigns that add nothing of value to regular customers. You can incorporate blogs or useful content or informative articles to keep your readers engaged and remind them of your presence. 

General Assembly makes our list of 15 newsletter examples because of its valuable content, minimalistic layout, and simple graphics. 

1)Really Good Emails 

Really Good Emails

When your name is Really Good Emails, you have to ace the email marketing game, and the company successfully manages that thanks to its newsletters. 

Good Emails teaches you that digital marketing is challenging, and you have to keep tracking your performance and improving. You can test your website’s digital marketing and quality here

Their emails of such high quality that it feels like a webpage. The newsletter has carefully divided the newsletter into articles that are about videos and articles that are about mobiles. 

The intriguing titles are for catching the reader’s attention and engaging them. Every article has a simple call-to-action ‘read more’ and multiple options for sharing. The image quality, catchy titles, and informative articles will compel the target audience to click on these emails. This makes it one of the best newsletter examples for newsletter designers. 

Newsletters form an effective email marketing strategy as they engage and lead to more customer interaction than many other digital marketing methods. A carefully curated newsletter can help in a substantial increase in sales or subscribers. 

It is clear from the above newsletter examples that creating newsletters as an afterthought for email marketing will bring no returns. Instead, you have to invest time, money, energy, and creativity into curating a compelling newsletter that is both attractive and effective. Only then can your company see a boost in sales or subscribers, which will make your marketing strategy a successful one. 

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