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Top 10 Call to Action Examples

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Good marketing is integral to driving sales. You have to handhold your customers through the sales funnel from someone who chanced upon your product to someone who buys it regularly.

 To do this, you need a compelling call-to-action as part of your marketing strategy that directs your customers to where you want to lead them. Call-to-action examples flood the internet, but we bring to you only the best. 

What is a Call To Action (CTA)?

Call to action examples

Call to action directs users to perform a specific task through a text, button, or image. It is generally used in websites, email marketing, digital marketing, advertisements, and newsletters.

What makes a right call to action?

There are some aspects of a call to action that make it stand out. The best call to action examples follows them. 

  • Clear and concise -Your CTA has to be crisp. If it becomes longer than 10 words, it proves to be ineffective. 
  • A sense of urgency – Call to action examples that have a sense of urgency compel the reader to take action immediately.
  • Action words – Grab, Get, Claim, Join all these action phrases make for a compelling CTA since it tells your user what to do. 
  • Eye-catching colors – Your call to action button should have an eye-catching layout with bright colors and a good color scheme. 
  •  Keep it simple – Your call to action should be a simple and direct message that is easy to perform. Remove all obstructions and provide a smooth user experience. 
  • Emphasize the benefits – Phrases like ‘get 50% off on all purchases’ or ‘unlimited music for free’ make for an effective call to action examples since they stress on what the user will get. 
  • First-person – ‘I want a free trial’ is a good call to action since it focuses on the doer. Use call to action from the user’s perspective. 
  • Strategic placement – The location of your call to action also plays an important role. Always place your CTA button after you have highlighted the benefits. Make your call to action button easy to find, or else lead generation will be in vain.

To write a fruitful call to action, you need to read up on the compelling call to action examples. Here are

The Top 10 Call-to-Action Examples 



Call To action: I want more boxes! 

Influenster, with over 25 million honest reviews and photos, has cemented its spot on the list of top 10 call to action examples with its enticing CTA. 

Influenster gives you a chance to ask and answer product questions, post pictures on social media of the items that you tested, and read about new products. 

It also gives out VoxBoxes free of cost, which is loaded with products. These are directly delivered to the member. Companies rely on the honest feedback given by the members on social media. 

Why This Call to Action Phrase Works? 

Giving our opinions and receiving free stuff, humans love both. Influenster combines these two into a powerful offer very few people can resist. The call to action phrase is written in the first person that is from the user’s point of view, which works in its favor. 

It focuses on our desire for free stuff and ends with an exclamation mark, denoting excitement and energy. It makes the CTA lively and emphasizes on the benefit the users will receive: here boxes. 

Since VoxBoxes are a limited period special offer, it is successful in creating a sense of urgency. Simple, concise, clear, and original; it ticks all the boxes that perfect call to action examples require. 

9.My Perfect resume 

My perfect resume

Call To Action: Create My Resume

My perfect resume has come up with an ideal call to action that caters perfectly to their business needs. It is a simple enough CTA with the words ‘Create my resume’ but is very compelling due to the step by step visuals that accompany it. 

Why This Call to Action Phrase Works? 

This seemingly simple call to action phrase works so well because it is demand specific. Resumes are the most crucial aspect of your application in the initial stages. A resume decides whether you will be shortlisted or not. 

Such an important document needs to be written properly, highlighting the achievements of the applicant. But most people either lack the skill or the time to write a good resume. This is when my Perfect resume comes in. It writes your resume with the least effort on your part.  

The graphics are integral to this CTA’s success. It describes three steps to build the resume. The steps are described so that the user perceives it as a simple exercise with almost negligible effort on his part. The words ‘the resumes write themselves’ adds to this point. 

The CTA emphasizes on the fact that you will get your perfect resume with just three easy steps. Since most people are visual learners, captivating graphics enhance the effectiveness of your call to action. It turns this simple CTA into a compelling one. 

8.Inika Organic

Inika Organica

Call To Action: Take the quiz

Inika Organic shows us perfectly how a simple quiz can lead to user engagement and lead generation. It’s a company that sells organic beauty products that aren’t harsh on the skin. The quiz is designed to find our skin type. 

Why This Call to Action Phrase Works? 

Quizzes are a must on the best call to action examples list. They encourage user engagement and help to lead them further down the sales funnel. Inika Organic has tailored a quiz that perfectly fits its services. 

Everyone wishes to know their skin type since it directs what products they must use. But not everyone has the time to go to a dermatologist to figure it out. Finding our skin type through a quiz organized by a skincare company seems natural and authentic. 

Since it is free and easy to do, most people would click on it. The call to action is audience-specific and caters to a demand most of its users might be having: a way to find their skin type. 

After finding their skin type, it would be natural enough to look for a product that suits them, and Inika Organic will be ready with their options hence making it a smart call to action. 




Call To Action: Period better. 

The period panties sold by Thinx absorb the flow directly into the fabric eliminating the risk of leakage. These environment-friendly panties come with free trials. 

To promote the offer, they came up with a simple and target audience specific CTA like ‘period better.’ The call to action is located on their homepage banner. 

Why This Call to Action Phrase Works? 

This service targets the number one problem of women during periods: leakage. They offer a solution to that problem. Their panties may cost more than sanitary napkins, but in the long run, it would be cheaper. 

This offer seeks to eliminate the apprehension regarding the material and effectiveness of the product. The call to action taps into the frustration and annoyance that women feel during their periods and offers to make it easier and better during those days. 

It is a concise and straightforward call to action, but it will work splendidly because of the experience it offers. It also works because it highlights the benefit of the customer. Good CTAs will always target the customer and offer them something  than a simple ‘Buy now.’



Call To Action: Are you doing your SEO wrong? Enter your URL to find out

Quicksprout directs its call to action towards its target audience, the bloggers, and website creators. It offers them a way to check whether they are doing the most crucial aspect of their marketing in the right way.  Actionable SEO strategies better your ranking and thus lead to more clicks. 

Why This Call to Action Phrase Works? 

Call to action examples like this work because they are providing an in-demand service to their target audience. This call to action is likely to increase its conversion rate due to the benefit it offers to its consumers. 



Call To Action: Show me my Heatmap 

The call to action of crazyegg is placed on the homepage and has an attractive layout. The call to action of crazyegg is accompanied by a social proof saying that over 300,000 websites make use of their services.

 It also highlights the benefits of using crazyegg by stating that it will improve ‘what’s working, fix what isn’t, and test new ideas.’

Why This Call to Action Phrase Works? 

According to referral candy, social proof can increase conversions by 34%, making it a useful marketing tool. 

Crazyeggis One of the best call to action examples that incorporates social proof, highlights the benefits and services as well as uses a concise and clear CTA that is directed towards its target audience.

It eliminates any risk by giving out a 30-day free trial and providing the cancellation option. It ticks all the boxes of an excellent call to action. 



Call To Action: Introduce Us

Call to action is used for the lead conversion as well as for referral marketing. Wool Overs is a company that designs high-quality sweaters. The clothes are environment-friendly and designed with great care. 

To increase their brand awareness, Wool Overs came up with a referral program that offers 20% off for sharing it with other people. To make their CTA enjoyable, they ditched the conventional ‘refer a friend’ call to action for a more unique one. 

Why This Call to Action Phrase Works? 

WoolOvers is one of the best call to action examples for referral marketing because it is unique, original, and easy to understand. 

The benefits are mentioned clearly, and most people would want a high-quality product from Wool Overs. They would like to get it at 20% off since the task to be performed very simply. Hence, it makes the call to action compelling.



Call To Action: How do I…? 

Saastr ditches convention for originality with their unique call to action of How to do I…? The user is told to ask a question instead of signing up or claiming offers. It also prompts the question with the example hence subconsciously directing the user to ask the question the company desires. 

Why This Call to Action Phrase Works? 

Call to action examples like these work because of their originality and unique approach to customer engagement. It answers the user’s question and hence establishes dominance over its field of knowledge. 



Call To Action: GET OUR TIPS!

Who doesn’t want to be a leader? But, not everyone knows how to. OfficeVibe uses this popular desire to their advantage by curating a call to action that gives tips on leadership. 

Why This Call to Action Phrase Works? 

It is a simple and concise call to action that is sure to work since it taps into our inner desire to become a good leader. They also state that these expert leadership tips will be sent right to our inbox hence eliminating any roadblock of visiting the site to get the tips. 

The CTA highlights the benefits and keeps it simple, making it a compelling call to action. 



Call To Action: Launch (Do Not Press) 

We do things we are asked not to. Taking inspiration from this aspect of human behavior, huemor designed a call to action that you will have to click. 

Why This Call to Action Phrase Works? 

This is the best among call to action examples because it follows the guidelines and makes an intriguing CTA that you are bound to click. Even if you don’t want to buy the product, you would be dying to see what happens on clicking it. 

It is short, simple, easy, effective, and unique. Thus, it fulfills all the qualities of an excellent call to action. 

These call to action examples will give you a clear idea about what good CTAs incorporate. A right call to action phrases is essential for lead generation, lead conversion, and user engagement. They are a useful and crucial component of your marketing strategy. 

To promote the right product, you need a good call to action. But, these call to action examples in no way guarantee your success. That depends on you, your hard work, and your product. 


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