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16 Best Ways To Make Him Miss You

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The human species have been designed for love and affection. It feels great to have someone miss you, doesn’t it? We all long to be loved and cared for by someone.

The best tips and tricks to make him miss you
Ways to make him miss you.

Whether you’re in a relationship with your significant other or you are crushing on a new guy, there are some easy tips and tricks to make him miss you. Also, to have a better understanding of men, take a look at this page.

Effective Ways To Make Him Miss You:

1. Put a Pause on All Communication

You know how people always say that communication is essential for any good relationship to work properly. Well, that is true, but if you want him to miss you, you will have to put the communication on a pause. If there is constant communication between both of you all the time, then he may not miss you so much. And so it may become like a routine for him to talk to you, and he may lose interest in the relationship eventually.

If it is you who always calls or texts first, then he may not value you, and believe me, no one should be taken for granted. You may also need to lower the number of times you call or text him because men like women who are hard to get. This is how you can make him miss you.

2. Make Him Wait for it

Most women reply immediately if a guy who they like has texted them. Did you know that according to many dating statistics and reports, around 49% of men do not call first, or they might wait for 1-2 days just to see if you text them back? Now, if you want to make him miss you, apply the same trick on them.

This way, they will be the ones waiting and wondering why you haven’t called back yet. He may get impatient and may think about you all the time. You need to make your guy wait if you want to make him miss you.

He needs to work hard and should know your worth
make him miss you

3. Support And Be There for Him

Even though you must make him wait and not be the one to text him first, you should be there for him in his times of need. Support him and be there for him when he has had a bad day or if he is going through the wrong time. If it takes a lot of time for men to open up about their feelings and be vulnerable. It doesn’t happen so quickly.

If you support him through a hard time, that gives him the certainty that you are a keeper, and he would want you around at all times. And if he does open up to you, that only shows how much of trust he has in you.

4. Be a Mystery

Men find it intriguing when they cannot figure out a woman. It only makes them a thing about you more. So if you want to make him miss you don’t reveal all your cards just yet. Make him work for it. Don’t show everything about yourself in only one meeting. This way, he will be missing you at all times and will be thinking about you and will want to meet up with you just to know more and more about you.

If you want to know how to make him miss you, then this is what you should do, don’t give out all your secrets.

How to make him miss you.
End the call first.

5. Be the First to End a Conversation

Most men will end the call first very smartly, which may leave you wondering why he did what he did. If you want to make him miss you, then you should be the one to end the conversation first. When you are on call or texting, and you get the feeling that he is losing interest and may soon end the call or stop texting, you should be the one to end the conversation first. This will make him think about you and make him miss you.

Always make sure that he is the one to send in the last text. This way, he will want to spend more time with you.

6. Be Patient

It is quite apparent when you like a guy. You tend to miss him and want to be able to talk to him all the time. And while you are trying various ways to make him miss you, you could miss him too. But you need to have patience, and you need to wait, which might get complicated at times. So you could take up some activity to divert your mind from thinking about him.

Don’t send in constant texts or reply in huge paragraphs. He may also be busy with something, and you need to be understanding of this fact.

You need to spend time with your friends too.
Have a good time with your friends.

7. Spend Time with Your Friends

While you keep him wanting for more, you could also go out with your friends and have a fun time so that he knows that your world does not revolve around him. He should know your worth. Men get a little jealous when you are out having a gala time with your friends. If you want to make it, he misses you, then makes sure not to text him or call him when you are with your friends.

If you do that, then he may think that you can put anything aside for him, which is not something you want him to feel just yet. To make this more effective, you could plan an outing with your friends when he is usually free; that way, you won’t be texting him, and he will be scrolling through your social media, wondering what you are up to.

8. Don’t Try too Hard

If you want to make him miss you, then you need to pretend to be effortless even though you may be putting in a lot of effort. You need to play hard to get. He must do something extraordinary to woo you and grab your attention. Don’t give in too quickly.

He should be willing to put in all his effort and give it his all to impress you. If he does put in the effort, it only shows how much he likes you and wants to be with you. That way, you know that he is a keeper.

9. Be Unique

You need to be unique, and you need to be exciting if you want to make him miss you. Always remember there is no other like you. So if you want him to remember you, you need to have a specific symbol or a signature that will keep you in his mind always.

It could be a fragrance that you can use when you go to meet him or a phrase or word you repeatedly use when you are with him, or you could have a particular expression that would leave a lasting impression on him. Men find these small things adorable and attractive.

How to make him miss you
Make him miss you

10. Act Busy

You need to make him miss you, so that means you cannot be spending time with him all the time. You cannot be available for him just yet. So at times, if he makes a plan to go out, you could pretend to act busy and skip or ask him if it is possible to shift the program to another day since you are not free.

Don’t say yes too easily and play hard to get. You can ask him to reschedule one or two plans or even miss one or two dates now and then. This way, when you finally meet him, he will be excited and will not be able to wait.

11. Surprise Him

Everyone likes surprises. Men love women who are energetic and fun and admire women who are always up for an adventure. Try out new things with him. You could also plan an adventurous getaway. Be full of surprises every time you go out with him; this trick will make him miss you. Instead of the primary dinner dates and movie nights, you could plan something cool and venturesome.

If you want, you could also do a few things from your bucket list, or you could go to a museum or an art gallery or plan a trekking trip with him. This will make him feel that you consider him to be a part of your life, which will make him feel so loved and so happy.

12. Leave Things Behind Accidentally

We always link objects with a particular memory. When we find a specific item we tend to start thinking about that time and place and the time you spent there. To make miss you and think about you all the time, you could leave something by accident when you meet him for a date.

You can leave behind an item that is important to you or your handkerchief sprayed with the smell of your perfume or even an earring. That way, when he finds those things, he will associate them with you and will be thinking about you and maybe even smile every once in a while.

13. Use Your Social Media

Social media apps in a phone.
Use your social media.

You can use this trick in two ways if you want to make him miss you. The first is to use social excessively. Post pictures now and then update your stories on your social media accounts. He is scrolling through your account and check out your posts. So the more you post, the more he gets to see you even when he is not with you. Be fun and relaxed and entertaining.

If this doesn’t work out and if you think he is still not taking you seriously, then you can cut down on your social media usage. Not updating stories, not putting up posts, etc. you could also not like a few of his posts as well. This will get him worked up and will make him miss you.

14. Friend Zone Him for a While

If you feel that he does not value you and is taking you for granted, then you should treat him like a familiar friend for a while. Act naturally when around him and try not to get too excited. Don’t be flirtatious towards the man you like, don’t show up now and then whenever he calls you. Maintain a general behavior as you do with your other male friends.

This way, he will realize your worth and make an effort to win you over. This is a handy trick to make him miss you. If he likes you too, which he most obviously does, then he will want you to feel differently about him and not treat him like any random guy.

15. Always Remember Who You Are

Sure it is great to have someone in your life that loves and respects you, and it is also acceptable to try to get a man you have feelings for, but you must never forget yourself. Always remember who you are. In the process of attaining a guy, you must place yourself or stop valuing yourself. If you don’t love yourself and have respect for yourself, then how will he? Focus on yourself as well, your goals, your career, your life choices.

Your life matters, too, and always remember that. Focus on building up yourself, your personality, your confidence. There is nothing more attractive than a woman with a strong personality and admirable spirit.

Always dress your best.
Make him miss you

16. Dress to Impress

Doesn’t it feel good to dress up? It gives you so much confidence. If you want to make him miss you, you need to look your best when you meet him. That way, he will be mesmerized by your beauty and will be in complete awe throughout, and even when he is not with you, he is completely drooling over the fact at how pretty you looked.

So always look your best, even if you are meeting him and there are a whole lot of people, you need to stand out. You can take a look at this site for tips to dress your best.

To show the love between two people
Love and affection between a couple.

Everyone craves for love and affection. It is like a basic human need. But if you think that the man you like or the one you are with is not paying attention to you or is not taking you seriously and if you want to make this relationship work and want to make him miss you, then just follow these quick 16 tips and tricks.

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