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9 Tips To Write Birthday Letter For Best Friend

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Here’s a guide to write a perfect birthday letter for best friend :

birthday letter for best friend
birthday letter for best friend

We all are leading complicated lives, and among all this chaos, there is one person that we can always turn up to and find peace, our best friend. Your best friend can be anyone, your mother, father, childhood friend, a colleague at work, ANYONE.

A person special in life needs to be cherished and reminded about your immense love for them and what better way to do that by writing a birthday letter for best friend and telling them precisely what you feel, thus making their day even more special of love.

Keeping these steps in mind while writing the letter will help you write the perfect birthday letter for best friend: –

9 Tips To Write A Birthday Letter For Best Friend:

1. Starting Early

You don’t want to wait till the birthday eve to start writing and end up ruining the birthday letter for best friend by writing half-heartedly because you are more worried about giving it on time than pouring emotions. Start writing 3-4 days beforehand so that you ample time to think and incorporating everything you want to.

2. Consider What They Like

Every person is different and unique in their ways and may not love the same thing that other people might. The key to getting emotional and feeling superior is figuring out what they like and what they don’t. Do they like their birthday letters, cheesy? Or do they want it full of jokes and puns?

Do they feel awkward about being complimented rather than feeling loved? Would they feel more comfortable with you being direct or subtle about your love for them? Everyone has their style and comfort zone of accepting the amount of love being given to them, and that should be respected. So your birthday letter for best friend should be oriented according to what they like.

3. Start With a Nickname

Starting the birthday letter for best friend with their nickname makes your letter stand out and signifies the special bond you share. A nickname that maybe only you call them or just a nickname. Nicknames establish a closer bond and make the letter feel more personal.

Even if you don’t have a unique nickname for them currently, make one at the spur of the moment and then explain to them in the letter why you chose it for them. Let the birthday letter for best friend be a beginning to a legacy.

4. Make Them Feel Special

9 Tips To Write Birthday Letter For Best Friend 1
birthday letter for best friend

It is their day today, and they have to be pampered with the love that oozes out from your words as you tell them what a wonderful human being they are and what a delight it is to have them around. You can express the positives in them, something which only people can see about them and they haven’t been given enough credit for it. Tell them how they have contributed in your life and made it easier to live, hence, making it a beautiful birthday letter for best friend.

5. Memories Shared

9 Tips To Write Birthday Letter For Best Friend 2
birthday letter for best friend

Put in the unforgettable memories shared by you two together, good or bad, you both came out of it more robust than ever. Let your best friend relive those memories on their special day. You can even make a video with

6. Inside Jokes

Throw in some inside jokes and keep the mood light. Inside jokes again bring a sense of personal comfort in the birthday letter for best friend and highlight the bond between you.

7. Thank You Paragraph

9 Tips To Write Birthday Letter For Best Friend 3
birthday letter for best friend

You can have a thank you paragraph in the birthday letter for best friend to thank them for all the things you want to/would never speak out loud.

8. Be Real

Keep the emotions genuine and raw. You don’t have to go overboard in the birthday letter for best friend for it to feel superficial. Don’t unnecessarily put in adjectives or say things that are sweet if you don’t mean them or just because it is considered polite.

9. No Negativity

Try not to bring any kind of cynical remark or event in this overall happy letter. Any kind of negative emotions, any grudges should be prevented from being mentioned in the birthday letter for best friend.

Check how bringing this positivity in their life changes it for their good.

Keeping these things in mind, start writing the birthday letter for best friend. Here I provide you with an example combining all these factors and ending up with a perfect heartwarming birthday letter for best friend.

Hey Rom,
One year more added to your age this day, but no one around is foolish enough to do that for your brain. It stopped growing when it was six. Having you in my life has been the most fantastic thing to have happened to me. You know the special place that you hold in my life.

My next to non-existent interaction with girls has been upgraded to one perpetual female friend(hehe), thanks to you. We met in the circumstances that best friends would want to end up in, being roommates, and it couldn’t have been better than that.

It’s no secret that we are the two most different kinds of humans existing on earth right now, but the way we understand each other is beyond my understanding. I have observed you since the day I entered the room, and to this day, I cannot point out one thing about you that I don’t like, even if held on a gunpoint. If I had had a real elder sister, I would have wanted her to be exactly like you.

Everyone who knows me has always known that friendship is the most important relationship I have. Since the beginning of time, I haven’t understood the romantic relationships quite clearly, but I have always admired strong friendships in reel and real-life and have always yearned to have friends that last for life.

Watching movies like The Intouchables, Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara, Animal House, etc., has always left me wanting to have fun trips with friends. I can completely trust my life on. With a friendship that central part of my life, I sure do make it a big deal when I choose mine. Because as you know, I am not as strong as I might sound.

I can fake it all the way through, but inside I am this fragile soul who can barely handle everything. Friends are what I live for, and they are the reason that I continuously strive to be better, to be the perfect friend. To try and always be there for them when they need me, selflessly. The previous mishaps, however, had made me very afraid of being close friends with a girl.

When I met you, it was the same. I frequently used to tell myself; she’s a girl. For the first time when I saw your bed sheet with teddy bears on it, all I was telling myself was, she’s like the rest. With all these weird things that whenever I met and trusted a girl, I was super confused about trusting you. You know what happened when I was best friends with a girl last time.

But then, with time, I let myself be close, and I think that was the best thing I could do for myself. You have been the most fantastic person, and being your roommate has been the best gift God has given me. Though it’s a shame now, you have set the standards so high I doubt I can ever be roommates with anyone now.

My next to non-existent interaction with girls has been upgraded to one perpetual female friend(hehe), thanks to you. When I met you for the first time and saw your bed sheet with teddy bears on it, all I was telling myself was, she’s like the rest. With all these weird things that whenever I met and trusted a girl, I was super confused about trusting you. But kudos to what you turned out to be; it was exactly how I imagined my female best friend.

You know how hard it is for me to open up to people, but with you, somehow it didn’t feel like a Herculean task as it always feels. It feels like I am talking to someone who actually cares, and I can speak to them all night long(even though you yawn every time I am talking), and then I can sleep peacefully. Because talking to you always feels like you don’t just listen because you have to. It feels like you listen because you genuinely want to.

Not because it’s just a social convention that you have to talk to a friend in their times of despair, even though you want to or not. You made me feel genuinely cared for, and it wasn’t your words; it was just you and demeanor that it was so comforting. People always say that they care, but their actions rarely ever say that.

There is one thing in particular that I would like to mention here that moved me the most. From the start, you used to talk in vague terms and would never let out the whole thing, which is very obvious to happen between two people that had only recently met. I understood that you are a person that likes to keep things to yourself, and that is quite understandable.

But as we grew closer, even then, you were not open as you were to other people, though I did feel very close to you. But the day you let the thing that used to bother you come out to me and let me help you was the day I felt so overwhelmed with emotions because no matter what anyone else says, in my opinion, two people can only be close if they know and can understand exactly what is bothering the other person.

When you opened up and let me help you were when I felt for the first time that you also considered me a close friend and that was emotionally overwhelming, and I felt so honored, I can never describe that in words(but a birthday letter for best friend can).
Thank you for always being the mature one. Thank you for being there for me when I was sick and made you too ill (Sorry).

Thank you for being a more responsible roommate. Thank you for tolerating me. Thank you for listening to me talk endlessly about what all happened in college every day. Thank you for being the caring person you are. Thank you for singing while you chat. Thank you for bearing with the kind of music I like. Thank you for accepting me the way I am and never telling me to change. Thank you for motivating me to do the right things.

One thing that I can never thank you enough for is, introducing me to the love of my life, laphing. The day you took me with you to make me try it, I had ambiguous thoughts about trying it. But as soon As I tasted it, the slow dance of flavors in my mouth made just more thankful for your existence in my life. And how can we ever forget how much we have risked our lives for laphing.

We have gone to eat laphing during a curfew during a hailstorm, between exams at the risk of failing, and as soon as the college starts. I wish we continue our relentless strives for laphing, and may it never happens that one has to go to eat laphing without the other one. Ever.

There will be a time after you will finish your graduation, and I will be stuck alone in this gruesome city with all the people around, no one to tell me that I forgot my luggage before boarding a train, no one to wake me up if I keep sleeping during my practical.

Who will make excellent tea that makes my soul feel it has achieved nirvana, who will make the most delicious macaroni, Who will make the spaghetti that I’ll eat for the first time? Who will continuously remind me to take off my shoes outside the room? Who will I listen to soulful and Bollywood music? Who will I discuss all the gossip with?

I can spell out numerous things that I cannot do without you, and I hope you always stay with me, you dumb little panda. I may not be the friend you once wanted or the friend you deserved, but I can promise I will be the friend you deserve.

Happy Birthday, Rom!

From Yours truly

This was my example on the topic, ‘birthday letter for best friend.’ I hope this helps you write a heartwarming birthday letter for best friend and make their day!

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