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20 Fun Facts About New Moon Rituals

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A new moon is a time of new beginnings and New moon rituals help you achieve new beginnings. Every new moon brings with it fresh new energy and a fresh start of the moon phases. Why can we sync ourselves with that new moon’s energy? So let’s talk about 20 fun facts about new moon rituals.

While it may seem like a non-Indian thing to do or even a pointless thing to do, Moon rituals do have a significance in Indian culture as well. Moon rituals were a major part of Egyptian, Indian, Chinese and Babylonian cultures. Even today the Hindu calendar and the Islamic calendar work according to the moons.

According to Islam, a new date starts with the moonrise, and the Hindu calendar also works around the moon dates.

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Moon rituals work according to the eight different phases of the moon, and each phase has its significance. But New moon rituals are one of the two most important phases of the moon rituals.

New moon rituals are known to bring positivity in your life, they help you achieve goals, and they also are a good time to purge out any bad or negative energies from your life.

20 Fun Facts About New Moon Rituals

1.New Beginnings 

20 Fun Facts About New Moon Rituals 1

New moon rituals are known for beginning a new start. So, whenever you think that your life or certain aspects of your life need to begin anew, try and sync the new beginning with the new moon.

2.Positive Energy

The new moon brings positive energy to you, as it is a time of fresh beginnings. So, naturally, all new moon rituals are performed with the intention that they bring positivity and positive energy to you.

It is also a fact that new moons do send out positive energy to the universe and that positive energy goes to anyone calling it to themselves by doing new moon rituals.

3. Cleansing Life 

20 Fun Facts About New Moon Rituals 2

One interesting new moon ritual is the cleansing ritual. It is believed that New moons are the best time to clean out workplaces, or any sacred places, or do cleaning of your house in general. It is a New moon ritual to cleanse a place of all bad vibes and negative energy that might have been prevailing in these places.

4.Setting Clear Intentions

Setting intentions for anything is a new moon ritual as well. An ardently followed new moon ritual is setting out clear intentions. These intentions might be for work, a set of goals to accomplish in that month, or about any relationship.

But setting intentions about things you want during a new moon phase lets the universe know of these intentions, which will help forward these intentions to actualization.

5.Writing down the Intentions

20 Fun Facts About New Moon Rituals 3

Writing down these intentions. As I said setting the intentions makes the universe aware of it, but writing them down, forwards these intentions.

The ritual is to make a list of all the intentions you have in mind, do this on a new moon and it becomes a new moon ritual, it is necessary to do it in the new moon phase so that the intentions are positively brought about.

6. Speaking Intention out to the Universe

Speak those intentions out loud. Writing the intentions was just the second step now you Speak those intentions out loud. During a new moon though.

Try doing this new moon ritual at the peak of the new moon. It is the time that new moon energy will be at its peak and will help in the actualization of these intentions.

7. Calling out to Positivity

If you know that you are surrounded by negative energy and bad vibes, which are affecting your energy levels as well as a new moon ritual, calling the positive energy to you will be right for you.

All you have to do is ask the universe out loud during a new moon phase to send some positivity your way. It’s a fun new moon ritual, which is fun but also very effective.

8. Job Finding Opportunity 

Another fun New moon ritual is finding a job, and I am not joking. Yes, finding a job is tedious work in today’s time. So, it is a suggestion to apply for new jobs or jobs that you want during the new moon phase. This new moon ritual is again one way to start anew. A new job offer during a new moon certainly will bring good fortune.

9.Lighting a New Moon Candle

20 Fun Facts About New Moon Rituals 4

Light a candle. See this is one the most fun new moon rituals to do, and even better anyone can do it. All you have to do is Light a candle on the new moon night. This lets the new moon and the universe know that you want some of that light in your life as well. Let the candle burn out on its own during the night. And if you want or desire something that is on your intention list, light the candle with that intention in mind.

10. Meditation Rituals

Meditate. An interesting and claiming new moon ritual is starting a meditation practice during the new moon phase preferably after the new moon rises. This brings more calm and positivity to your meditation practice and we all know how much meditation can help a person.

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11.New People

A very fun fact about the new moon rituals is that the new moon is infamous for bringing new people into your life. Watch out for any new person that entered your life during a new moon, chances are they are very vital to you according to the moon.

12.Endings on a positive note

Another fun fact about new moon rituals is that it is not seen in a good light to end anything you care about or is dear to you during a new moon. We all want to stop something, put an end to a habit or end a relationship, but it is advised to not end or finish anything up during the new moon phase.

New moon rituals are a symbol of new things, ending things is doing the opposite inviting negativity to your life.

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13.Goodbye Negativity 

Funnily enough, we all have some bad vibe givers and negative energy harbors or maybe an energy drainer around us. A fun way to get rid of them, tell them it’s a new moon. It is a new moon ritual to unabashedly and unapologetically shun out any kind of negative energy, and anyone who is an energy drainer during a new moon phase.

14.Crushes and First Dates

20 Fun Facts About New Moon Rituals 5

Looking for a time to ask that guy out or to take that girl out for a first date. Then ladies and gentlemen behold the new moon. A new moon ritual that allows you to ask people out on dates, or start a conversation with someone you might like, now isn’t that just what we needed.

So as a part of a new moon ritual go and ask out your crushes for a date who knows you might get the reply you want to hear.

15.Exercising Practices 

Another new moon ritual fact is that starting any kind of exercise during the new moon is great for your health. A great exercise in itself is to start night time walks, keep in mind because it is a new moon ritual you have to take a path for the stroll that allows you to bask in the moonlight.

16.Moving On

We all have had relationships that we cannot move on from, be it an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend or maybe an ex-best friend. So a new moon ritual says burn theory things, their photos the gifts they might have given to you, and do this on a new moon night. This rids you of their negative energy and cleanses your heart and soul them.

17. Relaxing Baths 

20 Fun Facts About New Moon Rituals 6

One of the most fun new moon rituals is that taking baths is a good way to cleanse your body of negativity and bad vibes. During a new moon draw yourself a bath, with salts, essence oils, herbs and flowers, and candles with scents you like. This helps your body relax and let all the negative energy go.

18. Calling out for Guidance

If you require the guidance of any sort be it from the elements of the world or psychological guidance or maybe just some sort of help then New moon is the time to get that help and guidance. New moon rituals help bring that guidance to you if you ask for it.

19.Personalised Mantras

Create a mantra for new moons. Another fun new moon ritual is to create a positivity mantra that you want to bring into force in your own life. It can be anything for example “ I am the light to my soul.” Or “I am creative, intuitive and visionary.”

Both these mantras are something that reminds you of your worth and strengths. Repeat this mantra every day during the new moon phase, and watch as your mind starts believing in itself.

20. Personalised New Moon Rituals 

You can create any new moon ritual for yourself. It is no hard and fast rule to follow all these new moon rituals. You can create your new moon ritual, or combine any of the mentioned above with your new moon ritual.

New moon rituals are fun, they not only bring a smile to your face but also bring happiness and positivity to your life. I hope some of these rituals will help you in finding new positive energy and incorporate it into your life.

Go on and try some of these amazing new moon rituals, every one of them helps you all to some extent, it may bring you happiness or positivity. Best of all, you do not stick to the aforementioned rituals, you can create your new moon ritual, and let me know how those worked out.

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