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Cancun Excursion Guide 2021: Exploring The Amazing Places

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A guide on Cancun excursion and tour!!

Cancun, the Mexico city, is located on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. It has a population of 9 million people. The average temperature of Cancun varies from 27 degrees.

The amazing Cancun city is all known for the Turquoise waters. The amazing white sand Beach structures are about 350 km from Cancun. The hotel zone is a modern area covering luxury resorts and beaches.

Apart from that it offers excursions and keeps you busy. Known as the Cancun excursion and tours, these events are best suited for a family vacation.

In this article, we will discuss all about the Cancun excursion. But before that, let’s know a little bit about Cancun.

Ricardo Esquivel/pexel@all rights reserved

Interesting Facts About Cancun

Now let’s take a look at Cancun, Mexico City, and try to understand it better.

  1. The white sand beaches are made with crushed coral. The presence of crushed coral makes the sand cold, even if the temperature is high.
  2. Cancun has a large number of water holes.
  3. Tracing back its history, the city had only three people residing. But now more than 700,000 people are living presently.
  4. The city is shaped like L. This gives the view of both the beach and the Lagoon view
  5. The adventure of whales and sharks can be expected from May to September.
  6. The second-largest airport is located in Cancun


Let’s understand the history of ancient Mayan culture and the history of Cancun, Mexico.

In the 1900s, the Mexican government developed Cancun when receiving a large number of tourists. Its history has been dating back since Mayan civilization.

The hidden Paradise has the best natural creature – coral reefs. The coral reefs are colored species that grow underwater. The Coral species is widely spread along the Cancun sea.

Top Tours in Cancun

Tours are one of the hidden gems in Cancun, Mexico. In modern times, Cancun is one of the most visited places in Mexico. The pleasant weather takes around the corner. One can take the Cancun excursion tour to get the best out of the city.

The amazing white sand and palm trees along the seashore make it look like Paradise. The crystal clear water with the radiant look creates a unique atmosphere.

Today it serves as a place for shopping, accommodation, theatre, restaurants, and beaches.

Let’s pick a visit to Cancun excursion and tours.

Visit Cancun Beaches

The sparkling beaches are one of the favorite tourist attractions in Cancun, Mexico. Therefore, these beaches are a must-add to the Cancun excursion list.

Every beach in Cancun has different characteristics. Let’s take a look at each of them.

1. Playa Delfines

The name Playa Delfines refers to a ‘dolphin beach.’ it is one of the impressive beaches in Cancun. It is the only beach that doesn’t have high buildings in the backdrop. Once there were pods of dolphins noticed, so came the name.

The medium-sized waves make this beach the most attractive spot for surfers. This beach is not overcrowded. You can bring your kids. They will love Playa Delfines beach surely. This is perfect for long walks too.

playa delfines
Alexandre saraiva carniato/pexel@all rights reserved

2. Playa Forum

Playa Forum
By: Voyageur du Monde/Flickr @All Rights Reservved

Forum is one of the most famous beaches. This beach has a large Cancun hotel. The dining and various drinks make it a popular destination. It creates a lively atmosphere.

The forum is located at the city’s heart, making it easy to connect with shopping and restaurant. One can find plenty of restaurants around Forum beach. The nightlife is engaged with music, and the white sand add extra flavor to the beauty.

3. Playa del Carmen

This beach is located close to Riviera Maya. This beach has turned out to be the favorite picnic spot among tourists. The setting of the beach makes it unique. Playa del Carmen has lounge chairs fitted with umbrellas. Various entertainment is offered. This is one of the most beautiful beaches.

Playa del carmen
Richard Jack/flickr@all rights reserved

4. Tulum ruins beach

This is one of the important beaches as it holds historic important ancient buildings surrounding it. This gives a mixture of nature and historic feeling. As the water is crystal clear, one could observe various species of plants and fish. Opulent resorts explore a different taste.

tulum ruins beach
steve grundy/flickr@all rights reserved

5. Half-moon Bay Akumal

This beach is famous for surfing. If you wish to explore the sea, then this is the right place. The presence of the punta nizuc coral reef provides various textures and colors. One can feel the soft waves. If you wish to swim peacefully, Half Moon Bay can offer you its hand.

half moon bay
Thomas Gorman/flickr@all rights reserved.

Exploring Mayan Ruins

Let us take a look at the Mayan ruins and understand the Mayan culture

We all know that Chichen Itza is one of the seven wonders in the world. But do we know the history?

Let’s take a look at it.

1. Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is located on the Yucatan Peninsula. This is one of the famous archaeological sites. Mayans built these cities. This site was awarded the UNESCO World Heritage site and is one of the natural wonders.

The art and culture in Chichen Itza display the Mayan style. The name was developed from the large wells nearby that were the only source of water.

It also depicts the history stating that people were thrown into the sacred as a means of sacrifice to rain God.

chichen itza
Justin Kenneth Rowley/flickr@all rights reserved

The 79 ft Mayan ruins pyramid has 365 steps in total, corresponding to the same number of total days in a year. It is interesting to note that twice in a year, in spring and autumn, the shadow of the sun falls on El Castillo in the shape of a serpent.

The ball court present in Chichen Itza is one of the ancient ball courts in Mexico. It is not hard to believe the temple of the skull has walls with heads of victims crafted to scare the enemies. This shows how severe the penalties were.

It is also believed that in Mayan ruins, people who passed through the Mayan jungle never returned. This symbolizes the mysterious end.

The massive pyramid is called the temple of Kulkulam. You can notice the snake sculpture that makes the end of the staircase. This is also called El Castino.

The trip includes a buffet lunch and tour guide. Free cancellation is also available.

Tips for Chichen Itza

(I) To avoid the crowd visit during the morning hours or evening

(II) This exploration requires walking a bit. Make sure you are comfortable with your shoes and dress

(III) Make sure you spend two to three hours here, which makes your visit worth it.

2. Tulum Ruins

It is located on the banks of Riviera Maya. Note that it was one of the most popular religious centers and archaeological sites.

If you are interested in learning its history, it is worth the visit.

Tulum ruins
Norman/flickr@all rights reserved

Where can you find the walled cities in Maya?

It is here. During the invention of the French, Tulum became a hotspot for trade. It also offers horseback riding. You will spend your free time exploring it.

The tour package includes round-trip transportation with AC and tour guide. Free cancellation is also available.

3. Coba Ruins

This archaeological site is located 43 km from Tulum Yucatan Peninsula. The stairs of the pyramid are uneven and steep. The top view of this Cancun excursion is worth the climb. Now Khobar is a small town.

coba ruins
Ashley Frill/flickr@all rights reserved

Take a ride to Coba ruins.

The trip price can vary. But mostly it includes a buffet lunch and Mayan foods.

Museums in Cancun

Let’s have a brief look at the Museums in Cancun:

1. Maya Museum

Cancun Maya Museum
Context travel/flickr@all rights reserved

The Mayan Museum has a wide range of exhibits of Mayan history. It also has a collection of the lost culture of the country. The architect Alberto Garcia Lascurain wanted to have the Museum into the dense forest.

So he selected the environment carefully. It has large open spaces making the tourist connect with nature as well.

The first room in the museum is devoted to Quintana Roo. It has burials, ritual objects, and war pieces. It depicts the war that happened during the 19th century.

The important details are well protected with a flat roof. The tour package offers you lunch and a tour guide.

2. Underwater Museum

Underwater Museum
By: Cheapfaremart LLC/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

Have you ever heard of an underwater Museum before?

Yes! I know how you feel right now. This can be experienced just when you dive into the underwater museum of Cancun. You are diving deep into the sea, touching the lively fishes, analyzing the sculptures, and witnessing the cool atmosphere.

It was developed and opened in 2010. Sculptor Jason deCavies Tayer has devoted more than 500 sculptures. The main idea is to save coral reefs. Now the statues are covered with well-grown algae, coral, and seaweed.

They created sculptures, each with a particular distance. One of the statues named the silent evolution is famous. To depict capitalism, various cars and houses are present. Every statue underwater has its meaning. You have the freedom to interpret your meaning. It takes travelers to a parallel world.

This is one of the biggest underwater museums in the world. You can reach the Museum through scuba diving, snorkeling, or boat tours. It gives you an amazing experience.


  • Do not miss your plan from June to August. It is during this month the Whale Shark season starts.
  • Do not touch the sculptures and disturb them.
  • Make sure you avoid bringing plastic bags as they are harmful

Enjoy the unique statues in the Underwater Museum.

3. Mexican Folk Art Museum

This Museum takes you to understand Mexican art. Are you a lover of handicrafts?

Then this is your place. The works reveal the creation level of Mexican artists. It is built in the fashion of the 19th-century model. You will immerse yourself by exploring the day of the dead doods, tree of life, crucification, and lady of Guadalupe.


  • Purchase is allowed at the shop
  • Do not miss exploring the unique museum

Cancun Excursion

Scuba diving in Cancun, Mexico, will never disappoint you. You can experience excursions underwater. Why Cancun excursions in particular? There are many reasons why you should never miss the Cancun excursion.

  • Cancun excursions can be cheap and affordable compared to other countries
  • Various diving options are available – during exploration, you can experience nature and pleasant weather
  • You can witness different species of flora and fauna, coral reefs, turtles, and many more

Thus to conclude, the Cancun excursions can give you a lively experience

(I) Whale Sharks – Make a plan to visit Cancun from May to August. You will find Whale Shark and get a chance to see them closely. You can also get to swim along with the turtles. If you wish to dive in with Whale Shark, then Isla Mujeres can be the best place.

(II) Cenotes diving – Tons of limestone were available in Yucatan Peninsula. But it vanished long back due to the ice age collapse. This created sinkholes and was considered a path to the mystical underworld. Out of three, this is one of the longest cenotes at Rivera Maya.

You can go for your Cancun excursion trip between December to April. Sometimes during the rainy season, you can also witness natural showers. You can experience the best of the Cancun excursions here. These cenotes allow swimming, diving, and snorkeling. For a trip to cenotes, you don’t need a certificate.

Exploring the Islands

1. Isla Mujeres

Let’s explore Isla Mujeres!

It is known for its white sand and crystal-like water. This creates a romantic atmosphere with the beach as its backdrop. The Isla Mujeres offers boat rides, aquatic activities, sport fishing which provides a perfect excursion feel.

Do not miss to visit the site of sunrise and sunset on Isla Mujeres. It creates a magical feeling.

Isla Mujures
Susan Hudgins/flickr@all rights reserved

Apart from the Isla Mujeres beach, you can explore the extraordinary creation – beach, lagoons, reefs, and cenotes.

What do you explore when you dive in Isla Mujeres?

Diving Deep inside beautiful Isla Mujeres makes it all worth it. You can locate colorful fish. This is a paradise underwater. You can visit various species of coral reefs.

El Flarito, Marine park is the second destination of Isla Mujeres. Lighthouse is located in the middle of the sea. You can also have the fun of a speedboat ride.

If you wish to explore various species of fish, then you should visit Arrecife Bandera. Diving deep into 12 m, you can witness crabs, lobsters, and angelfish.

One of the famous beaches in Isla Mujeres is Playa Worte. With the perfect texture of white sand, this beach hits the top of the best beaches in the Caribbean. The tour package includes a lunch buffet and food.

2. Cozumel

This is a small island located near Cancun. This place is usually less crowded and quiet. Though it has beaches of rocks, you can still experience diving and swimming. People here also love the appealing resorts.

This Cancan excursion offers you snorkeling and underwater cliffs. You can also take a ferry crossing to reach the Playa de Carman, which provides an alternative and shopping.

The island, with its quiet nature, allows you to take a rest from the buzzing world. Cozumel famous attractive spots are

  • San Miguel town
  • Castillo real ruins
  • Laguna chankanaab
  • Underground rivers
Simon Judd/flickr@all rights reserved

Compared to other cities, Cozumel is safe as it has less population. It is one of the beautiful islands. The tour trip includes hotel pickup and round trip transportation with AC.

3. Isla Contoy

It is a small island situated on the Yucatan Peninsula. It is known for its beauty. The best month to visit is from January to April. Some of the other locations are Whale Shark, beaches, and Cancun adventure.

The Isla contoy tour includes pickup and drop-off from the hotel and offers buffet lunch.

Extreme Adventure Eco Park

1. Xcaret park

This park is located in Playa del Carmen and is a natural park. It is a theme park. It also offers around 50 attractions, spots, and shows. It has a zoo, museum, and aquarium. It is suitable and recommended for all age groups.

Xcaret park
Armando cartez/flickr@all rights reserved

The regional wildlife is the perfect place for bird lovers. It offers various species of birds, including flamingos and macaws.

The second place to visit is the coral reef aquarium. You have an opportunity to witness various colorful fish while snorkeling. You can also see other marine species like seahorses, turtles, and Angelfishes.

The third spot is the Xcaret butterfly. It is home to over 20 species of butterflies. It cares about extinct butterflies. An artificial rain forest is also created to enjoy nature.

The last spot is the underground river which provides you with swimming. It is made up of artificial water with gives a realistic feeling. One can enjoy the natural beauty. You can devote a full day to your Cancun excursion here. You can devote 45 minutes completely, and worth the time.

2. Xel ha Park

xel ha park
Robert Pittman/flickr@al rights reserved.

This park is located on the island of the Caribbean sea and within the riviera Maya. The clearwater is the center of attraction here. The water flows through the saltwater with underground water. This park also conserves turtles.

It offers you round trip transportation also. It gets you connected with sea life. Some of the excursions allowed are zipline, train ride, rope bridge, floating bridge, bicycle, playground, and snorkeling.

Cancun Excursion: Activities

The Cancun excursion and tours offer zip lines, ATV experience, and horse riding. This Cancun tour takes place in the middle of the Jungle.

1. Ziplines

Who doesn’t love traveling by air?

cancun zipline
Laker/pexel@all rights reserved.

Xplore is a famous park for ziplining. Two circuits are connected which in total has seven zip line each. From the top, you can explore the jungle. If you wish to explore the jungle’s treetops, then you should visit the Selva Maya Zipline. This can give you a great experience.

2. Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding
By: Tara/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

This offers you to experience the jungle. You get a view of the forest as well as the sea. You can experience the lively atmosphere in Cancun.

3. Amphibious vehicle

amphibious vehicle
Dtraveller cancun/flickr@all rights reserved.

The amphibious vehicle will take you to the hanging bridges and narrow roads. You will experience the steep slopes and turns. This type of excursion is more common in Playa de Carmen in Cancun.

Go and experience the Cancun excursion and tours as soon as possible.

Why wait? Get a Cancun Tour and explore the Mayan culture and the beautiful turquoise Caribbean sea. This can allow you to experience various places compared to the entire world. Plan a trip to Cancun for your next vacation.

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