5 Ways To Conquer Anxiety in You

5 Ways To Conquer Anxiety in You 1


Every one of us has suffered from anxiety at least ones in our lifetime, and some people experience it way too often in their life. Anxiety attack, Panic Attacks and worrying are all part of Anxiety. We tend to overthink small issues, replay them repeatedly in our minds, and end up worrying too much, and all this process leads to Anxiety.

But we can bring small changes in our lives and end Anxiety.

These are some of the steps which may help you to overcome Anxiety-


1.Don’t Use Anxiety as an Excuse But Use It As A Tool.

The day you stop being nervous is when you would feel that there is something wrong in your life. It is OK to be afraid and nervous, but you should use it as a tool, not an excuse.

For instance, if you have stage fright, don’t say that since I feel nervous, I will not perform; no! you should rather say that the only way I will overcome my stage fright is by going out there and performing in front of the audience. It would help if you challenged yourself each day. All the successful people in the world use their anxiety and weakness as their tool to become more confident. Develop plans to make yourself more confident and emotionally stronger so that slowly but eventually, your anxiety starts to diminish.


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2.Find The Reason Behind Your Anxiety.

It is essential to understand the reason behind your Anxiety. You have to know where this anxiety is exactly coming from. Whenever you feel anxious, sit down, take a piece of paper or use your mobile and write down these 3 questions-

  • Why am I feeling so scared and anxious?
  • What is there that I am so scared of losing?
  • Run a fact-check- Ask yourself, Is what I am worried about is valid or am I just overthinking?

99% of the time, your answer will be, “yes, I am overthinking, and the things which I am worried about is not going to happen in real life.”  So stop thinking about it and be happy.




3.You Are Good Enough

Most people in this world are Anxious because they fear they are not good enough. They think that they are not strong enough or efficient enough to do certain work, whether in school, college or the office. We always worry that we won’t be able to do it; I don’t have the skills and capabilities.

You have to stop! You have no idea how powerful you are and how efficient you are, and the capabilities you have to change the world. You can change people’s lives; you are a powerhouse, a ball of burning hot energy. Stop worrying that you are not good enough; you are the most powerful person in this entire world. Say it until you believe it in the depths of your heart.



4.Start working on yourself.

Start working on improving your capabilities. Start reading self-help books and articles. Listen to motivational speakers. You are a work in progress; don’t ever stop working on yourself. This way, even if you feel that you lack something, you will identify it and improve it. Ultimately things you felt anxious about before, you will feel more confident about them.



5. Relax!!

Stop taking yourself and life so seriously. You only have one life, and you don’t want to spend most of your life worrying. If you keep worrying about the destination, you will never be able to enjoy the journey. Smile as much as you can and love as much as you can.




Laugh and make others laugh as well!


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