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How to have a Big Fun House Party?

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In the current scenario of the pandemic, you must be bored at home without going to chill out with friends and family. Well, why not bring all the fun at home? It is very easy and interesting to host a big fun house party. And it will even save you from the indecisiveness of the venue while planning a party outside.

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Decide a Location Within your House

Never panic much if you have a small house or apartment without any view while throwing a big fun house party. You can easily make your living room party-able by just shifting a little furniture. But while deciding this, keep in mind the number of guests you wish to invite. If there is a possibility of more, hosting the big fun house party on the terrace would be a great option.

Setting Up the MOOD

Well, it’s a party!!! So, you would have to decide what kind of mood and theme you want to set up. But for this purpose, it is important to know who are you going to invite. Is it your single friends, couples, family, colleagues, or anyone else? Once you are done deciding your guest list, you can decide upon the mood you wish to create.

It is not necessary to have a specific theme but if you are having your big fun house party for some specific occasion, a theme would add glam to it. Remember to put up a few decorations according to the theme you are deciding upon. And NEVER FORGET to inform your guests about the theme.

There is a possibility that people would gather just in one area which might crowd the party. So do not limit the party atmosphere just to a single place. Try to keep it spread across the house to avoid this. But keep the center place of the party more alive than other sections of your house so people are not too scattered to enjoy it together.

Planning up the Activities

You sure don’t want the party to turn out to be people swaying their bodies with a typical kind of music playing in the background. In such cases, people might just group up with their close ones with a glass in hand and keep talking all the time.

That is not your goal for a big fun house party. You need to keep up with everyone and have something to gather each of them together at least once in the entire party. This does not take much of the thought though. You can plan up a few activities and games as per the type of people you have invited.

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You could set up Karaoke or play the usual games like housie, Pictionary, Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever or an activity where each of them tells about some funny, embarrassing or inspiring story of their life. These games and activities will bring the group closer and together, not to forget the mention of a LOT of FUN.

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There is one more thing to lookout for, i.e. Kids. If the people you have invited are going to come along with their children, you need to think of something to keep them entertained and busy so that they don’t keep coming on the way of your big fun house party.

You can set up a room for children where they can watch some animated show together. If you are doing this, don’t forget to keep the munchies. You can even put some board games or video games for them which they can play on their own.

People are Going to be Hungry in NO TIME

Well, this is true. Usually, people hesitate to ask for food but believe me, they’re hungry just the moment they step foot at a big fun house party. You do not want to disappoint them in this direction specifically. An easy and hassle-free option is to order in. But by the time your main course is ordered or reheated and ready to serve, they’ll have to have some appetizers to munch on.

Do not worry yourself in thinking of fancy appetizers to start with. Just put some bowls of chips, popcorn, Doritos or even some fruit or dry fruit. It does not have to be a typical appetizer. Whatever keeps them busy and satisfied until the main course time strikes is well and good.

`big fun house party

If you are planning on having drinks at your big fun house party, dessert can be avoided. In that case, provide a few choices in the drinks and even keep at least one non-alcoholic option. For a smaller group of people, you can arrange fancy glasses of various shapes. Do not keep such fancy glass items if more people or kids are going to be around.

No Hassle of China or Crockeries

If you, being the host want to enjoy your big fun house party and also want the guests to feel the presence of their host, use least utensils. You would think of putting out pretty china at your big fun house party, nut really after the party you are going to regret it. There are the possibilities of your beautiful china and crockery breaking and you sure don’t want it to. There might even occur shortage of such utensils.

How to have a Big Fun House Party? 2

Instead, you can go for paper or plastic variants. You will get varied designs and quality in such paper or plastic utensils products. These can be pretty and cute if chosen wisely. And these can be available in a variety of shapes and you will easily get what you exactly need.

Think of the reduction of after-work of washing utensils. Gosh! you can be saved from that mess otherwise your after work will be going on for longer than your big fun house party.

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Plan the Party Timings Roughly

Once the big fun house party starts, you can never decide when all the things you have thought of will be executed. But if, as a host, you do not have any mental planning of how and what direction you want to lead the party, you would become completely clueless once the guests arrive. And if you get too much carried away with the people and party mood, the guests will be scattered at your place till late which will disturb your further schedule.

Just plan out roughly that for how long you want your big house party to last. Set a limit in your mind until you want your guests around. As a host kept it thought when you wish to serve the main course, when do you wish to start with activities and how you wish to end the party. Things are not going to go exactly how you decide it, but you will get a mental map of the party. With the help of this, you can save your big fun house party to go in a haphazard manner.

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Mark my words, things are going to be at least one hour later than you planned as first of all guests are not going to arrive exactly on time. But keeping a little track of the ongoings will help you a lot.

What NOT TO DO as a HOST

If you want your big fun house party to be actually fun, there are certain DONT’S which you need to keep in mind.

If you’re a panicky person here’s a checklist for you. It’ll help you

  • First of all, do not panic about the preparations to be done before the party. Keep your calm.
  • It’s a house party. So don’t worry about forgetting something. You can always have a certain backup if you forget something because you are at your HOME.
  • Do not be very particular about the ongoings and timings. People will feel stressed and at school not at a big fun house party.
  • Do not be so much taken over by your favorite people at the party and forget that you are the HOST. The party will might turn into a class without a teacher where everyone is engrossed in themselves and their personal talks with their choice of people.
  • In the excitement of hosting a big fun house party, do not overdo the things. You don’t have to be extravagant. Keep it simple yet attractive.
  • Also do not keep too many varieties of food and too much quantity of it. It will just get wasted afterwards. Keep something which is neither too heavy nor too light and something which people can eat while standing also.

Lastly, there is an advice to keep some pretty place empty where people can capture memories and snaps. You can have some photo props or a picture wall. This will make them very happy as they would have something as a memory. You can put up a chart paper on some wall where they can scribble their reviews or happy times at the party. This will be a great memory for you to look back and smile upon the big fun house party.

See, it can be easy and real fun if you keep you keep your calm.

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