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6 Animals You Wouldn’t Believe People Eat

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Eating meat is a part of the daily life of billions of people all over the world. Every day thousands of animals are slaughtered to meet their demands.

These animals are put through inhuman torture and excruciating pain while they make the journey from their natural habitats and loving homes to
your plates.

Following is the list of 6 animals you wouldn’t believe people eat.

1. Elephant:

An elephant playing with water
By Independent birds/ Shutterstock

These majestic animals of the wild have been on the most wanted list of hunters and poachers since times immemorial. They are hunted not only for their ivory but also for their meat. Assamese scriptures state that elephant meat consists of healing properties and can enable one to live a longer, healthier life.

 Elephant meat is popular in impoverished areas of the world, where food is generally scarce. One elephant can supposedly feed a whole village. The hounding of this animal has now led to a significant decline in its population over the years. 

2. Cat:

Cat meat brings good luck and cat-like agility to the consumer. Cats and dogs are common in many menus in Vietnam, Korea, and China. They are eaten separately or added to other meat dishes for extra flavor.

These animals are usually stray as they are picked up from the streets, killed mercilessly with clubs, or sometimes drowned. Even though it puts these animals through brutal torture, this market has continued to flourish over the years. While the locals eat cat meat because of these superstitions, travelers often try it out of curiosity

See? Curiosity killed the cat!

3. Rat:

A black rat on a wooden plank
By Carlos Aranguiz/ Shutterstock

Rat is well known as a staple food in countries with scarce supplies of protein. However, it is considered a delicacy in many parts of the world and eaten willingly.

In China, there are street vendors that sell the rodent deep-fried on a stick. It is also considered a currency in some tribes of New Zealand and exchanged during wedding ceremonies in the Indian tribe of ‘Adi.’

4. Gorilla

These animals are killed for various purposes, such as medicine and meat. People also collect Their parts. Health officials in West Africa have cited gorilla meat consumption as a possible reason for spreading diseases like HIV among humans.

5. Lizards

A green lizard
By Kurit afshen/ Shutterstock

Lizard soup is served in Hong Kong to reduce stress. They’re also sold as fried snacks on a stick in China and eaten in various parts of the world.

People claim that it holds medicinal value. It apparently cures several diseases like,

  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Asthma
  • Acne.

6. Rabbits

A cute brown rabbit
By OlegRi/ Shutterstock

Rabbit is one of the best white meat available in the market. Its taste resembles that of chicken and has a high percentage of easily digestible protein. It also has the lowest fat content among all other meats and is almost calorie-free.

However, only eating rabbit meat can lead to ‘protein toxicity’ or ‘rabbit starvation,’ a rare form of malnutrition caused due to the absence of fat in one’s diet.


While it might be interesting to try out these different types of meat, it is important to note that our curiosity often brings disastrous ends for these animals.

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