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6 Aspects for the Mobile Marketers to Work on in 2021

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Based on the technological adoptions and customer trends for the better part of 2020, things are expected to be a bit trickier for the marketers, going into 2021. While they might easily decipher the reality of changed priorities along the way, the Q1 is expected to be the most challenging, considering the various probabilities and assumptions made regarding customer preferences.

The post-pandemic era wouldn’t respond to conventional marketing strategies, especially when the mobile marketing realm is concerned. Mobile marketers will have to work on 6 of the most critical aspects for increasing their outreach while amplifying the trust levels; a vital marketing metric in the new normal.


A mobile marketer should work collaboratively with the app developers and UX/UI designers for optimizing apps on a need-to-know basis. Next year, random apps aren’t expected to make an impression as customers are expected to connect only with the relevant applications that offer purchase support, customer service benefits, deals, and other perks. The marketing team should also project the usability quotient more than promoting the brand itself.


There are many new technological innovations fleeting around, but only a few are ready to be used. While the concept of designing AR-powered virtual tours for real estate clients or including virtual product try-out within a new mobile application might sound futuristic, mobile marketers must aim to make the innovations more accessible to the customers. This envisions a smaller learning curve and facilitating cognizance.

Customers, yet again!

Regardless of the year we’re in, the value of customer support isn’t expected to change. However, considering the challenges posed by the pandemic era, marketers would have to tweak a few strategies to project the brand in a better light. Instead of stressing on-premise solutions and query resolution, the mobile marketing team must offer on-page coverage via live chat tools.


The first quarter of the upcoming year will be analytics-dependent. With brands running from pillar to post to gauge customer tendencies, a strategic mobile marketing strategy should rely entirely on KPIs, bounce rates, and conversion metrics.


In addition to omnichannel marketing, mobile marketers will have to bring in personalization to succeed in 2021 by creating customized content for a particular clientele or sending out purchase suggestions based on search habits. While specific, more prominent names have already resorted to this marketing strategy, 2021 would require a large-scale adoption for boosting sales and the number of leads.



With Covid-19 pinning a majority of businesses to the ground, it would require mobile marketers to work with the financial segment of a company, specifically to keep the efforts within the permissible ballpark. Besides, the mobile marketing team must tabulate every expense to help the financial team lower the costs, tax bracket, and eventually, the tax liabilities in 2021.


For businesses requiring additional support or offshore services to work closely with the mobile marketing team, the is only a click away. To use the calculator, enter your annual income and state, choose whether you’re single or married filing jointly, and then click ‘calculate tax liability.’ The calculator will then report the total amount of your tax liability after taking deductions into account.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that mobile marketing in 2021 should be an all-encompassing affair and shouldn’t be restricted to promotional social posts and campaigns. 

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