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7 Best Superhero Quotes that will give you Goosebumps

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 What are some of the best Superhero quotes?

Superheroes have evolved through comics, TV shows and now movies. There has always been an exponential rise in numbers of their multifarious fanatics through the passing of each year. There has been no looking back since the establishment of Detective Comics (DC) and MARVEL Comics (MC). The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and DC Extended Universe (DCEU) further bolstered their high spirited aficionados.

In addition to this, the Superhero Quotes only make the Superheroes more popular.

Along with the existence of every superhero, there were also present several taglines that each of them carried, making those the voice of their fans. In this article, we will envisage the best superhero quotes that will give you goosebumps.

1. “I am Iron Man”

I am Iron Man

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best and most memorable of Superhero Quotes.

When you are speaking of iconic scenes and dialogues from superhero movies, you can’t ever miss out on the unflappable Robert Downey Jr. It would take a whole article to bring out every scene of him that gives us goosebumps. With his snappy and witty replies, he holds a staunch place in our hearts. One of his classic one liners is from the first Avengers movie where Loki says to Iron Man, “I have an army” and he replies in a flash, “We have a Hulk!”. Some of Iron Man’s famous quotes are below.

“Following’s not really my style”

“Because, if we can’t protect the world, you can be damn well sure we will avenge it!”

“You can take away my house, all my tricks and toys. One thing you can’t take away – I am Iron Man.”

“Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist!”

And now coming back to the most iconic words ever in the MCU, Tony Stark in the first-ever MCU film ‘Iron Man’ addresses the press and reveals himself as the man behind the suit with these 4 standout words: I-am-Iron-Man.

Ironically, these were his last words too. In the much-awaited Avengers: Endgame, when the climax sequence came down the wire to Iron Man’s face off against Thanos, Stark was left with no other choice but to snap the gauntlet to wipe out Thanos’ entire army. Tragically the stones’ power mortally wounded him and his last words before the snap were “… and I am Iron Man”.

That would be the last time we’d ever see the pillar of MCU. His journey from a carefree technician to self-sacrificial hero willing to do anything for his loved ones makes his last line one to be engraved and remembered. These superhero quotes give us goosebumps every single time we watch it.

2. “I am always angry”

I am always Angry

“Its good to meet you Dr. Banner …and I am a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster”. Me too Mr. Stark! Seriously, who isn’t? The strongest Avenger known, Hulk smashed his way into the MCU in the first Hulk movie which hit screens in 2003 after he tested his own gamma experiment on himself which eventually led to the birth of Hulk.

Initially, Dr. Bruce Banner tried all means to reverse this condition of his and even attended anger control programs but ultimately he learned to live with it. He started living a quite life of solitude and at one stage lived in India for a while where Black Widow pays him a visit and asks for his precious science knowledge to SHIELD for which he agrees and joins the team which later came to be known as the Avengers.

Now coming back to track, in the Avengers (2012) film, Cap and his team were fighting Loki’s army there came a scene where Tony Stark went out of moves and brought the giant Chitauri towards the rest of the Avengers. This is where Captain America quips, “Dr. Banner now might be a really good time for you to get angry.” And he rebuts, “That’s my secret Cap. I am always angry!” and voila, he turns into the green monster we all love. And in one smash he overturns the giant Chitauri. That was surely one of the notable scenes from the first Avengers film that gave us goosebumps.

3. “Bring me Thanos”

Bring me Thanos

Probably the most popular of the Superhero Quotes!

The god of thunder, god of lightning, god of strength and the wielder of Mjolnir, how else do you know him?  Thor’s character was actually inspired from a Norse god with name Thor. His first appearance in the Marvel Comics was in 1962 as a fighter against the evils. When you speak of Thor, you can’t forget his hammer, the Mjolnir, possibly one of the most powerful weapon ever and one that can only be wielded by the worthy. But the hammer faced an unfortunate end after it was destroyed by the Asgardian Goddess of Death, Hela.

This time in the Avengers: Infinity War, Thor gets his godly hands on a more powerful weapon: The Stormbreaker. But this weapon finds its roots not in any classic mythology but purely from Marvel comics where it belonged to the character: Beta Ray Bill. Thor’s Stormbreaker as we saw it being made with Groot sacrificing his hand to the axe’s handle made it more special.

Now back to the scene, Black Panther, Hulk, Captain America, and the rest of the Avengers were struggling against the massive Black Order (Thanos’ army). That’s when Thor arrives with a freshly crafted axe. Of course, he brought down lightning and thunder on the pitiful Black Order before demanding with wrath “Bring me Thanos”. That was one of the best ever revival for any superhero ever in the history MCU. The goosebumps that scene effected upon us was immeasurable.

4. “We are Groot”

We are Groot / I am Groot

Marvel’s talking tree has taken the world by storm. Every time he speaks, he makes one thing perfectly clear: He is Groot. Despite his minimal vocabulary, Groot is known all across the galaxy as a hero. But ironically, he made his debut in the comics as a bad guy way back in the 1960s.

Then in the 2007 comic series, Groot was emancipated from space prison to fight for the Kree in a battle against the Phalanx. That’s where Groot joins forces with Quill, Drax, Racoon and Gamora and later following the Annihilation Conquest, they eventually evolved into the Guardians of the Galaxy! One noteworthy scene from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 is when Rocket Rackoon says to Groot showing a bomb, “Don’t push this button. Because that will set off the bomb immediately and we will all be dead. Now repeat back what I said.” Baby Groot responds in the way he always does, “I am Groot”.

These words always turned out to be whimsical prior to his grievous death in Guardians of the Galaxy where he branches himself out to safeguard Rackoon, Drax and Gamora from a parlous fall. But this time, his last words were “We are Groot.” You need not necessarily be an MCU admirer to perceive the emotion behind these words. This one surely one of the best superhero quotes that give you goosebumps every time you watch it!

5. “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”

Batman Quotes that give you Goosebumps

“What the hell are you?!” panic the villains and there appears our hero with his famous tag line “I’m Batman”. The antagonists fear, for he is always there to fix up deviltries. Batman was a character that was started in the 1940s Comics. He was actually a billionaire but resorted to living a crime-fighting life after his parents’ were murdered by a robber in front of his eyes. All he needed was a disguise to instil fear into the eyes of criminals and there flew a bat and the rest is history!

The sole ray of hope in the criminal infested Gotham City, Batman is the most favourite DC superhero after Superman. The one unique thing about Batman is that apart from the superhuman strength that he earned it himself, he is nothing but a common man without any supernatural powers. He keeps inspiring people with plenty of standout quotes through his movies. I have mentioned some of Batman’s brilliant quotes below.

“Our greatest glory is not in ever falling, but in rising every time we fall”

“Whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you stronger”

“Your anger gives you great power. But if you let it, it will destroy you”

“Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves back up.”

These words totally befit the voices of the hero of the dark times. Now every time he is asked to reveal his identity, he retorts these famous lines: “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” This is who batsman is, the masked man of distinguished valour. This quote of his is the one that gives us irrepressible goosebumps every time we hear it. He is truly the voice of the common man!

6. “We’ll fight you, too” & “Avengers Assemble”

Avengers Assemble

The biggest impact comic book hero of all time, Captain America has been an indispensable part of the MCU. Steve Rogers’ charisma made people cinch him to their heart and he is no less than an Icon! The impact of Captain America in the Avengers, a guy without superpowers, someone with just a Shield makes him fascinating to watch. A true leader he was and he will be forever.

Chris Evan’s authoritative rebuts in every MCU film makes us fall in love with him. In the film, Avengers: Infinity War, General Thaddeus Ross appears via hologram and expresses his disapproval over Cap’s acts. There we see the Cap we all know, we all love. He retorts, “… Earth just lost her best defender. So we’re here to fight. And if you wanna stand in our way, we’ll fight you too”. If you were wondering, Chris Evans referred to Robert Downey Jr. a.k.a Iron Man as the Earth’s best defender after he got stranded in space before he was rescued by Pepper Pots.

Also, who doesn’t love his legendary dialogue, “Avengers Assemble”! With Thanos’ mighty army closing in on the helpless Cap, Iron Man, Hulk and Thor, there opened the portal and came out of it Doctor Strange, Spiderman, Drax, Gamora and every other MCU superhero to fight in the epic and colossal battle against Thanos. Once the saviors of the Universe were ready and congregated Captain America said the momentous two words – ‘Avengers Assemble’! This one is the most viral of all superhero quotes and if this doesn’t give you goosebumps, I don’t know what else will.

7. “I’m here to fight for truth, justice and the American way”

superhero quotes

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Superman. The first ever superhero to be known, the fearless man’s legacy in blue tights, red cape and the ‘S’ crest is matchless. He holds the longest existence for any superhero on television right from 1940s. Popular across generations, Superman continues to make others aspire to be him. Who hasn’t impersonated oneself as Superman?

As the Action Comics published issues after issues of the most desired Comic book character ever, they revealed his multitudinous abilities one after another. He can travel faster than light, break the sound barrier, see through objects and also possesses super hearing, solar flare, superhuman breath and a freezing breath. Whoa! That’s one enviable list.

In the 1978 Superman film, Lois asks Superman what he was doing and why he was there. He replies, “I’m here to fight for truth, justice and the American way.” These words became extremely popular all over the world and particularly America, for these words became a sort of National motto. The words reverberated what everyone truly hopes for and wants to do and that’s why every time we hear these, nothing can stop us from getting goosebumps.No wonder, this one of the most likable of all superhero quotes. Superman is undoubtedly the father of all superheroes!

These were some of the most popular and iconic superhero quotes. Some of these quotes inspire us; some of them bring us robust reminiscence of our favorite superheroes and some help us retrospect the most momentous events. But every single quote above effectuates irrepressible goosebumps. 

What are your favorite Superhero Quotes? Share them with us! Comment your Superhero Quotes below!

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