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7 Reasons Why The Reading Culture Is Making a Comeback

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Books had lost their worth a decade or so back, but here they come back, and that too, with a bang. Here are the reasons that greatly helped to bring this near forgotten art back from the dead.

Here are 7 Reasons Why The Reading Culture Is Making a Comeback.

1.Crappy shows and movies

We all have to agree (especially the nineties kids) that TV shows and movies used to be so much better in the old days. Today too much of the effort goes in to the special effects and cool equipment, and the storyline is neglected (like the chase sequence in fast 6). Books offer a believable story line and allow you to adjust to the reality to make the plot exciting even in believable proportions. Nowadays, so many of the best TV shows and movies are based off of books (GOT duh!). Even then, all the aspects and multitude of layers of the plot presented in the book are not always easy to depict on the screen, so it’s so much better just to read the book than watch it on TV.

tv is boring

2.Variety of books in the market

Let’s be honest here. The variety of novels available to us today is unprecedented in history. Thrillers, romance, comedy, inspirational, self-help, religious, horror, biographies and many more. The list just doesn’t end there. Authors start combining two or more genres together and make a whole new niche for themselves to write in. A popular example would be Amish Tripathi’s Shiva Trilogy, a religious thriller with aspects of romance as well. There is no limitation to the kinds of books available in the market. There is no dearth of content out there and the readers actually get to find their personal comfort zones in reading as well and it only takes a little patience to venture into the unknown and pick up another genre.


3.Funky advertising techniques 

Advertising earlier was a niche reserved for products, TV show, movies, etc. Today with the social media boom and guerilla advertising techniques authors and publishing houses have realized how much they lose out without advertising. Videos, jingles, and crazy discounts have all crept their way into the world of books and today you can get books for a price as low as zero. That’s right free books. If anyone has seen the kindle app for a smartphone, they know that you can get free books. For compulsive readers that is the biggest boon in this world. If you want proof of how effective this advertising is, check out the jingle for Amish’s new book Scion of Ikshvaku.

Media Signpost Shows Internet Television Newspapers Magazines And Radio

4.E-book Readers 

In this age of tablets and smartphones, books needed a way to keep up with the times and adapt. Enter the E-book readers. Books will grow old, tear, get dog-eared, yellow and they are heavy (some more than others). Especially if someone needs to fly, the weight limit doesn’t really let you carry many books. An E-book reader, on the other hand, usually stores up to a thousand or so books. Some added benefits are that you can read in absolutely no light and that the weight is negligible (the Kindle Paperwhite weighs a mere 220 grams). The only maintenance is that it needs to be charged and that too something around once a week. The good thing is that it doesn’t stop there. Instead of buying a dedicated E-book, you can just make your tablet double up as one. Just download an app. The most important benefit of them is the cheap nature of books. The books for E-book readers are practically for half the price of the paperbacks. Yippee!!!!!

E-book reader

5.Liberalism in readers’ thoughts

Readers of our generation (I’m just 21) fortunately aren’t very judgmental about a lot of things (other people not withstanding- we judge them like hell all the time). That allows today’s authors to write about a lot of sensitive topics such as religion, politics, and the shades of grey (if you know what I mean). This also opens avenues to these authors to unexplored territory in their works. The Da Vinci Code questioned the basic building blocks of Christianity and still became a best seller because people today have a liberal mind set. The readers fuel the authors today by allowing them to get away with pretty much anything as long as the story is good. Unlike before there is no looming threat to the authors’ life if they put a segment of society in a bad light. The readers set the authors free and return the favor by giving us books that are impossible to put down.  Thank god for us learning early on in our lives to not give a damn.


6.Reading is the new “IN” thing 

One line proves this point and everyone today agrees – “Nerdy is the new sexy”. No point how hot you look, if you can’t hold your own in a conversation, you’re out. We all know reading increases your knowledge and all but that’s not what holds a conversation. The sheer readership of the Harry Potter series can find you more friends than you’d care to keep track of. Same goes for Game of Thrones, Divergent trilogy, The Shiva trilogy and so many more. The more you read the more number of books you have to talk about and more of a chance you might have to actually land someone way out of your league.

Reading Granger

7.Finishing a book is just too satisfying 

If you’ve ever started reading a book you know it’s a mammoth task. And if you’ve ever been able to see it through to the end you know the feeling. The feeling of accomplishment in finishing a book is simply too sweet. The bigger the book, the greater is the feeling and it never diminishes. By the end of the book we fall in love with some characters and hate others. And when one of the characters dies, our hearts sink as if it was the death of someone dear and beloved. We feel happy when we see a character’s love story take a good turn and the tears when they face trying times feel too real. Their pain becomes ours and so does their happiness. But when the book is over, you feel the amazement that you actually read through all the pages and at the same time we feel the anticipation for what happens next. All in all, you can watch an entire movie or TV series and finish it, but that will never compare to the feeling of reading through a good book.

Finished book

Some genius once said ‘Books are our best friends’ and that person sure as hell was right. Books have been in existence for time immemorial, even if the form might change. We started reading on tablets and moved to paper. We’ve finally come full circle and are reading on tablets once more. But one thing hasn’t changed. The power words hold. The power to entertain and at the same time, make us feel true emotions in an age of heartlessness is something only the written word can do. The true power of humankind rests in our words.

Water water everywhere

But not a drop to drink

So let’s just pick up another new book.

And forget the need to think.

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