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4 Tips To Increase Your Reading Speed

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Certainly, there are some effective legitimate ways which you can try out and incorporate to increase the reading speed. Mostly, when we appear for competitive examinations, the question papers comprise of aptitude questions, which involves maths and English primarily. The English section contains some pretty lengthy passages, which is time taking to read. Thus, if you manage to read them fast, you can successfully save ample amount of time to think through the question and tick the correct answer.

The 4 effective ways are as follows:-
This method is deceptively simple and also maybe a little inconvenient. But the skilled readers who are reading 200-400 words per minute are the ones who have a lot of reading experience, command over language, strong vocabulary, and a lot of prior
knowledge that they can apply to whatever they are reading.
Thus, it can be said that reading is a ‘SKILL’ that’s worth the time to take to build.
This might sound silly, but you need to find the optimal spot for reading. So, you need to keep experimenting with various spots and see what kind of difference each spot creates.
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This applies mainly for textbook readings or readings where you already know the specific type of information you want to pull out of it or at least have a general idea. So, pre-reading refers to going through the chapter headings, the table of contents, looking at bold and formatted text throughout the chapter, and going to the end of the chapter and looking at the vocabulary terms and the review questions.
By doing these things beforehand, you are essentially priming your brain to notice the most important information when you’re reading.
4 Tips To Increase Your Reading Speed 2
Skimming is a form of reading where your comprehension is lower, but it’s still an essential skill because let’s face it, the text that you are presented with in the book is way more than the text that you actually need to put into your brain.
It is a great way to get yourself through the monstrous amount of reading you have to do to get the gist of the overall idea when the actual small little details aren’t quite as important to get.
TIP–  **Pay attention to the first and last sentences of the paragraph because those ones will give an idea of what the rest of the paragraph contains**
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Keep in mind that learning speed is very crucial as well and reading shouldn’t just be an achievement. You should really take the time and ponder on what you have learned and compare it with your world view. Try to make use of the gained knowledge to make better decisions, as it will overall increase your learning speed

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