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7 Successful Modelling Agencies in Chicago

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 Are you looking for modelling agencies in Chicago? Well, you are not alone. Modelling is one of the most attractive and desirable career options for youngsters. This is because it is a lucrative job, and it links one to the world of glamour.

The good thing about modelling is that it does not require a particular course or degree that one has to secure. However, you need to possess wonderful physical attributes. Along with this, it is always a good idea to look for modelling agencies in Chicago.

Types Of Modelling

Runway Modelling

This is the most challenging and most popular kind of modelling, and it has many criteria, the first being your height. This is the type of modelling where women require a height of 5’9, and men of 5’11. You need to be very confident and have a perfect walk.

Runway modelling is very competitive, as well. You need to be very skilled in it. This is also one of the most lucrative modelling jobs. 

Modelling Agencies in Chicago

Commercial Modelling

Commercial Modelling includes modelling for advertisements, airlines, Instagram modelling, promoting brands, and other related things. Commercial modelling does not have a height requirement. A commercial model conveys stuff to the mainstream media through magazines and television. You need to be able to pose and smile well for commercial modelling.

Modelling Agencies in Chicago



Parts Modelling

As the name suggests, Part modelling is about getting different body parts photographed. If you have beautiful hands and legs, you can definitely give it a try.

There is no height or size requirement in this type of modelling. You need to have an even toned skin and good nails and hair or whichever part is required. Jewelers usually use parts models. This is an opportunity for everyone.

Modelling Agencies in Chicago

Fitness Modelling

This type of Modelling is basically for sports companies who want to show off their products like shoes, pieces of equipment, and clothes. Because it is fitness modelling, you need to be in excellent shape. They make you pose in athletic and sporty positions. Your arms, abdomen, and legs need to be toned, so you better start hitting the gym.

Modelling Agencies in Chicago


Child and Adult Modelling

Child modelling has become quite famous amongst children and well as parents. There is no such height requirement, but they do need to be in line with the other kids. You need to have a good smile and be able to do what they ask you to do.

Modelling Agencies in Chicago

Adult or mature modelling is for older adults and is usually for commercial modelling. Mature models are the hardest to find, so if you’re over 40 or 50, you should definitely try this. And like we say, there is no right or wrong age for modelling. Even after your retirement, you can do this.

Modelling Agencies in Chicago

Best Modelling Agencies in Chicago

Modelling agencies in Chicago have improved immensely, become more advanced, and modernized over the years. If you want to be a model in Chicago, here are some of the top modelling agencies.


Wilhelmina modelling agency was established in 1967 by the famous Dutch model, Wilhelmina Cooper. It provides full-spectrum model management for all categories, which include men, women, healthy people, fitness, children models, as well as athletes and artists. It is one of the best modelling agencies in Chicago.

It has offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. The company also licenses its brand to outside agencies throughout the world, including Thailand, Panama, and the United States.

Wilhelmina developed numerous models, including Bianca Balti Amanda, Fernando Cabral, and Eric Van. It has two ranked women and 16 ranked men. You can visit their website to apply for modelling. 

Modelling Agencies in Chicago
Source- Wikipedia

Ford Models

The founder of Ford Models is Eileen and Jerry Ford. It was established in 1946. Its principal locations are in New York, Paris, and Los Angeles, but it has a lot of centers in Chicago as well.

They represent eight ranked women and 11 ranked men. Some of them are David Gandhi and Justice Jocelyn, who’s one of the highest-paid models in 2020

When you go to their website, you’ll see a scouted page where you’ll see some open call information. So if you want to join these modelling agencies in Chicago and other places, you can go to a free call or submit online if you choose. 

Modelling Agencies in Chicago


BMG Models

BMG stands for Brown Management Group. BMG Models was founded in 1992 by Bertelsmann. Sony currently owns it. It is one of the most famous modelling agencies in Chicago, and it looks forward to working with unique, impactful, and talented youngsters.

BMG Models is a modelling agency representing men and women of all ages for on-camera work, commercial print, runway, and high fashion. They have offices in Los Angeles, Orlando, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Miami and models traveling across the world working with agencies in Paris, Milan, London, and Asia. 

Modelling Agencies in Chicago
Source- Wikipedia


Select Model Management

The agency was founded in 1977, and they’ve recently expanded globally. In 2019, they collaborated with MP Management. Select Model Management has represented scintillating models like David Gandy and John Katarina.

Their London branch has 20 ranked women and 20 ranked men. It is spread across eight countries worldwide.

You can go to their website and apply to become a model. Their website is exclusive as they have their open call information with all the requirements listed there. For men, they have 5’10 and upwards, and for women, it’s 5’7 and upwards. Also, they have a section where they advise as to why you should choose this agency.


MP Management

MP Management is one of the world’s fastest-growing model and talent networks. This is one of those modelling agencies in Chicago that believe in shaping and nurturing talent from scratch.

MP Management was founded in 2008, in one of the fashion capitals of the world- Milan. MP Management made progress in leaps and bounds between 2014 and 2017. It received investment from Silvia International and acquired Major Paris, Elite Stockholm, and Mega Model Management Miami. In 2018, it opened additional offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago.




This modelling agency in Chicago was founded in 2013 by David Sanchez. It was founded by David Sanchez, who liked being both a model and an agent. He understands the importance of a long-lasting client relationship. 

10 MGMT works with a large variety and number of clients. They welcome all sizes, genders, shapes, and ethnicity. It specializes in lifestyle, curvy, and fashion.


Stewart Talent

It was founded in the year 1980 by Jane Stewart and has its headquarters in Chicago itself. It represents talent in all areas of commercial, print, television, film, theatre, industrial, theatrical directors, voice-over, and stylists. It has its offices in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Stewart Talent Agency has an amiable and nurturing work environment. It is famous for being the oldest and largest talent agency in middle-west, making it one of the most trusted platforms for models.


Apart from the above-mentioned modelling agencies in Chicago, there are many other agencies like Lily’s Talent Agency, Shirley Hamilton Talent that are worth trying.

What Modelling Agencies Look For?

Finding a model is not an easy task because numerous people audition every day. Here are some takeaways that you need to keep in mind while auditioning for modelling agencies in Chicago and international agencies as well.

You need to be of a certain height. This is not the only factor, and modelling agencies are not extremely specific about this. But you do need to be of a certain size. It’s not a big issue if you’re short by a few centimeters.

It depends more on your character, confidence, aura, elegance, and boldness, whatever those particular modelling agencies in Chicago are looking for. They’re always on the hunt for interesting personalities. You should have a very unique look.

Do your homework and research about the modelling agencies in Chicago you’re aiming for. It’s really important to be careful about who you associate with in this business. 

You should be well aware of the management, the work conditions, benefits, and shortcomings. Before signing the official papers and committing to a particular agency, make sure you know about its functioning. 

One popular false notion that girls have about modelling is that they need to be skinny. Modelling agencies in Chicago and around the world look for fit and toned models. They don’t want malnourished models that look sick. So you ought to eat healthily.

Good physical and mental health is essential for being a successful model.

Unlike former times, there is no age limit for modelling. Now the modelling agencies have realized that if you’re selling some expensive product like a Rolex, Landrover, or costly eye cream, the kind of person buying that product is usually 45, and not 25. Therefore, there are a lot of agencies looking for older clients.

Models as old as 70 also get offers. You’re never too young or too old for this job, but as you grow older, you get a different employment domain.

Conventionally modelling agencies have open calls. However, some agencies simply ask models to submit their pictures online, and if they like you, you are summoned for an interview.  

They schedule an appointment time where they have a face to face with the agents. They also take your measurements to make sure that you’ve filled in the correct details. Next, they go through your portfolio and may sometimes take digital stills to see how natural and candid you are.

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