The boss is someone who needs to be respected, appreciated, and sometimes to be flattered on. It all depends on how badly you want your performance for the quarter to score. Everyone who works more has the advantage in the team and gains the most concern from the boss.

The boss can sometimes be quite annoying and demanding as well. We curse him and nag about him throughout the work. But no doubt, he does deserve it because he is that one person whose words you can never really understand in the whole firm.

Things The Boss Says V.S. What He Means

1. What he asks/says is: Do you need an extra workforce?

It seems that I am paying a bunch of morons. Better, cut down your break time and get back to work!

2. We are leaving the problems unfixed on weekends. There is something we need to do about it.

I need your damn pitiful faces to come and work even on Saturdays.

3. I think it’s time for an outing: You raise your expectations high to know the height from where you are about to fall.

Imagination for the outing: It may be Grand Canyon

Reality: Annual meetings. Such a buzz killer!

4. We are having a meeting to discuss improving our productivity and efficiency.

Oh yeah, I am going to point at each one of you. You are going to reason, you are going to argue, but you are not winning. Go ahead and give it a try.

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5. I was the one who initiated this project and set this up with no help. See how we have excelled.

It was pretty easy at that time when there was no competition in the market, and any new idea sold like hotcakes.

6. That’s great! You have a new proposal. I was hoping you could give me a detailed report on it so that we can discuss it further.

And let that discussion continue till you throw that proposal out of your head.

7. “You need an increment? Okay! We will think about it.”

Hell no! You better forget about it.

Well, bosses are usually tough because that shows they should be. They are in a responsible position, and even a slight mistake brings them where they are answerable to their boss. Your boss knows what exactly revolves around your mind.

Being a friendly boss does not work for him because there are too many wishes in the team that need to be fulfilled, and indeed, he cannot approve all of them. He must continue doing what he does to get the work done. That is why he is the BOSS.

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So, here is what the boss is all about. 

B for Bold

O for Outstanding

S for Smart

S for Supervising

He is the one who is capable of managing a bunch of efficient, aggressive, and eager employees despite knowing what all we say about him.

Yeah, I know it all! 

-Madhuri Naidu Chavvakula

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