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7 Things You’ll Understand If You Love Watches

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“Oh come on, with all these high-end smartphones in our pockets, who wears watches these days? That is just so outdated,” said no watch-lover, ever.

Of course, you do get to hear that statement now and then. But then, it comes from people who are ignorant about the joy of wearing a piece of art, which speaks for itself, proudly on their wrists.


A watch-lover is the kind of person who just can’t get enough watches in his/her collection, despite having at least one of each kind. They have watches to accessorize almost every attire, and they aren’t fully dressed until they are sporting a proud timepiece. How can one just step out into the world where time is so important, without a watch?

If you are one of these people, believe me, I totally understand your love for watches that is just growing day by day. And I bet you will totally relate to these points.

1. A watch is more than just a watch to you

That accessory sitting quietly on your wrist isn’t just another accessory for you. Often, watches come with memories. A watch might be an heirloom, that one present you got for yourself from your very first salary or that gift your special one got for you for your anniversary. Hence, it is more special to you than any other accessory you own.


2. The secret reason why you are just not seen without a watch on your wrist-to hide the tan marks

Your friends sometimes make fun of you, saying things like your watch is like a 3-D tattoo you were apparently born with and what not. But the real reason is that you wish to hide the golden tanned strip on your wrist, which all these years of wearing watches has given you, ‘cause it isn’t going away anytime soon. You still love wearing watches, and you would wear them anyway.

3. Your taste in watches is impeccable

As this watch from Zenith or this one from eBay will tell you, every watch is different. You need to find one that suits your taste. Your friends just can’t deny that you have this ability to choose a head-turner from a sea of watches, and that is why while buying one for themselves or for their special one, you are their go-to person.


4. Clicking on the ‘Watches’ link on online shopping websites is a reflex action for you

When people are bored, they often visit online shopping websites, checking out clothes, shoes, jewelry, kitchenware, and what not. But you, every time, almost unintentionally, end up in the watches category.

5. Often your poses in photographs are such that your watch is the center of attraction

The hand-under-the-chin with your watch-facing-the-camera pose; you know it better than most people. And that’s why your watch gets as much attention as you do in your pictures. Why shouldn’t it, after all? It just shoots up the classiness, and defines your personality.

6. People don’t have to pull their hair out, planning a gift for you

Because when they can’t think of anything else, they can always get you a watch. And they know you will only be happy with it.


7. Your style and elegance is often admired and envied by others

Not everyone can pull off every kind of watch. And not everyone knows which type suits them best. But not you, my friend. Not only do you know what suits you best, but the amount of class which you exude with your watches, that ‘swag’ that you project when you’re wearing a watch; it isn’t something everyone can do. And you’re automatically perceived as sporty and adventurous, or classy and intellectual, according to your watch-which is just so cool.


So people, sport your watches with pride. And as per all those surveys, by giving you an air of elegance and intellect, it will help you up your dating game too (*winks*) And though ladies look extremely graceful with a watch on their wrist, I found this quote especially for the guys out there:

“Boys use their smartphones to check the time, men use their watches.”

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