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Aamir or PK

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Amir Khan
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A celebrity, big hero of Bollywood, had left a comment that backed intolerance that created a significant debate on all kind of media. Aamir Khan said that he would like to leave India because of intolerance. Is that what he said? Actually, what he said was “my wife is reading about the intolerance in newspapers daily and for our child’s future she is asking me to leave India.” This was what he had said. The same could be portrayed in many ways either good or bad.

First of all, I would like to differentiate AAMIR KHAN from the other heroes of India. Every actor acts for money. Even Aamir does that. But every artist does not give a social message in their movies like he does. His role in ‘SATYAMEV JAYATE‘ – was a remarkable one. No big hero has enough courage to do such kind of roles. Aamir does.

His last movie ‘pk’ had enough problem both before and after release because of some caste and religious freaks. Despite those stuff, the movie was a big hit. In that film, Aamir asks a variety of silly questions about the religious beliefs, yet those stupid questions mean a lot. Don’t they? Why can’t we take this issue too as a behavior of real pk? This is because even this question meant a lot.

Next, if it is India or Child for a mother, every mother will choose her child, and that is why Aamir’s wife said that. ( The above line is taken from Facebook ). Every mom will need to care for her child and if Aamir’s wife felt like that why do others burst out at her.

Amir khan
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Next, India is a democratic country. Isn’t it? Everybody have their right to say their opinion. So Aamir said what he said.

Let us consider a situation. Assume a family who has mother, father and two children. If any of them gets tensed, they just express it by saying, “I feel like getting away from home.” Do they really get away? No . Psychologically speaking, that is a kind of love. For Aamir, the home is more important, and that is why he said that.

Actually, newspapers were the source of that kind of statement. What kind of news made them say so?

  • Raping a 13-year-old child could be read still.
  • Scam could be read still
  • Murder could be read still
  • Robbery could be read still
  • Fighting for a cow could be read still
  • Caste, religious fight could be read still

The above statements are true and could be seen in the newspaper daily morning and how could that statement become false?

I question that the “statement” made them annoyed, or the term ‘KHAN’ made them annoyed and ‘them’ here refers to the pseud and bhakti.

Overall, the problem is about intolerance in India. The awards were given back by many writers and film artists because of this. After this, the topic became hot of India. The origin of intolerance was a man who was killed by a mob for eating beef. “Cow is a sacred animal,” was the reason for his slaughter. Is this reason is enough to prove that their deadly act is legal? No .

Cow statue in Mysore, India
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We had a lot of religious fights, fights for God, fights for caste, fights for superiority religion, fight for a place to God, but this religious fight is for an animal.

  • If you love the cow , feed it.
  • If you love beef, eat it.
  • If you believe in cow , pray to it.
  • If you need money, trade it.
  • It’s up to us.

India is a democratic country. Everyone has a right to talk and right to eat. Think wisely. What Aamir said was true and hope those statement will keep a dot for this controversy. Lord, Save India.


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