Stargazing And Its 7 Beautiful Advantages


Do you remember the time when you had last looked up at the glittering stars? In today’s busy world, stargazing is impossible as nobody remembers or has the time to go out and stare at the sky in search of twinkling stars.

The other reason is that with the recent increase in pollution, you will have to make an extra effort to get a good view of a sky full of stars.

Today I urge you to get out of the city and indulge yourself in the simple yet incredible pleasures of gazing at the canopy of stars.

If you want to make the most out of it, a better idea would be to go camping somewhere near a river or a hill. You would not be disappointed(except when it’s cloudy!) for sure!

We have listed a few advantages of stargazing for you to enjoy life and its little things.

1) Advantage of Stargazing: Gives a different perspective on life


Looking at the shimmering stars in the vast expanse of the night sky will give you a new perspective on life. When you stargaze in peace, you might even feel shivers running down your spine. It is because this kind of peace is rarely found in our busy lives. We are so caught up with our lives, with work and running errands, that we often forget to appreciate the small things in life. One such thing is stargazing.

When you finally take out time to stargaze, you may find your thoughts gravitating towards something that needs your attention. Something that you might have constantly been ignoring or something you have never thought about. You will be amazed by the thoughts that come to your mind when you are just gazing at the shiny stars above you.

2) Advantage of Stargazing: Starry date

Together among stars

Stargazing can be a very romantic setting for your date nights. Just drive far away from the noise of the city with your partner, and stand beneath the canopy of glimmering stars.

You could even sit on the car bonnet or lie down together on the car roof and just observe and feel the serenity of the noiseless, starry night. Talk your heart out, or just enjoy the comfort of silence between the two of you. I can assure you that this will make the attached strings stronger.

Stargazing away from the noise is not just romantic; it can also be a getaway with your friends, away from the mundane, chaotic lives. You could even take a bottle of wine and chips! If you are lucky, you might even get to see a shooting star, and who knows, maybe your wish will come true!

3) Advantage of Stargazing: Stillness


When you watch the stars, the world around you suddenly becomes still. The noise of the honking and friction of the vehicles on the roads seem to fade away into infinity slowly.

You gradually start to feel calm and at peace and lose all sense of time. All the chaos of the mind, and the constant blabbering of the brain, goes on sleep mode for a while. This is something we all need in today’s busy lifestyle.

If you think about it, it’s quite ironic because we are looking at the stars from a constantly moving planet, yet we feel this sense of stillness. The star in the sky, twinkling from such a far distance, looks so magical.

It feels like someone from the other side of the world is looking out for us. Isn’t nature wonderful?

4) Advantage of Stargazing: Connectivity to nature


Stargazing opens up your senses to your surrounding, and you begin to notice the trees around you, or the birds chirping nearby, or how the stars are aligned, as if to show you something. While stargazing, you will realize that even though you are no more than a speck of dust in this gigantic universe, you still matter. Even if the stars are so far away, they emit a warm feeling.

It is difficult to explain that feeling, but it feels like a warm hug. While stargazing, we are filled with the ray of hope that tells us not to give up on life. It feels like the blinking stars are trying to tell us that our problems are very small compared to the size of the universe.

It feels as if the stars tell us that no matter what happens in life, the stars will keep shining for us. After all, we are all made of stardust! You’ll feel incredible connectivity to everything.

5) Advantage of Stargazing: Contemplation flows in

 6263349568_0f089e1f6bHave you ever thought while looking at the stars that you are actually looking at the past? The stars are light-years away from us, and by the time their light reaches us, the stars themselves might not even exist.

You have no idea how many such thoughts will knock on your door when you are just gazing at the stars. You might even get an inspiration to write or do something that you really like to do. Solitude serves as a bonus while stargazing.

You also start contemplating life and the problems you have faced or are facing. While doing so, sometimes complex problems seem to unwind themselves and start unfolding a solution. There is something about nature and the twinkle of the stars that ignites you to rescue yourself.

6) Advantage of Stargazing: Appreciation for everything


We are so overloaded with work and deadlines that we often forget to look around and appreciate everything for what it really is. We even forget to appreciate ourselves for who we are, the real us. Solitude with the company of stars works like a spell of magic.

Everything around us suddenly begins to slow down its pace and settle down for a bit. The constant murmuring and loud voice of the mind tone down its volume, and you finally hear what nature has to say.

Stargazing also encourages you to ponder over little things in life. Trust me on this, and those shiny things can do a lot! Nature has many lessons to teach us, only if we are ready to receive some enlightenment.

7) Advantage of Stargazing: Free of cost

About Riad Dar Hassan Terrace Stargazing - photo by Ezyê Moleda all rights reserved

You do not need to spend a penny to gaze at the stars. The only things you need are a quiet and unhindered place to look up and, of course, your eyes. Yes, it’s true! This is one perfect idea for your night-out activities. Relaxation and more comes free with stargazing. You could sit on your balcony or terrace and enjoy and rejoice in the happiness of stargazing. Some of the best things in life are indeed free.

Stargazing is a wonderful experience. It temporarily frees you from the miseries of life, maybe just for a while, but it is worth it. The stars may be light-years away, yet they are close to our hearts. They seem to know a way to talk to your heart and soothe it for a while. So, go out there and chase the stars. Let the magic begin!

Let us know below what you think about stargazing other than what we have to say.

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