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Everything pure is beautiful. Being curious about yourself can lead you to understand some collective phenomena going around ceaselessly. We all are interested in exploring something about ourselves. But we might feel shy or uncomfortable to let other people know about that. Undoubtedly purity test is the most self-determining process which helps you to have psychological appeasement concerning worldly matters. Now, what’s a purity test? Let’s know about it and how pure you are.

Purity test is a self-assessment which judges your innocence on worldly matters like sex, drug, deceit, and so on. It’s a test on those worldly matters which are assumed to be vice. In knowing what’s a purity test, we also will know about the process of how it works. There remains a percentage scale, which determines the innocence level or how much pure you’re.100%, and 0% score identifies you are most genuine and least pure, respectively.

The rice purity test was originated at Rice University. Now let’s know what’s a purity test. The rice purity test includes 100 questions, and the people get judged with percentages according to their answers. Itis noteworthy that only those students who are 18+ can take part in the test. The test was initiated to create a bond between students by finding someone with the same kind of characteristics.

The Top 100 Questions to Decide Your Purity Scale

Here the participants have to answer with yes/no. The person participating in the purity test has to agree or disagree with the mentioned statement or question asked. The more you have your answer as ‘no,’ you will get the point. The statements and questions are like:

  1. I held someone’s hand romantically.
  2. I have been on a date.
  3. I have ever been in a relationship.
  4. I have danced madly
  5. I have ever kissed a non-family member.
  6. I had a lip kiss with a non-family member.
  7. I have experienced a French kiss.
  8. I have kissed in public.
  9. I have kissed someone on the neck
  10. I have kissed horizontally
  11. I had got a love bite
  12. I have kissed or been kissed on the breast.
  13. I have kissed someone below the belt
  14. I have kissed more than one person at a time
  15. I have played a game involving striping
  16. I had Masturbated watching a video or photo
  17. I had Masturbated in the presence of someone
  18. Helped someone to masturbate
  19. I have been caught masturbating
  20. I have masturbated with intimate object
  21. I have watched pornographic materials
  22. I messaged or been messaged sensually
  23. I had intercourse being fully dressed
  24. I have undressed or been undressed by a MPS(a member of the preferred sex)?
  25. I have taken a shower with an MPS
  26. I have fondled or had your butt cheeks fondled
  27. I have stroked or had your breast fondled
  28. I have stroked, or your genitals got fondled
  29. I heard about “blue balls.”
  30. Someone made you feel orgasm
  31. I did sexting with any stranger(s)
  32. I got or sent sexually exposed photos
  33. I had sex chat or video call
  34. I have cheated on relationship
  35. I have purchased contraceptives
  36. I had oral sex
  37. I have given oral sex
  38. I ingested someone else’s the genital secretion
  39. I used a sex toy
  40. spent night with an MPS
  41. I had sex while walking
  42. I Kicked roommate because of having sex
  43. I am a virgin
  44. I did sex three times in a single night
  45. I had sex one or more times
  46. I tried position sex
  47. I had sex with a stranger
  48. I had sex on a moving vehicle
  49. I had outdoor sex
  50. I had sex in public
  51. I did sex in a swimming pool or hot tub
  52. I had sex on a third person’s bed
  53. I had sex when parents at home
  54. I had sex with a non-participating third party in the same room
  55. I did threesome
  56. I attended an orgy
  57. I had sex for multiple times with different people within 24 hrs
  58. I had sex with numerous partners
  59. I have taken a photo of own sexual act
  60. I had period sex
  61. I had anal sex
  62. I got a pregnancy scare
  63. I have Impregnated someone or been impregnated
  64. I have paid or been paid for a sexual act
  65. I have committed voyeurism
  66. I have committed an act of incest
  67. I have engaged in bestiality
  68. I had alcohol
  69. I played a drinking game
  70. I got drunk
  71. I have shown fake sobriety before parents and teachers
  72. I had memory loss due to alcohol
  73. I had experienced tobacco
  74. I have used marijuana
  75. I have taken a drug stronger than marijuana
  76. I have used methamphetamine, crack, cocaine, PCP, horse tranquilizers or heroin
  77. I have been sent to the office of a principal, dean or judicial affairs representative for being rebellious
  78. I had been suspended
  79. I urinated in front of anyone
  80. I urinated in public
  81. I have taken a shower/bath with anyone older than ten years of age
  82. If gone skinny-dipping
  83. I had gone streaking
  84. I have seen a stripper
  85. The police had called on me
  86. I have run from the police
  87. Got questioned by police
  88. I got handcuffed
  89. I had been arrested
  90. I had been convicted of a crime
  91. I had been convicted of a felony
  92. I did vandalism
  93. I got into the mile high club
  94. I had participated in a “booty call” with a partner
  95. I have traveled 100 miles just to have sexual intercourse
  96. I had sex with someone three years older than you
  97. I did sexual intercourse with a virgin
  98. I had sex without a condom
  99. I had an STD test due to reasonable suspicion
  100. I had an STD

what's a purity test

Is There Any History of It?

Yes, there are many.

There are several records of purity test which has been registered. Among those, the Barnard purity test can be registered as the oldest record so far. Now what’s a purity test had been clarified with a survey on Barnard girls to break the conventional conception about them. 77% of the Barnard girls are pure, and they are like other girls in the society. The survey consisted of a list of questions about the personal matters of the girls and scored their innocence accordingly. The questions were about their sex life if they had kissed a man ten times etc. The survey story was published to the Colombia University humor magazine, “The Jester,” in 1935. In knowing what’s a purity test, we must note, there were some questions and answers which have been curtailed due to the privacy issues, and the story was webbed taking comprehensive test reports. To the question of what’s a purity test, we can say, it’s a sociological study.

According to the report of The Indian Express in 1936, Toronto University also held a purity test, were like the same the students were asked about their addictions, morality questions, and more. What’s a purity test, was exhibited to them by asking then 20 extremely personal questions consequently. The survey rectified the morals and ‘purity ratio’ of the students. It was entirely unofficial, and it was done by maintaining secrecy to the results as well as balancing sincerity to the students as well. They got to understand what’s a purity test in general.

The book Work Hard, and You Shall Be Rewarded by Alan Dundes and Carl R. Pager,1975, comprised various examples of purity taste, which clearly defines what’s a purity test. They are also concern about the truthfulness of the given answer. They doubt the honesty. Moreover, it’s true the questions reveal the sexual fantasy life of American males.

There are various historical examples of purity tests, from where we can spot the possible inception of the whole process.

Some years before, the trend of purity test had been sprung up with a boy. It can be considered as a standardized version of ‘never had I ever.’ It consists mostly of sexuality-related questions, as we have discussed before. One can judge their purity scale with the questions that can help themselves without the assistance of any person or technology.


How Is It Impacting Society?

Now one might ask how it is impacting society. Is it good or bad for us, how we will be benefitted to know what’s a purity test? We can’t deny that it is very engaging. We all like to have self-assessment but secretly. Now there are available sites that help to have an online-based purity test. With the result, the sites warn its users and encourage do be better and to have consistency with their goodness.

It never demeans them, which is very important. Engagement is a bliss. We fear to get embarrassed; we fear being judged by others. But if we gain confidence in our goods and bad beforehand, we won’t be hurt by others’ behavior. Moreover, these tests help to find the match. The match can be a romantic partner; the match can be a good friend as well.

What defines us is our character. We all are born with purity. But as we grow, the purity of our soul gets dominated by the character, which is self-crafted with the cooperation of the society. We must examine ourselves each day. Knowing about what’s a purity test will help us to understand our hidden selves so that we can hear the sound of our soul and become the better version of ourselves.

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Icy Tales



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