Aged In Space-Whisky Does Not Taste The Same

Aged In Space-Whisky Does Not Taste The Same 1

It is quite unbelievable that whisky has a different savor if it is allowed to age in space. Scottish whisky manufacturer Ardbeg teamed up with a space research company, NanoRacks, to find out how the reformation of whisky aroma and flavor occurs if it is preserved in almost a zero-gravity atmosphere.

Samples of non-aged Ardbeg shavings and whisky were collected almost three years ago from American White Oak barrels that were charred. 50 % of those samples were led up the International Space Station. The rest of the samples were sent to a usual aging facility.

The research team started with a subtle analysis and testing after the samples returned to the earth last September. This revealed some astonishing results. However, it can’t be said that the space-returned samples were tastier, but there was a significant variation in the taste. The earth-based whisky tasted quite woody with hints of sweet smoke, cedarwood, and old balsamic vinegar. On the other hand, the whisky that aged on space had a more rounded and intense fragrance with rubber, antiseptic smoke, smoked fish together with an intriguing and inquisitive fragrance like that of violet.

Further research is yet to be done to be sure of the taste. Suntory, the Japanese whisky company, sent whisky samples to ISS to find out the mellowing of whisky at zero gravity recently.

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