Indian Doctors Grow New Nose on Boy’s Forehead

Indian Doctors Grow New Nose on Boy's Forehead 1

Indian doctors have replaced the damaged nose of a 12 year old with a nose on his forehead.

Indian Doctors Grow New Nose on Boy's Forehead

Damaged Nose

Arun Patel, in his childhood had suffered from pneumonia, which had badly damaged and disfigured the baby’s nose. A similar incident had occurred in China in 2013, where a man whose nose had been damaged in an accident had been given a new nose.


Revival of the damaged nose

Arun’s parents had taken their son to their village doctor, when he had suffered from pneumonia. But sadly the situation worsened and he lost his nose, due to excessive cell damage. Almost 10 years later a team of doctors in Indore decided to take the risk of conducting a four phased plastic surgery, to gift Arun with a new nose.

Dr Ashwini Dash, who led the surgical team, told BBC Hindi’s S Niazi that he was “confident that the new nose would work properly like his other organs.” He also adds that the operation took almost a year to reach it’s conclusion.


Phases of the operation

  • In the first phase a silicon “tissue expander” was put on his forehead to make space to grow a new nose. Then a special chemical was injected to make the tissues expand.
  • The second phase involved taking cartilage from his chest to create a new nose, which grew on his forehead over three months.
  • In the third phase the doctors removed the artificial nose and introduced it on his face.
  • The final phase involved the repairing of his forehead.


This implantation of a new nose is surely a very great achievement in the world of plastic surgery and will surely become another story of achievement in the medical history.

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