The BEST coffee date tips you need to know right NOW

Coffee dates are awesome as starter kits to get to know each other. It’s great to hang out with friends, hang out with family, hang out with coworkers, or you know, for something different like a romantic date. But if it’s a romantic date, certain extra things need to be taken cared of. Things become even more nerve-wracking if it’s your first date. You wanna put every effort for it to go well, otherwise you might not just want to date at all.

Time setting:-

You want both of you to feel comfy, warm so that you can get to know each other, naturally, without having to make it look like a made up scripted date, so timing certainly plays an important factor in it. The right time plays an integral part in setting up the right mood.

Don’t make set it during a hot afternoon, or too late at a cold night, neither at the working hours of the day. You don’t want your date to be anxious about spending a little more time than scheduled and then looking at the watch every minute or so. Need to say more? you as a couple want to feel relaxed at that time.

Place and location:-

If it’s a first date, where both of you have come to meet for the first time, it would be chivalrous and give a better impression if you let the girl decide the location. If nothing has been mentioned beforehand then you might want to set up a neutral tone place, which is inclined to neither of the two parties.

You may choose a hustle based hang out zone kind of café, but that would force too much of an opinion in the very first meeting. Best would be not too crowded, nor too silent that it would feel awkward, as we are here talking about the ambiance of the place.

An extra tip, prepare the exact seat which you are going to occupy, you don’t want to enter the café, and both of you, frantically searching for the best possible option, cause that would be embarrassing, and may show, the lack of planning from the deciding person. Mind you, the best window seats serving that beautiful view is always occupied.

Dressing up your personality:-

coffee date

Now in this regard, most people will say that you should dress up in your best avatar. I’m here to tell you, buddy, that it’s a common misconception, cause basically, you are trying to make yourself seem likeable, (goes to both men and women), since the first impression is the last impression and the most everlasting.

But if you ask me then I’d say, my dear, you should reveal yourself in your very natural way, which defines you, the way you dress up every other day. Practically speaking, would you be able to invest such hours every day if you live with that person for the rest of your life? If you try to be someone else, then you are creating an image of a person, who you are actually not.

Furthermore, it would also reveal whether the opposite person is there for your appearance or you yourself. You might even see it as a test, what interests your date and how opinions form in his/her mind.

Starting to know each other:-


You are seated in your place, with your potential future partner. For those who are new to this, you may find it uncomfortable as what to expect and how to proceed, and doubt whether you shouldn’t speak in excess or appear disinterested by speaking too less. Well, the first step is always to smile. Smile always removes all forms of negativity or anxiety from the atmosphere and makes you more welcoming.

couple date

Start it by asking, a casual question, like “ Tell me something about yourself “, or “ How are you doing?”, or even a genuine one like “ How has your day been?” don’t try to force yourself to say something which you normally wouldn’t. Be your authentic self in your words, that will make you more confident in easing into the topics. Most importantly have fun.You wouldn’t want it to be like a job interview. If you have to frame out your behavior, then the person you are dating isn’t the right one, cause that’s not happening naturally.

Have an unwarranted opinion about the other:-

Let’s accept it, we all have this guilty habit of stalking the person you wanna know. Often times the simple reason is just to make sure we are not catfished by someone else. But in dating, looking up to the social profiles of the person you are dating, might be completely misleading.

The truth being, a person has a very different social media image which may not be even slightly related to his real life. As a matter of fact the whole social media is a lie and illusion of a person’s nature, where literally every individual is forcing one’s life to look all perfect.

Behavior and body language:-

Well, this is the factor which 99% of the population may not pay heed to, yet plays a significant act behind the stage. Be a good listener, as it indirectly shows that you value the person sitting next to you. Studies also prove that subtle acts like good eye contact makes you seem a confident person whereas mimicry or imitating your date’s body language is prone to make you more likable, hence easier for your date to open up.

But all these tips are only valid if you are shy or struggling with confidence in front of a new person. Don’t stray too far from your original self.

Duration of the date:-

Jumping to the point, don’t make it too long in the same place. This is also not necessary, as if you both clicked too much, there’s nothing wrong in proceeding your coffee date by going somewhere else. But me wearing the hats of a wise old monk would recommend you to take it slow, especially if it’s meant for a lifetime.


So these were the best tips for you, brought by us. Do ask any kind of advice or questions regarding your date below in the comment sections. Feel free to express, I’d love to engage in any kind of conversation. Meanwhile, I’d leave it up to you to choose from the various kinds of coffee 😉

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