Monday, September 20, 2021

Another Actress On the Streets : Alisha Khan

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It is hard earning money and it is harder to save it. You never know when fame turns to nothing. Alisha Khan, a model turned actress was seen roaming around the streets of Kailash Colony, Delhi without any permanency of home or food. She has been living in the temples or at her friends’ place after being abandoned by her family.


Alisha Khan who was seen in the movie My Husband’s Wife is starring along Emran Hashmi in the yet to release movie Aaina. She belongs to the family of Wazir Ghaziauddin who founded the city of Ghaziabad. After her boyfriend released a corrupt video of their intimate moments together on Youtube, Alisha lodged a complaint and got her boyfriend detained. After this incident, her mother and brother ditched her and hence she is on her own now.



It is very shocking that a once belonging to a rich family girl is now all alone in the streets trying to make ends meet. The family which should have been supportive has become her biggest enemy.


This is not the first case of its kind. Gitanjali Nagpal was ditched by her family too in 2007 and was seen living in the temples. Jia Khan’s suicide’s reason was her joblessness and her boyfriend again. Just recently Pratyusha Banerjee was murdered or did suicide again because of boyfriend problems. Is it really the boyfriend problem or the lack of family support that leads these girls to live in such destitute or take the road not chosen?

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So what if a girl wants to become a model or actress? So what if she files a complaint against her abusing boyfriend? These are no reasons to abandon them, especially by their parents. Parent support is the most important thing and I really hope time travels fast and reaches the generation where girls are as much supported and encouraged by their parents as the boys are.

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