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Art for Art’s sake – Artsy pages on Facebook

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Every adult is a child, and every child loves cartoons. This article is dedicated to those who still find time to put their creativity onto paper in the form of cute, quirky, hilarious, deep, and beautiful doodles.

Here, they are represented by their Facebook pages!

1) DoodleoDrama: Run by 26-year-old Mounica Tata, this page specializes in super honest, super relatable doodles about life! If you feel weird about yourself, do head over to find an artist and all her fans who feel the same way as you! Mounica does both hand drawn, and digital doodles yet have not had any formal training. Like most of us, this clumsy, yellow cheese-loving bored student began doodling in monotonous lectures (Bored students, rejoice!). She stays up feeling like Batman to continue doodling after her freelance day job. Please keep telling us quirky and witty stories through your doodles Mounica!


2) Daydreamerdoodler: Hop on to this page for almost psychedelic black and white doodles. BSc student Nisshtha creates intricate designs, mind-boggling patterns, and depth and message behind every drawing. These are the drawings that make you want to pick up a pen and paper and test your own creativity. Nisshtha now wants to pursue graphic designing (rightly so!). The artist began doodling randomly, but her doodles grew up with her and became more intense as she matured emotionally, a trait clearly visible in her work. Most of her drawings are instances from her own life. Head over to to witness some of it!


3) Diya Ghosh: A talented artist, Diya is a first-year BA student from Bangalore. This incredible girl doodles pieces of conversations as they happen. She, like the other two, has not had any formal art training. To Diya, art is therapy. She displayed interest in it early on. She is no stranger to oil paints, watercolors, acrylic paints, and even charcoal. However, she reconciled with pens and notebooks. Diya does not like the chance offered by pencils to erase as she finds she would strive too much towards perfection in that case. With her belief in strong, bold lines, she finds expression through absent words and numbers in her art. She takes it further by pondering over those absent things later on. To Diya, art is not a hobby or a career choice; art to her is herself.

4) DoodleMeThis Universe: Based out of Delhi, Pallavi is a graphic designer by profession. She has been doodling for 5 years and has been working with dot-work for 2.5 years. She began when she was 18 years old, but it was only to rid her mind of swirling thoughts. She did not consider herself an “artist,” as she would draw anything at all. Little did she know, she was soon to fall in love with dot-work. Inspiration came in the form of an Australian artist whose work she happened to see. 2 years later, Pallavi absolutely loves dot work and cannot stop creating art! There is no deep meaning to her drawings, and they represent what goes on in her mind. It is a projection of her mood or something she wrote (A woman of many talents!). Look for vacant spaces and lots of shapes in her drawings! Facebook:


5) Art World of Pho-Pho-Pho: Run by Priyanka Gogoi, this page is filled with doodles that will leave you smiling from ear to ear. She left her job as an in-house counsel to pursue her master’s in law, and in her own words, the page began as “a side-effect of unemployment.” While she has held an interest in watercolors and human forms, her journey through doodles is still young. Tired of the seriousness people around her displayed, Priyanka adopted the cape and saved the day with her venture into doodling and a keen eye for humor in even the most mundane of things. She uses color, simple linework, and a generous serving of optimism to dish out doodles that will stand out among all the negativity of your Facebook newsfeed. Head over to:


Instagram Handle: mephophopho

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