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8 Bad Eating Habits Every Overweight Person Needs To Know

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Many people become overweight because of bad eating habits. The food you eat, the way it is eaten, the quantity of food consumed, the frequency of meals, each one of these factors will play a big role in determining whether you stay fit or become fat. Knowing about the eating habits that make one overweight will help you to come up with a good weight loss plan. And in this post, we will look at eight bad eating habits that you definitely should be aware of.

8 Bad Eating Habits Every Overweight Person Needs To Know 1Focusing On Other Activities While Eating

Many people have a habit of focusing their attention on other activities while eating their food. This is a behavior that you must immediately get rid of. The reason being that since your mind is not attending to the food you eat, you are less likely to feel satiated. This will eventually make you feel hungrier, as a result of which you will eat even more food. Plus, if you are eating from a large bowl, then it is also possible that you will overeat since your mind is not at all focused on the food. The best example of such a behavior is the habit of watching Television while eating meals.  

Eating Till You Feel Full

In earlier times, food was scarce. As such, when a person had to eat a meal, they used to eat it till their stomach was full because there was no guarantee when they would get their next meal. But at present, with the overabundance of foods around us, eating until you feel is full is a bad idea. Since you are guaranteed to eat around four times a day, having a full stomach during each of these meals will only make you fatter. As such, you should avoid from such eating habits. Instead, you should train yourself to be happy with eating only a sufficient amount of food. This will help you to keep your weight in check. You can also follow the instructions at The HCG Diet – A Beginner’s Guide in order to lose the excess weight.

Artificial Sweeteners  

There is a false belief among many people – that artificial sweeteners are free from calories. This is not at all true. Regular consumption of artificial sweeteners has been observed to have the exact same effect as sugar. As such, you will not only get overweight by eating food laden with artificial sweeteners but will also develop health conditions like diabetes, heart risk etc. So, don’t try to avoid your consumption of sugar by switching to artificial sweeteners. Instead, try to control your craving for sweet foods. That will definitely help you reduce your weight over the long term.  

No Meal Planning

Generally, people decide what food to eat only a few hours before mealtime. And if you follow such a practice, you should change it and adopt a well-planned attitude to eating food. The problem with not planning a meal is that you have a higher tendency to overeat. In contrast, when you do plan your meal, you will see to it that all meals are within acceptable calorie limits. And by doing so, you will never overeat. So, try planning out your meals from now on, and you will have an easier time keeping your weight under control.

Plate Size

It is very important that you use smaller plates in your home for eating food. Some people tend to use large plates during meals. This is also a bad eating habit that will make you fatter. People generally eat what is on their plate. So, if you give them food on a big plate, they will eat it completely. In the same way, if you provide food on a small plate, they will again eat it fully. Given this behavior, the safest option is to eat food from a small plate. This way, you will only take additional food when you are very hungry. In contrast, if you eat from a large plate, there is a chance that you will overeat.  

Drinking Wine At Night

Some people also drink wine every night before they go to bed. This is not a good habit if you are looking to lose weight. While a little wine won’t do much damage, the fact is that most people never stop at a ‘little’ wine. Once they drink a glass, they will pour another. And by the time they hit the bed, they would have easily drunk multiple glasses. And the calories from the wine will only work to add extra pounds around your belly. Keep in mind that there are 125 calories for every 5-ounce of wine. If you drink, limit yourself to just a single glass.

Restaurant Food

When you live alone and are busy with work, it is possible that you will mostly rely on restaurant food to feed yourself. This is another habit that you must free yourself from. Food from restaurants will obviously be tasty and fulfilling. But more often than not, it will contain numerous sauces and additives that will add to your weight. For example, just three simple sauces in noodles can easily contain far more salt than what is recommended. And eating such food on a daily basis will definitely make you fat and unhealthy. The only solution is to eat home-cooked meals every day and avoid restaurant foods completely. Do this for a few months and you will surely see a difference in your body.

Weekend Gorging

There are people who will eat responsibly during the weekdays. They will watch the portion size, avoid excessively fatty foods, and so on. But come weekends, they will gorge on every single food item they can get their hands on. Such eating habits normally form out a false belief that a person will not gain too much weight if they indulge themselves in their favorite foods for just two days a week. This is a terrible idea. No matter how well you limit your food intake during the weekdays, excessive gorging on the weekends will always keep you overweight.

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