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Understanding The Phenomena of Dreams

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I had a weird dream, of a far-off alien land, with faces of people I don’t recognize. Out of nowhere, there were dragons of Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire, and all these crazy things happening together at the same time, I dont remember them all.

Has this happened to you? Have you ever dreamed of something and had no idea what it was when you woke up? Or seen people you don’t know or places you have never been before? Isn’t it weird to have such dreams?

Some dreams take us to a perfect place where everything is exactly how we want it to be. It is an escape from reality. We seek happiness, but life has so much more to offer than happiness; we must all face innumerable turns, bumps, highs, and lows.

Dreams are a warm-hole that connect us with memories and nostalgic situations that are locked somewhere deep within, out of our reach in minds.

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The physical body sleeps, but the emotional and mental bodies remain awake – the subconscious mind. The mind reviews and organizes the events, thoughts, and emotions that have occurred on the previous day and stores them into the subconscious mind while we dream.

To understand this in a better way, let’s assume that you have a messed up rack of clothes, and every once in a while, you review it and arrange it into ‘to wear’ and ‘not to wear,’ and put the latter one at an unused compartment of the rack.

We have lived for so many years, which is why our brains are filled with so much random stuff. All the thoughts, images, and emotions that we perceive throughout our lives pile up together and manifest as a single story in our dreams. These random thoughts and emotions that are not related to each other somehow come together when we sleep, which is why most of our dreams are so bizarre and weird.

Consider this, you are dreaming of your school days, and out of nowhere, you see Hobbit ( maybe you have watched that movie or read the book, and it just spilled into your dream story ). Understanding The Phenomena of Dreams 2

Dreams are personal. There is no book or medium to interpret them because there is no universal code for them.

According to the spiritual context, certain dreams are symbolic. It’s a way of communicating with higher powers, guardian angels perhaps. This is only possible when our mind is conscious enough to decipher the messages. Otherwise, these dreams are useless. Sci-fiction movies/series sometimes have tackled this concept by showing people who have the ability to decipher different forms of energy and analyze such symbolic dreams.Understanding The Phenomena of Dreams 3 Sometimes you might dream about your past experiences, which is quite common. These dreams often create illusions in the mind.

Presently you are not getting a job; you dream about your past job and how happy you were to have a constant income stream; it’s like a mirage.

This provides an escape from the present situation to a situation in the past. People sometimes go so deep into their thoughts that they think of their past life. Understanding The Phenomena of Dreams 4Dreams are not random stories, and it’s one of the few ways our brain uses to communicate with us. There is a lot of in-depth psychological reasoning behind the entire processing of dreams.

Do you believe our brain can perform extraordinarily more than science has known till now? Do you think some external force of some higher dimensions is causing such phenomena in us, or is it the outcome of our inner soul?


Curiosity will lead you in finding answers.

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