To Bell The CAT: How To Take On This Nightmare Of An Examination

To Bell The CAT: How To Take On This Nightmare Of An Examination 1

All of us are really tempted by the flabbergasting B-school placements, and aspire to be the one getting them. And a few steps ahead lies an all-India level examination called CAT (Common Admission Test).


1) IIMs: A dream for many, reality for only a few.

Students from different backgrounds – Engineers, Doctors, Commerce graduates and many more, want to excel in the competitive exam which tests the aptitude, data interpretation, English language skills and logical reasoning level of a person. It consists of 100 questions, having three sections, each correct answer yielding  +3  and each wrong answer, -1.

In this race to be in the top list, students appear in various exams like CAT, XAT, SNAP and NMAT, and major B-schools consider CAT as the qualifying exam for further rounds of admission. CAT was taken by nearly 1,77,000 candidates  in 2015 for nearly 7 to 8 thousand seats in top colleges.


2) Taking the bull by the horns:

In the preparation phase of CAT, it is advisable to practice as many questions as possible, considering several areas. From the level of CBSE 10th class, students are seen doing toughest of the questions from materials like TIME’s, CL’s. But how much is required, and how much is enough?

As per the trends, the aptitude level of the questions has really gone down to testing simple formula and calculation speed. So, staying in touch with questions of easy to normal level, covering a variety of problems, shall suffice.

Reading good English books is also very important for proper understanding of CAT-level English, as it is considered to be one of the most difficult English tests in the world.big

3) Role of Practice Tests

Taking the mock tests plays immensely important role, where one can gauge one’s performance with time, and decide the target colleges by the time he actually takes CAT. CAT usually taking place in November, the role of mock-test is indispensable by September. There are various national level test series which help you better assess your performance at national level.




4) Perseverance is the KEY

Never giving up pays. As most of the performers are droppers, it can be understood that the main difference is not in the scoreboard of achievers and non-performers, but the approach they built towards it. Not performing in some tests can affect you very badly, and many students lose hope there. But only the one who keeps his/her head up and hopes high succeeds. So, you need to pull up your socks and focus the final exam.iimb--621x414

5) CAT tests your nerve first, THEN your brain.

It is observed by many experts that your conviction, confidence and zeal are actually more important than your academic preparation in achieving your goal. Confidence which you build by giving your best in practice tests.

But, in the end, it is your ability to keep a calm and cool mind which counts the most. The knowledge you have acquired can only be applied to yield good results when you are fresh and focused during the examination.

So study hard and give it your very best. You CAN do it!