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Ever Wondered About The Benefits Of Alcohol? Just Click!!

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Ever since the debates over the safer consumption of Alcohol started, scientists and activists holds the warning bell in order not to encourage people to go get drunk. The results of various researches and surveys pretty much seems to me that the ALCOHOL is like Harry Potter. Both the life and death of ‘You-know-who’ resides inside that glossy little bottle.

Here is what happens when we consume Alcohol. The blood circulation boosts up suddenly making it hard for our lungs to observe the incoming blood, purify it and squeeze it out to all parts of the body. The hyper active state of mind is caused due to this unbalanced blood flow. Moderate alcohol consumption will eases this dizzy state providing biological and social benefits.

Moderate- How to know?

Before we plunge into the actual benefits, let’s make ourselves clear on the question below.

What do we infer from the word ‘moderate consumption’?

Based on different climatic conditions and various government standards, the level of normal alcohol consumption varies from one country to another. Cold weather countries allow slightly excessive consumption rate than the countries having medium or hot weather. Though, the universally accepted standard for alcohol consumption is “One drink per day for women and Two drinks per day for men”.

There is a famous term called ‘French Paradox’- Despite the added amount of Cheese and Butter in the food habits of French people, the inclusion of Wine(especially Red Wine) in their daily meals has reportedly reduced the risk of heart diseases such as ischemic stroke, peripheral vascular diseases, sudden cardiac death etc. Being said so, it is also realized that Wine adds much more health benefits than Beer or Hard drinks(Gin, Whiskey).

Alcohol in cups
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Below are some of the medicinal benefits caused by the ‘MODERATE’ consumption of Alcohol

  • Cardiovascular diseases

Every human body possesses good as well as bad cholesterol. Alcohol consumption increases the levels of Good cholesterol also medically termed as HDL (High Density Lipoprotein). This in turn acts as a guard against heart diseases. Alcohol also increases insulin activity in our blood that helps protect our hearts from blood clot which is the ultimate cause for stroke.

  • Prevention against cold

As stated previously, Alcohol reportedly reduces the chances of getting cold due to the properties of antioxidants in it. Again Wine plays a common substitute for non-smokers in keeping warmth against cold.

Woman feeling cold
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  • Decreased chances of Dementia and Alzheimer’s

            Alzheimer’s and other such brain disorders are caused majorly due to over exposure to stress and damaged brain cells. Moderate consumption of alcohol will have reverse effect over stress and help brain cells become healthy and immune against damages.

  • Reduced risk of Diabetes


Diabetes written in wooden blocks
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   Moderate alcohol consumption reduces the risk of getting affected by type 2 diabetes. This effect is closely observed in those who have regular drinking habit, (i.e) One drink per day.   

  • Psychic and Social Well being

            A drink along with meals is said to have positive effects over digestion and also reduces stress levels. Timely parties with friends and lovable ones can help us be socially active.


  • Increased life span


Increased life span
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  Don’t think that the Alcohol is some kind of Genie to lengthens the life span. All the above health benefits that are inferred from people who drinks regularly and moderately has not been observed in non-drinkers. Alcohol being a medicine for some commonly encountered disease will obviously increases the average life span of individuals. 

  • Cat on the wall

People who have higher risk of heart diseases  and are already exposed to Alcohol consumption are advised to prefer Alcohol as a part of treatment despite the fact that there are many other ways in curing those diseases. While non-drinkers on the other hand are given the freedom to choose whether to follow regular alcohol consumption in preventing and curing heart diseases and other such ill effects.

Seeing it as a big picture, people are like cat on the wall- if we ignore the positive effects of Alcohol we are likely to become prone to health issues and also if we lose our control over the intake of Alcohol, the stakes are far more dangerous.

Everything depends on our balance over that thin wall called LIFE.


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