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Top 8 Health Benefits of Beer You Didn’t Know About

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When you think of alcoholic drinks, ‘healthy’ is probably the last word that comes to your mind. Beer has been a popular drink for almost a thousand years and there are more than 8 health benefits of beer if drunk in moderation. The alcohol content in beer ranges from as low as 0.5 percent to as high as 40 percent. Generally, it is made by fermenting barley with yeast to produce alcohol.

Top 8 Health Benefits of Beer You Didn't Know About 1

Beer can help you to hang out more with your friends and have a positive impact on your general wellbeing as a result of better social interaction associated with moderate consumption of alcohol. But the key to reaping the benefits of beer lies in moderate drinking. According to this research from the University of Oxford, You don’t need to feel guilty about neglecting your health whenever you crack open a beer.

Top 8 Health Benefits of Beer You Didn't Know About 2

You may have heard of the dreadful ‘beer belly’ which is a result of the consumption of too many calories from beers. This is one of the many health issues that can arise if someone overindulges in alcohol, or in this case, beer. That being said, there are quite a lot of benefits of moderate amounts of beer.

Amazing Health Effects of Beer You Didn’t Know

Thinking to head out to the pub on a Friday evening to grab a beer? You might just want to after reading how drinking beer can help you.

Beer doesn’t only help you relax but also come with a lot of health benefits. It can protect your heart and even reduce your stress. We are going to check out the top health benefits of beer in this post. 

Beer is a Nutritious Drink

The grains, yeast and hops present in beer are responsible for small amounts of potassium and B vitamin. Beer also contains carbohydrates and fiber in the soluble form. It also contains iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, silicon and other nutrients. 

Beer also includes antioxidants in lower levels than wine, but still, they have some beneficial effect.

It Helps you with Cholesterol

 Beer doesn’t contain any cholesterol and helps you maintain your good cholesterol levels. A study published in 2016 monitored 80,000 Chinese adults and found moderate consumption of beer to slow down the decline of good cholesterol. 

Beer also cleanses your system and helps you maintain a balance between HDL and LDL. HDL is the good cholesterol and a beer a day can increase HDL levels by 4%.

Protects your Heart

People who have had a heart attack can reduce the chances of recurrence by 42% by consuming beer daily, according to The European Heart Journal. Another research published in the British Medical Journal revealed that three drinks a day could lower risk of heart diseases by 24.7%.

Lesser chances of heart attacks and strokes

People who drink moderately also have 30% to 35% lesser chances of contracting heart diseases, heart attacks and strokes. 

Improves Bone Health

Beer facilitates the development and growth of connective tissues and bones thanks to dietary silicon present in it. According to a study that came out in the Journal of the American Medical Association, moderate drinkers have 38% fewer chances of developing osteoporosis compared to non-drinkers. 

Research published in Osteoporosis International also indicates that moderate drinking reduces risks of hip fractures by 20% compared to non-drinkers. 

Prevents Kidney Stones

You can lessen your chances of developing kidney stones and keep your kidney healthy by drinking beer. Moderate drinking can even reduce the risks of getting kidney stones by 41%. The phytochemicals in hops help achieve this, helping you have a better kidney. 

Reduces Stress

You can get relief from your anxiety and stress by downing two glasses of beer at the end of the day. But don’t make it a habit or cross your limits as it can lead to feelings of depression, in the long run, making it difficult for you to deal with stress. 

The Key is to Drink in Moderation

The beneficial effects of beer can be wiped out by over drinking. You should limit yourself to two glasses containing 12 ounces of regular beer if you are a male. For women, drinking in moderation means one glass of beer (12 ounces).

Don’t overdo it and you have nothing to worry about.

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