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Best Escape Room Online Experience

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Are you bored sitting at home all day? Can’t go out for reasons? Stay far away from friends in another city or country? No problem, virtual escape rooms is your answer. Having online escape rooms are a blessing if you think about it. Escape rooms online allow you to work on team building and have fun sitting at home. Online games are fun but having the option of doing a real escape room as an escape room online is another adventure.

You can call your friends and family and whoever you want to join your clan and play together in online escape rooms that are almost similar to real escape rooms. You can do your team-building exercise through video conferencing, where you all play and gather clues and get a virtual escape room experience.

These online escape rooms are live hosted and conducted through video conferencing, having your mini virtual team building workshop.

Some Of Our Favorite Online Escape Rooms For The Best Escape Room Experience Are:



Breakout Games is one of the best escape rooms online with different levels and scenarios to make it fun for the players. It allows huge groups to play together, of about more than 8 and charging around 10$/person.

It provides scenarios like Mystery Mansion, The Kidnapping, Museum Heist, and Hostage. Mystery Mansion takes place in an old mansion abandoned by a sophisticated family century back.

In one of the liked segments, ‘Kidnapping’ has a unique concept for a virtual escape room. In this segment, you are handcuffed and must escape the room in time by solving the puzzles in the room.

Another segment is ‘Museum Heist,’ where you search for stolen art and escape the room before the time ends. Lastly, ‘Hostage’ is based on the story of a hijacked plane. You have the task of identifying the hijackers and escape from their headquarters.

You can book your sessions based on time slots on the website of Breakout. The slots are available based on EST time for 125$.

Visit Breakout.



Trapped in the web
Photo by Katrin Hauf on Unsplash

Trapped in a web is a unique themed virtual escape room. It has a variety of themed escape rooms to play in and specifications. It has hours of fun and virtual team-building aids.

Trapped in the web provides different levels of difficulty according to the players playing. If there are children or new players, they can select the beginner’s level. While going a level higher is Intermediate level, then Advance level and the top level are the Genius level.


Some of the rooms that Trapped in the web offers are:

  • Escape Fest:

    Without any memories of the previous night, you have to search for your belongings quickly before you miss your favorite band’s performance.

Difficulty Levels-Advanced.

  • The Missing:

    Four people have gone missing, and your team must find out what happened to them. And you have to do it quickly before you succumb to the same fate.

Difficulty Levels- Intermediate

  • School’s Out:

    Locked inside the school after a reunion, you have to find a way to break out of the school. By solving puzzles, you have to find your way out of school.

Difficulty Levels- Beginner

  • Space Race:

    No gravity. No Power. And you are trapped on a damaged device. Will you be able to escape before it is too late? Before you run out of oxygen?

Difficulty Levels- Genius

There is more escape room with interesting concepts for you to play with. The website also has special packages for virtual team-building activities.

Visit Trapped in the Web.



Virtual game
Photo by the blowup on Unsplash

Enchambered is a live-hosted escape room online. It is an escape room of adventure. It is different from escape rooms that are found online. They have various games and solving puzzles activities.

It has a multiplayer game of two players; one is Together Apart, and another one is Alone Together. It has several puzzles and brain teasers to let you have a good time and put your mind to work.


Solving puzzles and brain teasers like:

Escape Your Boss’s Office:

Locked in your boss’s office with no visible keyhole on the door. You need to find the password to log in to your boss’s computer. But finding the password is no easy task.

The Puzzle Of The Mystery Box:

You are trapped in a study with no windows and only one visible door to escape from. There is a small keyhole under the doorknob, but you don’t know where the key is. Through the different clues, you have to solve the puzzle and find your way out of the room.

Escape The Basement:

Finding yourself locked in the basement of a strange house, you need to find a way to get out of the house. But the only door which exits the house is locked and open through a code that you don’t know. Looking through the entire room, you need to search for clues and find the code to open the door and escape.

Escape the Haunted Study:

You are a paranormal investigator, and you are doing your job searching for supernatural activity at an old mansion when suddenly the door slams shut behind you. Some weird writings appear on the wall slabs, and you know it is the poltergeists at work. You need to find out the antic and patterns of the poltergeist and find your way out of the mansion.

Escape the Boiler Room:

Another room with no window and only one door which is locked. To get out of the room, you must find the pattern in which the wires are tied for the power to restore and the door to open.

Visit Enchambered (Live Escape Room Adventure).



remote adventures
Photo by Damaris Isenschmid on Unsplash

Remote Adventures are a site where real escape room is played through online escape rooms. All the games that Remote Adventure provides are live-hosted and game too.

The games are live hosted by special guides.

Every game that plays is a private adventure and experience. In a group, only 8 players per game are allowed. There are small groups and large groups which can book slots to play the game. Although, the larger groups have to fill the form and contact the site to book the game for so many people.

Some of their adventures include:

    • Ruins: Forbidden Treasure-

Old Ruins
Photo by David Gabrić on Unsplash 

A simple and safe journey turns into a nightmare as you are stranded at the ruins of an ancient temple. You have a chance to uncover several secrets; will you do it?

Difficulty Levels: 8/10


  • Gold Rush-  The hills of Northern California are a treasure trove, which has called on many diggers in the hope of getting some gold. But only Clyde Hamilton has managed to be successful at obtaining any gold. But he has gone missing, and now you and your team have to look for his hideout where he hid his stash. But along with you, there are also some dangerous people looking for gold and Clyde. It would help if you found the gold quickly, or else you and your team will end up with the same fate as Clyde.

Difficulty Levels: 7/10

  • Prison Break– You are innocent, but you are wrongfully sentenced to prison without the possibility of parole. Many mysteries are surrounding the previous inmate who stayed in the same cell you are now in. Some say that the warden killed him, but you don’t know the truth. You need to get out of this Iron gate prison and to your freedom before realizing the warden’s true colors. You only have one hour, so you have to be really quick.

Difficulty Levels: 9/10

Take similar adventures on remote adventures and have a real escape room experience. You are sure to have a lot of fun and an opportunity to show your intellectual skills.

Visit Remote Adventures: Virtual Escape Room.



Hogwarts digital escape room
Photo by Tuyen Vo on Unsplash

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room gives you a firsthand experience of getting into Hogwarts and getting instructions in your first year at Hogwarts. You can have fun selecting the Hogwarts house for each of your teammates and play in that manner.

The online game has many Harry Potter references mixed with logical puzzles to solve and brain teasers. Unlike other virtual escape rooms on this list, Hogwarts Digital Escape Room is completely free.

A group of librarians specially designs it. You can also play it as an individual or a team, your choice. A specific google form is created for this escape room that you need to fill to proceed to play the virtual escape room.

Visit Hogwarts Digital Escape Room.



Escape room
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Escape Room L. A is a 360-degree online virtual escape room with virtual adaptations of their real escape rooms. They have other escape room scenarios to play, too, along with the three top ones.

  • Atlantis-

    It is adapted from the real-life escape room with the same name, Atlantis. Atlantis journeys the underwater world of Atlantis, going through mysterious ruins and uncovering the Poseidon crystal and escape before you run out of oxygen supply.

Difficulty Levels: 9/10

  • The Four Elements-

    The Four Elements is adapted from the in-person real-life game called The Alchemist. Traveling back in time, you must visit a medieval alchemist’s secret laboratory and unite the four elements. The four elements are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. You must do this before the alchemist returns.

Difficulty Levels: 7.5/10

  • The Haunted Theatre-

    It is adapted from the in-person game of the same name. This game is designed intricately and is huge in size, giving each team member enough to do. In this game, you have to go in the dressing room and backstage of a haunted theatre and free the ghosts that reside there. You must do this before the next performance begins, or else you’ll be trapped inside forever.

Difficulty Levels: 8/10

There are more online escape rooms on the site for you to choose from. They are live-hosted audio and image-based games—for example, The Curse Of The Dark Raven.

Visit Escape Room L.A.



They are said to be the premier escape experience of Canada. They promise you to have great fun, with great rooms and a great experience.

The Confundrum Escape Rooms are for different groups of people and various occasions. You can play it with friends and family, as a new activity to try after watching movies, going for sports and more. This will be like activating your brain activity together.

Team Building –

You can play these at corporate events or team-building workshops. These escape rooms are a great effort at team-building exercises. They can boost the morale of the staff and increase the bond and teamwork between the employees.

Students And Teamwork-

Students can also play in this escape room as they build their teamwork on a trip or workshop. The students can learn the importance of team building, and their critical performance will improve too with the brain-teasing puzzles that they will have to solve.

Team building activity
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Mainly, these escape rooms are the best for team-building activities. You can get along with your sports team or group of classmates to challenge in these games. You can also have a party through these escape games.

Visit Confundrum Escape Rooms.


The number of online virtual escape rooms is a lot. You can search up on your own, and you’ll find several free ones that you don’t have to pay for and can play for free.

Each of these escape rooms has its own unique features. Some are adapted from in-person games, some are live-hosted, some are not and are free to be played however you like, some are free of cost and can be played without paying, and some have the option of playing as individual and not as a group.

These virtual games can be played from home and enjoyed with your friends, families, work colleagues, and anyone.

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