Best Fuel Injectors Cleaners And Why You Need Them

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Your local auto parts store has plenty of them, probably lined up by the shelf itself. Sometimes, you would find them in between oil additives and other bottles of good.

 So, what is it that makes fuel system cleaners such a popular choice among car owners?

For one, it’s that one thing about car maintenance that you cannot ignore. It is a necessary item for any car owner, and we will tell you why.

Why Do You Need Them?

Fuel injector cleaners are a car’s best friend – if you get stuck in the middle of the road if the car stops or your car stops working, they do come in handy.

You don’t have to call in a mechanic and wait for them to arrive. You don’t have to give them the $100 charge they need – instead, you could solve the problem yourself, with a good fuel injector cleaner.Best Fuel Injectors Cleaners And Why You Need Them 1

Every car owner needs it, and here is why.

With time, there will be carbon deposits in the fuel injector, which can disrupt the smooth working of the engine, and can even affect the overall fuel economy.

A fuel injector cleaner can help remove the carbon and ensure maximum engine performance and fuel economy. Cleaning the gunk from the engine also ensures smoother and hassle free running.

If you are going on a long trip, you need to carry one with you. Your car would have a noticeable dip in performance, when going over long distances or in tough driving conditions, and carbon deposits can easily build up inside the engine. That harmful build up can be destructive – if you don’t use a fuel injector cleaner on time, you could expect a lot in maintenance and repair costs later on.

How Important Is a Fuel-System Cleaner?

Today, fuel isn’t as stable as before. A primary reason for this is the mixture of ethanol into the fuel, which helps to boost fuel economy. A side effect of this, is of course, that the alcohol in ethanol will oxidize and emulsify to form carbon deposits as by-products, which will, in turn, reduce the performance.

Over time, it’s not just the engine that gets affected but everything from intake valves to the combustion chamber. As a result, you might experience problems in starting your car, and more emissions.

The Top Fuel Injectors You Can Buy

Let’s check some of the best fuel injector cleaners that you can buy. They are sure to extend the longevity of the engine and also make maintenance easier.

  1. Liqui Moly Jectron Fuel System Cleaner –

Liqui  Moly is a Gernman based company offering good quality cleaners.  This Jectron cleaner is a pretty good deal and surprisingly affordable.

It easily takes up the heavy build-up of carbon and cleans them within seconds, making this a good bet for high-end cars as well.

The product is one of the more popular fuel injectors out there, and has been rated highly across online platforms.

  1. Royal Purple Max: Clean Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer-

Promising two times better cleaning than any other cleaners available in the market, you can use it for high-performance cars.  Most customers though use it on their two or four stroke engines.

Apart from cleaning up the dirt, it can also help you tackle other problems like lower horsepower, spark knock, and problems in acceleration.

  1. BG 44K Fuel System and Injector cleaner-

It is perhaps the most potent fuel cleaning system in the market, although a bit pricey compared to other competitors. However, you could save more by buying in bulk. It definitely isn’t the number one fuel injector cleaner, as the company states in its official page, but is surely one of the top ones for you to buy from.

The product lives up to its claims, and can eat away the varnish and carbon. Non-alcoholic in nature, this cleaner works well with all types of fuel and fuel additives; it’s worth a try!

  1. Lucas Fuel System Cleaner-

A value for money product, it can clean up to 400 gallons of gasoline or diesel fuel.

Lucas’s formula helps to lubricate the fuel operation and prolongs the life of the engine. You can also use this fuel injector cleaner with leaded gasoline.  Given its affordable price, it is definitely a winning product.

  1. Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Fuel Treatment-

With improved versatility and cleaning potency, it is today perhaps the best fuel injector cleaner in the market. It’s specifically designed for cars with gasoline or diesel but can be applied to two stroke or four stroke engines as well. The oil based product works extremely well on old and high mileage engines.

Which one should you get?

Most of the fuel injector cleaners work well with two or four stroke engines. However, if you have a gasoline or diesel powered car, you should go in for the Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Fuel Treatment. You might even want to go in for Lucas Fuel System Cleaner, with Lucas’ formula being a tried and tested one.

With this list, choosing the right product for the car is no more a trouble. It’s time to spend more time with your car! Looking to know more about fuel injector cleaners and wondering about other great choices? Don’t worry, just click here.

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