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Blue Mountain Village: 8 Amazing Things To Know About Blue Mountain Village

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Blue Mountain Village is a real escape! Want to run off the real world and want to rejoice one day to the fullest? Then this place is worth a visit.

Built in 1941, this place has a distinctive history located in Ontario, Canada. It wasn’t fated to be a full-fledged resort with all the events happening, it was initially built as a Ski resort but Jozo, the owner turned this into a more happening place.

If you are planning your visit to the places in Canada and specifically Blue Mountain Village. This is all you need to know, so let us go through the details.

1. Things To Keep In Mind Before Visiting Blue Mountain Village, Canada

Online Booking

The Blue Mountain has only equipped itself to provide service to a limited number of people. It is suggested to book your tickets online beforehand so that you don’t return home in dismay.

As there is only a limited number of people allowed in the village, we suggest visiting it on the weekdays as it is less packed and little waiting lines but book them beforehand!

Get The App

There is an app from the authorities named The Blue Mountain Village which will acquaint you with all the information about the village, events, tickets, offers, dining, and other landmarks without waiting in line!

2. How To Reach Blue Mountain Village

Situated in the northwest of Ontario, in its capital city Toronto. It’s very easy to access to anyone around the world. You can always travel with a car if you are residing around Ontario. A map or GPS can always help you reach here and the parking facilities make the driving option more convenient.

Foreign travellers who are interested to visit this village be it from Europe or Australia, everyone can land at Pearson International Airport which is the closest prominent airport.

Collingwood and Thornbury which is 7 miles away from Ontario can be reached easily through local bus and you can enjoy the tour more with a small group of family and friends.

3. Winter Activities At Blue Mountains, Canada

Are you in Canada and not rejoicing the winter activities? The village offers visits to amazing activities starting from November. All the details regarding the winter activities are bridfly mentioned below.

Blue mountain village
Image by Maarten Duineveld / Unsplash

Fat Biking

This is one of the most loved winter activities. The thick ice sheets are more durable for Fat Biking due to its groovy wide and super-soft tires can give you a lifetime memory, if you are doing it for the first time. If we say about the rentals of the bike then it is quietly priced on weekends and holidays.

  • Weekends and holiday prices for the adult age group are $49 and $39 for young adults.
  • On weekdays, the price for an adult is $39 and for the young adult is $29.
  • Timings for the same are- 10:00 a.m to 4:30 a.m and the last bike is rented at 3:00 p.m.
  • Mask is mandatory all the time.

Here’s a link to the official website for fat biking.

Skiing And Snowboarding

Tourist usually look forward to slopes and fresh icy for skiing and snowboarding. More precisely skiing which allows cutting the winds and enjoying the stunning location. The Blue Mountains Village have done the finest job by providing its tourist a good time doing skiing and snowboarding.

There are various passes for the same and we even collected the data of prices if you want to enjoy the smooth ride-

  • 5*7 passes start from $69 and go through $399 depending on the various age brackets starting from children to adults.
  • Ikon pass is subdivided into two i.e Ikon Pass and Ikon Base Pass which don’t vary much in their features but the price starts from $499 to $1,149.
  • Double Down is the most economical and can go friendly with your currency if you are a foreign traveller as its price is $159

Here’s a link to the official website for skiing and snowboarding.


There are so many isolated trails that you will explore while taking a long walk. We have some data regarding the rent and the measure taken by the village authorities.

  • Never frighten or scare the wildlife as the authorities take a lot of measures to take the situation in their controls.
  • Snowshoes are mandatory as you can’t afford to damage your foot!
  • The rent varies from tiny children to adults and they start from $7 and go up to $17 on weekdays and you can always check on the web for the weekend rent.

Mountaintop Skating And Hiking

Blue Mountain Village is even famous for its mountaintop skating and hiking. You can always search on the web for the weekend rents but you cannot miss this winter activity at any cost!

If you want to enjoy the nightlife and stunning lights at the Blue Mountains while skating or hiking. Rents are almost similar to snowshoeing.

Blue Mountain Village
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

4. Lift Tickets: Blue Mountain

Lift Tickets are of utmost importance. If you’re scheduling your trip to Blue Mountain Village then you should be aware of them. This is the data we have collected from Blue Mountains official website.

There are two types of lift tickets, day Lift and Night Lift Tickets. The former one is applicable for 8 hours since purchase and the latter one is available from 3:30 pm to 9:00 pm. The purchase value is as follow-

  • Under 4 years of age or 4- Day cost $15 and Night Cost $15
  • Between 5-17 years of age- Day cost $55-$115 and Night Cost $33-$69
  • Between 18-64 years of age- Day cost $69-$129 and Night Cost $41-$77
  • 65+ years of age- Day cost $55- $115 and Night Cost $33-$69

5. Events At Blue Mountain Village

Adding to the charm through the luminous lights of events on the village of Blue Mountains are its two events which we are going to discuss briefly below.

Holiday Magic At Blue Mountains

The village offers you the opportunity to celebrate your coming Christmas with families and friends. This event is well-known for the entertainment and food it provides to the visitors who have come to spend their festive season with full joy.

The event is lit up with live music and special dishes to celebrate the festival. You can even get a kick out of the romantic twilight every Saturday when the sky brightens up due to fireworks and the warmth of bonfire.

Well, you will get all the joy with your children, spouse, and loved ones! These are one of the major tourist attractions. It is going to commence on 19th November 2021.

Illumination Dream Trail

This event is yet to be announced but we are here to enlighten you in advance. The schedule for this event starts from twilight till chilly night at 10:00 pm which will toss you into another mystic world filled with pageant lights and startling music while exploring the trails.

6. Luscious Meals At Blue Mountain Village, Canada

Blue mountain village do not lack its tourist in good food and beverages. There are a lot of great restaurants offering best meals around the village.

There are abundant restaurants that can satisfy your cravings. Here are some suggestions of those are satisfactory in services!

Grab a flavourful taco from Camino Taco, satisfy your cholesterol cravings by having cheesy burgers from Chuck Burger.

All Japanese travellers cannot miss their native food if they visit the Kikaku Sushi Bar, Tholos Restaurants will win your heart. With its vintage Greek dishes, Kaytoo Restaurants will give you the chance to explore the modern Canadian dishes and how can we forget desserts and satisfying drink?

Royal Majesty Espresso Bars and Bakery has some of the finest desserts and flavourful drinks of Blue Mountain Village and there are many nearby restaurants if you are in search of more varieties.

Blue Mountain Village
Image by pvn_1971 from Pixabay

7. Hotels In And Around The Blue Mountains, Canada

The meal is done now it’s time to rejuvenate yourself in the comfy bed.

Guests often found it difficult to find accommodation during the peak seasons in the mountains and especially in the blue mountains that’s why it always advised to the guests to search for the accommodation beforehand.

We have some finest choices for lodging in the village for our national and international guests. Let’s get a view of the data we collected.

Blue Mountain Resort

Website- https://www.bluemountain.ca/

One of the most taken resorts in the Blue Mountain Village near the south coast of Georgian Bay is the Blue Mountain and if budget is not the problem then this can be the best choice!

As the scenery around is the major tourist attraction and it provides its customers with a variety of options.

Georgian Bay Resort

Website- https://georgianbayhotel.com/

Situated near Wasaga Beach save your precious time from exploring the beach as the view from here is astonishing! This place even provides you with the service of spa and restaurants. If you don’t get all these amenities in the village itself of Blue Mountain making it another tourist attractions for accommodation.

Embarc And The Westin Trillium House and Other Hotels

Due to the tourist location, Blue Mountain Village is surrounded by many resorts, inns, hotels. With high tourist attractions, the rents vary from season to season, in peak season the rents are comparatively high than in the offseason.

So we recommend visiting in the off-season to save money but instead of this if you want yourself to get captivated with all the attractions that the blue mountain has to provide then. Embarc can be your pick if you love the vintage style and traditional porch and the Westin provides a great view of winter!

8. Shopaholics At Blue Mountain

In the Blue Mountain and wishing to save money? Well, not possible! The shops over here can make you do shopping for hours! Happy Valley Candy Co. is for candy lovers who cannot measure their sugar intake at all!

Christmas attires from Hatley’s will be worth a try. Want to buy decorative items? Hop in the store of Georgian Christmas. Gabby Isabella forgets to measure the number of people that come in every day and doesn’t measure the amount of sugar intake while enjoying chocolate at Rocky Mountain Factory.

Blue Mountain village
Image by Shirley Hirst from Pixabay

We have covered all the aspects of this village and we hope that we have already provided you with a rough outline of your journey to the Blue Mountains.

Starting from the necessary precautions to the shops for shopping, we didn’t leave any stone unturned as we promised above. Now is your turn to plan for the coming Christmas soon!

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