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What You Should Know About Peace Bonds In Ontario

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There are some instances where a court may not have a solid case against a defendant. There may be evidence but they are insufficient in this case to warrant a sentence or a penalty. So in a bid to prevent the case from dragging along and consuming a lot of time in the process, there are the peace bonds.


What Are The Peace Bonds And How Do They Work?

According to National pardon Organization, a peace bond is a special contract between the court and the defendant in the case where there is no conclusive end to the case. This contract needs the defendant to adhere to certain conditions offered to prevent him or her from engaging in certain unwanted behavior.

The peace bond may require the defendant to keep off some places, avoid some drugs and be home at a certain time of the day. You, however, need to note that the peace bond is not a means of the defendant accepting the guilt of an offense. It is rather a better option of ending an inconclusive case.

The decision of getting a peace bond comes from the judge of the court where the case is being heard. Alternatively, the defendant can also apply for a peace bond from his or her lawyer or the police. This in most time is used to manage cases in assault and domestic disputes.

Conditions Set By A Peace Bond

The peace bond lays down a set of conditions that the defendant must abide by in order to avoid conviction. By confirming at the, some of the set conditions include the following.

  • Non-engagement in any criminal activity during the validity of the peace bond.
  • The defendant should cease from using certain drugs during this time period.
  • Reduced contact between the defendant and the plaintiff.
  • Avoid certain areas.
  • Be home at a certain time without fail.

The peace bond is usually valid for a period of a maximum of one year then it ends. However, the charges are still going to reflect on your record even without a conviction. A record for your arrest and court appearance of the case in question is going to be present on the database.

What If The Terms Of The Peace Bond Are Broken?

In case you break the terms and conditions set down on the peace bond an arrest is going to be made. The charges are going to be in the vein of disobeying court orders which is a criminal offense. You may face up to four years in a jail term for such a mistake.

The charges from the case are ultimately withdrawn if you meet all the conditions set down in the peace bond when its time elapses.


A peace bond is a great tool in the courts that prevent the dragging of cases that can otherwise be solved by giving the defendant some conditions. These conditions put on check the behavior of the defendant and ensuring that he or she does not engage in any ices during the set period.

You, however, need to note that despite having no conviction, a background search yields details of your arrest and the charges brought up against you.More details on the peace bonds in Ontario can be found at

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