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Books Vs. Movies: What do you Prefer?

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Books vs movies – for many, the answer isn’t that simple. Movies seem enticing but the world of books is something exquisite. Let’s take a look at it both.

Books Vs. Movies: What do you Prefer? 1

All bibliophile and cinephiles, this is one of those typical questions that our new acquaintances and friends over social media ask us while discussing ‘This or That ?’ or ‘What do you prefer more?’.

To be very honest, even we question ourselves at times as to what do we like or love the most, reading a book or watching a movie. Don’t worry – I am going to help you out in choosing between books vs movies.

The Top Advantages of Watching a Movie

Every movie lover will be like, “movies are fun,” we do not need any reason to compare which one is better, but some of us are always in a dilemma as to which helps me more, which helps me better to focus and concentrate and which provides me more knowledge. Here are seven points that I have been able to gather about the advantages of watching a movie, and I will try to compare them with books.

Books vs Movies


1. Books vs. Movies: Experience

When you watch a movie, you can experience life, and somehow you get the capability to feel the emotions of the actor playing a role in the screen. While reading a book, you have to imagine the feeling and the experience of the character, but when you are watching a movie, you will able to see the expression, and hence it will be more relatable.

2. Books vs. Movies: True Scenario

Books Vs. Movies: What do you Prefer? 2

Image source: thecuriousreader.in

When you read a book, most of the time, you have to use your power of imagination. You will not be able to match and imagine a monster’s height, a beautiful palace with the imagination of the writer. You will somehow find yourself to believe the same monster you have seen in a movie before. But, when you see the film of the same book, you will get to know how massive the beast and how beautiful the palace is, from the imagination of the filmmaker.

3. Books vs. Movies: The Background

The best thing about watching a movie is the music. Always music!

Can you even imagine a fight sequence, some climax with an exceedingly catchy dialogue, or a romantic ballroom dance without music, nowadays? I bet no. Plus, added to that, the visual effects, it is so advanced nowadays. It combines the best flavor to contemporary movies and every television production.

4. Books vs. Movies: Time

Books Vs. Movies: What do you Prefer? 3

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You will need three days and probably a week to complete an entire novel, but you just need two to three hours to complete a movie. You do not have to wait for the suspense to get revealed the next day you open the novel and turn the pages again. Well, nowadays people rely on technology more than books; all they do is search and get the answer. If somebody is not properly prepared for a particular book, all they do is just open YouTube and search the topic.

5. Books vs. Movies: Activity

Movies are always more engaging than books. You can read a book for an entire week alone and then give spoilers and share your opinions regarding that to the people who have not read it yet, or you can indulge yourself in an argument due to differences of opinion with people who have already read it. But you can summon your friends or sit with your family and can enjoy a movie without being alone.

Some of us just watch movies to know the presentation of a particular novel, irrespective of the fact that it is not even the real content. But, the movie gives us a new perspective, the perspective of the filmmaker. 

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6. Books vs. Movies: The Repeat

You will rarely hear somebody saying that they have read a single novel twice. It is tough and hard to read and focus the same novel on repeat for days when you are acquainted with the entire plot and story. But you can just watch a movie the very next day after watching it because it is less time-consuming. 

7. Books vs Movies: What’s Easy to Understand?

Books Vs. Movies: What do you Prefer? 4Image source: medium.com

Yes, movies are a lot easier to understand than books. Books have a specific vocabulary that all of us are not familiar with, and then we need the help of the internet or dictionary. But, in movies, the writer makes changes and makes it easier for us to understand by cutting off some of the unnecessary scenes. A kid can understand movies better than books, you can be of any age, but movies are always easier to understand since it does not require much focus and attention. 

The Top Advantages of Reading a Book

Books Vs. Movies: What do you Prefer? 5

Image source: pinterest.com

I know a book is nothing but an ADVANTAGE, and a library is nothing but a WORLD OF KNOWLEDGE AND IMAGINATION. Books, the first thing we learned is alphabets, those are from books. Books are not replaceable; we grow up reading and studying books. Here are eight points that I have been able to gather for you to decide and compare which one you would choose, or would you even dare to choose or not BETWEEN MOVIES AND BOOKS.

1. Books vs. Movies: The Authenticity

A booklover can rarely watch a movie and get entirely pleased by the screenplay of a similar book. There are a lot of reasons behind this.

 The limitation of words, a novel can have about a hundred thousand words, but an average screenplay can only have about a ten thousand, and to fit in that, a lot of dialogues and few characters get cut off from the screenplay. 

Every great novel has some features which make them great and delightful for the reader. A lot of words that we rarely use in our daily life, famous lines of poetries, metaphors, different languages, and whatnot. So, a movie can never please the way a book can.

2. Books vs. Movies: The Plot

Books Vs. Movies: What do you Prefer? 6

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A plot can anytime make better sense in books than in movies; after all, it was the writer’s imagination in the first place, a movie is just a mere abduction of the thought added with few great characters and special visual effects. A movie needs to be visually pleasant and add more actions to make it a hit, even if the scene does not exist in the original plot of the book.

3. Books vs. Movies: What’s Easier to Use?

We do not need a battery or any electricity to read a book. All you have to do is set the mind to read, open the book, and turn the pages.

4. Books vs. Movies: What’s more Time-Consuming?

It is true, books are time-consuming, a novel may take your three days or a week, but it will give you the excitement and enjoyment for that entire week as well. You will watch a movie for three hours and stay excited for hardly a day.

5. Books vs. Movies: The Outcome

Books Vs. Movies: What do you Prefer? 7

Image source: ebookfriendly.com

Reading a book will never give you an adverse outcome because we imagine what we want to believe in our head, be it a good thought or a scary one. But, you can watch a movie and find it too gloomy or too much to take, because it is somebody else’s imagination and point of view. 

6. Books vs Movies: The Special Effects

There is no special effect in a book which will let you know about the twist by playing a different kind of music, which makes it more authentic. You can be surprised about a twist while reading a book. 

7. Books Vs Movies: Strengthens Memory

Feeling bored, unproductive, just grab a book! A book can cure all the clinomania and stress out of you and make you extremely focused and productive. Reading books strengthens your memory and gives you new perspectives, lets you know words that you were not familiar with, and gives you knowledge about different cultures, people, and whatnot. Any knowledge you receive comes from books.

If you love to write down your thoughts and feel proud of yourself yet inadequate, the book is your best friend. Like our body, our brain needs to work out or else it will stop functioning, reading books is one of the best exercises for the brain. 

8. Books vs Movies: Sleeping

Lots of people above age 15 have insomnia. Yes, the human body is sleep deprived. If you add reading books in your daily routine, it will help you fall asleep since it reduces stress, tension, it helps you focus, so the brain gets tired, and it gives you a good sleep. Wondering what you should read? Here are a few great books we found that can help you.

Did you find the guide useful? If you are still confused, it is alright, you do not have to choose. But if you have decided which one you would want, comment down below- books vs. movies.

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