Born As An Animal: Hear Me Speak!

Born As An Animal: Hear Me Speak! 1

There is a distinct difference between human beings and animals which isn’t just being born as different life forms, but also in a magnitude of chivalry which is popularly referred to as a code of conduct.

Being born as an animal, I would not want to disclose my identity as a dog, cat, horse, tiger or a goat. Well, I am just one of them. Unlike you human beings, we don’t have caste, creed, or religion. Yes, there is just a distinction in the category of male or female and the fauna we represent, just to identify one another.
98473534We have a complete autonomy in our personal life in the jungle, keeping in mind the differences. To kill one another is the structure that is followed, only in need of survival, maybe to feed oneself. I think it is very much justified, when we have been carved so beautifully by God, that we accept each other as carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. That is the beauty of nature and it is accepted among us animals.

In my lifetime, I have lived in a jungle and have also been taken to the zoo. I somehow made my way out of your cages. The experiences and interactions with the humans is something me and my fellow animals will never be able to find an answer to.animals-215866_960_720

I have some of your absolute contradictory behaviors which I would like you to know about. You may or may not have a justification for this, but my fellow mates, below are my experiences and thoughts:

1.You Encroach On Our Territory

We all belong to the earth, and we life forms are grouped into animals, humans or plants. We respect the other life forms, and do not attack any human being until it becomes utmost necessary, or prefer to maintain a distance from the humans. So far, you have entered our jungles and have been poaching until most of our animals have become endangered or extinct. Our tiger population has reduced to 3200.Panthera_tigris_-Banham_Zoo,_Norfolk,_England-8a

2. You Illegally Kill Us

It is very difficult to understand what kind of value systems and teachings do you people seem to follow. Having said that, we don’t have books, clothes, schools to teach us to value the dignity of human community yet we still maintain our distance from entering your territory. You have enacted laws that have banned animal slaughter, poaching, hunting, killing, but there is an estimate of 28,000 illegal slaughter houses active in India.640px-Lemur_poaching_002

3.You Say Its In The Name Of Religion

There is an estimate that more than 2,50,000 animals had been slaughtered to death recently in Nepal in the name of a ritual to Maa Gadhimai, a Hindu Goddess. We believe in God too, but if you think logically for a moment, Puranas and Bhagvad Gita prohibits animal sacrifice, and Gadhimai is a Hindu Goddess. With due respect to your culture, your religion forbids animal sacrifices and culture is the way of your lifestyle. Religion gives you no right to kill so many animals, your lifestyle does. Stop Victimizing Us!Gadhimai

4.You Claim Its For The Sake Of Beauty

You own around 6-8 dogs in your house, and you seem to love your dogs. In the same house you have a collection of elephant tusks. Most of the elephant tusks exists due to illegal poaching. Fair enough, you seem to be an animal lover and the craze for elephant tusks show how many must have shed their blood and suffered the pain just for the sake of your random collection of tusks. How fair are you?
In 2003, around 23 metric tonnes of illegal ivory had been found, which is a representation of around 2400 elephants.  download

5.You Are Ignorant To The Other Life Forms Around You

During Diwali or New years, your crackers are the reason most of the dogs lose their eyesight on the streets. Cats are also hurt and birds have no place to go. All around you you’re causing injury, disorientation and blindness. What if we burnt a cracker when you were around, and the sparks enter your eyes?
We could never do that, yes because we can’t, but also because we would not!

Does this earth belong to you and you only? Just because you communicate in a language you understand, you walk and talk, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a language. How cruel is your mind that you use technology and mechanisms to kill us, only to enjoy our death in vivid ways, whereas even a tiger doesn’t bite until it feels it is surrounded by danger?

We animals abide by the unspoken norms of conduct that mother earth has given us, and no matter how extinct our whole animal population is becoming, we still do not pounce upon you to seek revenge. We do not fall down to the level of humans. Who is really the uncultured and uncivilized species? Unlike humans, we animals do not behave in such an uncivilized manner. Our culture does not need legislation to define civilization.



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