According to a report by The Telegraph, more than 50,000 university students from around the world make use of academic essay writing services online. Most of these students are from prestigious universities from the United Kingdom and the United States including Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, and Berkley.

Students from these prestigious institutions probably have a lot more work and assignments than students who go to other universities. So, a little bit help here and there doesn’t hurt.

The Top Reasons Students Go in for Buying Essays

This brings us to the question – can buying an academic essay help students? The answer is both yes and no. Students love to buy essays to save time, and whether it’s because they aren’t able to do better time management or are just plain lazy, it’s no secret that a better academic curriculum and more proactive student-teacher relationships will help avoid such incidents.

While it’s not a great idea to depend on other experts to help you out since you wouldn’t be learning anything yourself, here is why students still love to do it.

  1. Staying Ahead of the Competition. At the beginning of the school year, it is easy to manage classes with extracurricular activities. But as time progresses, handling everything becomes an impossible task. Ultimately, the student isn’t able to perform well in classes because they are busy completing assignments which might not even be related to the classes or have any practical application in the future. They can use those hours to study and learn the program and purchase the essays.
  2. Legal Business. Selling and buying academic essays is a completely legal business, so you don’t have to worry about falling into something illegitimate. It comes under the online tutoring section. Demand for academic essays is high, and the supply of professionals is low, which only tells that there’s no problem with the legality of the business. Yes, you can think it to be morally incorrect but no law bars students from buying essays, and that’s where the problem lies.
  3. Authentic Final Output. Professional writers that offer the service are highly skilled, excellent at research, and know several domains that help them offer the best essays possible. Also, they pay great attention to details, so all rules and guidelines set by the professors are followed precisely. Since the project aims to create a plagiarism-free copy, the essay you’ll receive will be a 100 percent authentic.
  4. Nobody Really Cares. Many of the essays you’ve written until now have no logical or practical application. The education system hasn’t been changed yet, which means most of the essay topics are outdated or invalid for current use. If there is no use, then why should the students waste their limited time learning about it.
  5. Professors Don’t Have Time. Professors have to go through hundreds of essays daily. They don’t have time to read every sentence that you’ve written. Most of them only read the first paragraph and last paragraph and rate your essay. So why should you waste time writing something that won’t be read, ever? Some professors only prefer to read essays of the brightest students of the class; again, why waste time?

Also, professors can’t really tell the difference between an original article and a plagiarized one when submitted as a hard copy. They go through so many essays that they won’t even come to know that the two essays were almost identical. All of these are also checked in plagiarism checkers like Turnitin or Copyscape before sending them to you so that you know it’s completely original.

Buying academic essays written according to customer’s requirements have a lot more benefits. You receive the submission before time so that you can glance through it. Most writers offer free editing, so if you want anything changed that can be done right away.

However, students do need to realize that it’s not something that they should look at for the long term even if it’s legal since they wouldn’t be learning what they had set out for. Grades, after all, aren’t the only metrics to success. Knowing your stuff goes a long way.


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