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A Career In Fashion: Pretty Fashionable

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In the history of humanity, the word ‘fashion’ has never been out of fashion. Fashion has subsisted and advanced along with the human civilization through years, and it has become more and more sought after in the present world. The fashion and design industry hands out a huge contribution to the Indian economy and has the perspective to mark itself in the international market. Like any other industry, the industry of fashion has also benefitted hugely by globalization and its scope has gained new heights. If you are artistic, have a good sense of fashion and styling, an eye for what’s in and what’s out around the world, this might just be the career for you.

Career streams


Opposed to popular belief, a career in the field of fashion is not just limited to designing, designing is just a part of it. Apart from designing, fashion technology and fashion management are other promising careers in the field of fashion and each deals with entirely different parts of the industry.

  • Designing: There are a number of sub-streams in design, for instance, apparel design, accessory design, interior design, graphic design etc. As the name suggests, designing involves the application of design and beauty to the product.
  • Technology: it is a technology oriented field, which concentrates on manufacturing clothes and other fashion products.
  • Management: The field dealing with the managerial duties, obviously!

Courses and eligibility


Various colleges across the country offer bachelor, master, post graduate diploma, certificate, M.Phil and Ph.D. programs in the fields of fashion design, fashion technology, and fashion management.

The eligibility for undergraduate courses is 10+2 from any recognized board and for post graduate courses is an undergraduate degree from any recognized university. Selection in most of these courses is done through an entrance test and personal interview, which closely scrutinizes students based on their eye for fashion.

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A law student, wading through life with books, music and a dash of sarcasm.

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