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3 Cartoons That Were Once the Favorites of Every Child

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Cartoons are the major source of entertainment for all kids. They are noticed watching cartoon every minute. They are so addicted to cartoons that they can’t forbid themselves from watching it even when they know that they have other important things to do. All the parents get tired of reminding them to study, but all in vain. Do you think that the kids still watch those old cartoons like Powerpuff Girls, Winx Club, Noddy, Mr Bean, etc.? Have the new cartoons like Bheem, Oggy and Cockroaches, Roll No. 21, etc., successfully replaced the old ones?

Here are a few cartoons that young children regarded as their favourites once:

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  1. Winx Club- Winx Club is a team of fairies that work for the welfare of the Alpha, and other regions of the world. Their major task is to protect the world from evil witches. There was a time when Winx Club was every girl child’s favourite cartoon show. All the cartoon characters in this cartoon, Bloom, Stella, Tecna, Musa, Flora and Laila, were attractive and would provoke the young children into performing the good deeds. But the new cartoons replaced it so drastically that its TRP declined and finally it was shut forever.    images (1)
  2. Mr Bean The Animated Series- The famous animated series of Mr Bean, still continues to be a child’s demanded cartoon series. But the new cartoon programs have tremendously replaced it. The comical Mr Bean is still telecast for certain people who still prefer watching this cartoon program with the same enthusiasm as before.         download
  3. Powerpuff Girls- Powerpuff Girls, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup were the three young super heroines of the cartoon series Powerpuff Girls. This three super girls, with their magical powers and physical strength, would save the world from terror and evilness. It had a huge TRP rating at its time and was every child’s one of the favourites in the past. But nowadays, children don’t even remember that such a cartoon ever existed in past.

Though the new cartoons have had a great influence in children of today, the old ones surely do exist somewhere in the minds of the young kids even today.

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