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25 Changes Only 90’s Kids Can Relate To!

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Here is a list of those crazy mundane things only 90’s kids know of! Unfortunately, technology has taken over, and they hold no more significance than they once did. Let’s revisit the memory lane and reminisce over those good old days.

1. Kids are no more seen with those video game tapes rented from the nearest cyber cafe. PSPs and Ipads are the new video gaming arenas.

2. Our ‘Kirana’ stores and ‘Sabji Mandis’ are diminishing in number now. Stores like Reliance Fresh and EasyDay cater to all our demands in one place.

3. Floppy drives used to be our favourite storage devices. Now CDs and pen drives have almost made them extinct.

4. Those Nokia phones with their pre-installed snake games are no more a common asset. Smartphones and iPhones are the new crazes for gizmo freaks.

5. Gone are the days when we used to wait for our favourite movie on cable television. Digitization using Tata Sky and other dish TVs seeks to bring all kinds of movies and channels to our doorstep.

6. We need not wait anymore to buy our favourite product from a store far away from our house. Thanks to online sites with lavish discounts.

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7. Who would connect to the internet using the local phone’s network? Click on the wifi option and access the world!

8. E-mails replaced letters sent to friends, and then SMSes replaced e-mail. Then Whatsapp replaced text messages. All in a decade!EmailSMS
9. Birthday cards meant cards made by hand. Now they mean e-cards or expensive gifts.

10. We explored school libraries and books for projects. Now Google and eBooks have it all!

11. Games like ‘Langdi Taang’ and ‘Staapu’ are hardly seen on the streets anymore.

12. ‘Pinki’, ‘Chacha Chaudhary’ and ‘Bablu’ used to be our favourite comics.

13. Standing in queues was a necessity for small cinema houses. Now we enjoy movie experiences in sumptuous malls and PVRs. Those local cinema houses are limited in number now, crediting for small masses.

14. Fashion sense improved. Salwar kameez and sarees are gone now; jeans, skirts and one-pieces have started trending among the youth and film stars.


15. We now believe it is more important to maintain social contacts through Facebook and Twitter than visiting our friends in
16. Good cars meant Maruti and Indica for 90’s kids. Now BMWs and SUVs are the common ones.

17. It took time to get photographs developed from camera reels. Now digicams and selfie cameras give instant results on the screen.


18. Khana Khazana, Bournvita quiz contest and Antakshari were a few of the selected reality shows on television. Now it’s a hoard of them on uncountable channels.

19. Pizzas and burgers were not available as easily as they are available today. Thanks to a  string of food outlets like Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Dominos, KFC….the list is endless!


20. Online examinations and courses could only be dreamt of.

21. No more of these cassettes and recorders!

22. Television sets were basic. Today we are thronged by LEDs and LCDs.


23. ‘Barf Ke Gole’ is no longer a source of partying among today’s kids.


24. And we had a flair for collecting free toys from our favourite brand of chips.



25. Buying those weekly lottery tickets was like a tradition in households. Unfortunately, we see very few lottery ticket stalls now!


Times have changed, technology has evolved, and we have certainly seen and experienced rapid growth in all aspects of our lives. But these are a few things that we will never forget no matter how old we grow or how advanced we become.

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