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Chicken Hypnotism – All You Need is a Line!

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Chicken is the most habitual domesticated fowl, is a subspecies of the red junglefowl (Gallus gallus domesticus), with a total population of 23 billion as of 2016 and it’s known as earth’s authoritative bird.The mean fowl only live for five to ten years, be based on their breed.

Chicken Hypnotism – With Just a Line!

Hypnosis is an intellectual remedy. It’s often used extensively. Hypnosis is a process demanding consciousness, peripheral understanding and a capacity to react over questions. It may also be noted as an art, skill, or an act. A fowl can be hypnotized by holding its head, breast, tail, beak, leg and sternum against the flat surface.

After hypnotism, it will remain fifteen seconds to thirty minutes immobile. Werner Herzog is known to tonic immobility in chickens in his film ‘Heart of Glass in 1976’. The best way to hypnotize a chicken is to hang its head under its wing, thereby it moves to sleep.

Can You Hypnotise A Chicken?                                 Well, virtually- you can fright it into a catatonic state

                  You are getting sleeeeeeepyyyyy

Hypnotism is a pretty social move – but is it a strange human vulnerability?                           This video will show how people can hypnotize a chicken – all by just drawing a line!

So, why does Chicken Hypnosis Happen this way?

This trick is often called “animal hypnosis,” but according to Dimitrios Beredimas, it’s actually called “tonic immobility,” (a natural state of paralysis) and is quite different from hypnosis that most of us think of.

Tonic immobility is what scientists call “a fear-pointed response” to being phlegmatic. The chicken is satisfied that it goes into a catatonic state and going to be lost. According to Beredimas, an agronomist and blogger at abnormal animals, farmers have comprehension about this move since 1646, when Athanasius Kircher, a German Jesuit scholar and polymath published “Mirabile Experimentum de Imaginatione Gallinae.” The reaction seems to have resulted in domesticated animals but other species demonstrated tonic immobility as well. This reaction had been demonstrated in lizards in 1928.

A chicken can be dispatched into a trance by hanging its head down to the ground, and portraying a line or circle along the ground with a chalk, or a stick, starting from the nib and extending outward in forefront of the fowl. If the chicken is tranced it will remain static for fifteen seconds to thirty minutes, continuing to stare at the ground. It states that it is due to fear which is apparently a defensive mechanism intended to simulate death.

How to Hypnotise a Chicken?

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Most farmers have knowledge to hypnotize a chicken. Currently – how many people can hypnotize a chicken or how many can say they know anything about chickens? If you get a chance to make a chicken under your spell, give it a try – it’s amazing to watch, harmless and painless for the chicken, and it provides an interesting path to animal intelligence and attitude.

Techniques vary from place to place. Whatever method you try, keep at it for several seconds to minutes. That’s about how long it takes to go into a trance.

Your Chicken is Getting Verrrrrrry Sleeeeeepyyy

Anyone who spent a lot of time in farms with chickens is familiar with this chicken hypnotism. Those who never know about this will be surprised to see a chicken lie perfectly still after these methods are followed. Scientists think that dread causes this “hypnosis,” but it is an attempt to “play dead” to fool predators.

4 Ways to Hypnotise a Chicken

Oscillating Finger Method

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The oscillating Finger Method is a very easy method to follow. Locate the fowl on a flat surface or on the table, make sure it’s crown is straight. Spot it on its side with a van under its body and site it gently. To trance the chicken tight it using one hand and use one of the fingers of the other hand, working the finger forefront and back in front of its nib from it’s tip without disturbing it, to a tip that is four inches from the beak. Keep the finger a line opposite to the nib.

The Sternum Stroke Method

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The second method is the Sternum Stroke Method. Put the hen on its back. It may be required to keep the item from rotating onto its side. Hold it downwards and rub its sternum, using the index finger and thumbs to do stroking.

The Chalk Line Method

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The third technique is the Chalk line method was discovered by Almanac an Old Farmer. Using chalk, a stick or your finger draw a line on the ground 30 cm long. Start the line from chickens beak and the line slowly outward.

The Weight and Rests Method

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The fourth method is the weight and rests method where the chicken is holded by one hand supporting the breast, and its weight is carried by its breast, Locate it on a flat surface or in a  table and give its whole force to the breast, otherwise you can press gently down on its back, and move its leg back if it strives to stand up.

A chicken will stay hypnotized for a few seconds, minutes or hours. A sudden movement or loud voice or clap will bring the chicken out of hypnotism. Researchers state this phenomenon as “tonic immobility”. This thought is orginated as a defense mechanism similar to ‘playing dead’. Domestic birds are difficult to hypnotize when comparing to wild ones. Wild birds are very frightened and high stretched and habitually difficult to hypnotize.

How Does Chicken Hypnotism Work?

Hypnotized chicken.
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                             Hypnotized chicken

Chickens have pretty good distinct personalities. No harm to worry about here; the chicken is in a trance which is overcome by the power of a high-level mind. Chickens are not Hypnotized. If we are talking about the fact they are staring at something. If you think there is a practical use for chicken hypnosis well, I have to find it. The principle behind chicken hypnotism is a focused stimulation.

Chickens have two cycled brain which tuned into a specified motion, action or feature, the overload will take the chicken into a trance state that lasts for seconds, minutes or hours.

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