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Why Effective Communication Is So Crucial

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Jinal Dedhia
A commerce graduate and making my career in finance but An aspiring and passionate writer.

Two best friends fought and stopped talking to each other, the villain came, planted misunderstanding between them, and now the two best friends are strangers…!!!

This is a story that we all must have seen or lived… But why did this happen? The answer is, they chose not to talk. If they had communicated, they wouldn’t have fallen apart. 

Communication is the simple solution to a lot of problems. It is a key medium which can even prevent war. Misunderstanding, fights, problems are meant to come in every kind of relationship because each of us has a different personality and approach. Communication is the key to maintain a healthy relationship, be it professional or personal.

Why Effective Communication Is So Crucial 1

Communication is speaking what you feel (which we all don’t do) and above that listening (includes understanding also) to the other person. Without opening up, no one will be able to understand you and this will invite more problems. If you don’t like something or if something is bothering you or you are not comfortable with something, speak up, communicate with that person; you will feel a lot more comfortable. But if you keep mum, things will only get worse. Especially to all  Men out there, speaking your emotions out will not make you any less of a man. We often think that keeping mum will solve the problem, and this makes us suffer more. Speak up whatever you feel, there is nothing wrong in opening up.

Why Effective Communication Is So Crucial 2

Communication has become so easy and handy these days. Just a click and your message will reach the person. The whole world has come into your palms through the mobile phone. Wherever you are, you can communicate with the person at the other end of the world with just a click. The point is, Communication has got so easy. Every relationship is precious, just don’t let it go because of some misunderstandings and issues.

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